Bleach Wallpaper: Quincy Overdrive

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Uryuu Ishida Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Uryuu Ishida Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Surprise again! XD
Yeah, I'm a male, but why the heck did I wall bishounens?!? <_<
oh well,.. maybe a seasonal disease, whatever....

Currently busy with job, and I mean very busy... but lol I managed to watch Bleach ep.29 and whoopsa! I captured a screenshot then vectored it...
took several hours vectoring.... but it was done days ago, actually ^_^' I just haven't got the idea to wall...
Thanks to Crash-kun and tate who reminds me that [Fragments] needs updating soon, so, I kinda had to wall something....
here it is,... very very much different from my sceneric walls (of course, because it's abstract! XD ).. well, don't be too harsh, I really rarely doing abstract ^_^'

Dedicated to one of the best wallers of all time, who likes Gundam Seed and Bleach (especially Uryuu), and he just recently left MT because of his overwhelming business (school). Well, friend,.. MT would never be the same again without you,... I hope best luck in everything you do. If you read this, I hope you like this wallpaper that I made for you. :)

this wallpaper is my second entry for MyrrhLynn's Daystar Bishounen Contest .

________________________________(...) resolutions at FRAGMENTS soon <-- go visit the site if you want to get absolutely high quality anime wallpapers for your desktop. :D we have a new layout, btw... thanks Crash-kun!

edit : fixed some nasty visual artifacts under the text, thanks to ppl @ AP :D

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  1. Aa-chan May 06, 2005

    Oooh, me likes ^__^ .
    Fantastic blue effect in the background and a really nice scan of Ishida.
    +fav from me :) .

  2. exentric May 06, 2005

    nice wall korganos ^_^
    the vector though, is somewhat weird.. especially the eye, glasses and left hand part.
    overall. not bad. not the best you've made, but aint bad ^_^

  3. ayaki May 06, 2005

    wooow cool wall!~ featuring Ishida kun :)
    i love the effect around him, looks like he's ready to shoot his arrow out or something ^^
    the only little thing i don't like is the text....@@ dunno why but yea.....
    still, overall it's a really really nice bleach wall!~ ^^
    +fav for me
    hope to see more from you soon....if u're not too busy, hehe

  4. Haia May 06, 2005

    This is such a great looking wallie!!! I love the effect on his hand........it's like he's drawing out a sword or something..............I likey the vector you did too..........evevrything just looks so fantastic!!! Thankie for sharing such a c@@l wallie with us!!! I just love your works!!! +favie

  5. Shinobu13 Banned Member May 06, 2005

    the lineart is really good but the eyes are a little weird o_0 , but al last it is really nice, espécially the effect behind, good job ;)

  6. AnimexXxHolic009 May 06, 2005

    weeeeeeeeeeeee! me likey! addddddddddddddddddds to fav! KorganoS ish soooooooooooo coooooooooooool!

  7. FALH May 06, 2005

    what a good idear to make a wall with this screenshot of Ishida (good work for the vector)
    very good work and really like the light effect

    well just stop talkin and add to my fav your awsome wall ^^

  8. Frosty May 06, 2005

    very nice. ^^
    so you are now using screenshot as well too ic.. XD
    well it looks great. ^^
    execllent job. :)
    *9.7 and Grade AA* +fav for the great effort. ^^

  9. DarkVirus May 06, 2005

    it looks so cool. Ur vector of Ishida combined with the background, and special effect is so cool...

    keep up the good work :)

  10. Ninjutsu May 06, 2005

    Nice ! bg is wonderful with effects and Ishida is a cool character, blue fits very well with him. thx for this great wall :D

  11. Yumi-Chan May 06, 2005

    XD korgiee.. i've never really seen you make abstract wallpapers ^__^ so i think this is my first time seeing~
    XD good job on the vector, his eyes just looks a little weird @__@
    everythin looks sooo shiny & brighto~! ^^ Really blue as well!
    Overall, not too bad ;D I kinda like it ^^ Fav!

  12. kyubinaruto May 06, 2005

    The background's so cool! The glow's really good
    Thanks for sharing with us ^^

  13. MS0B9 May 07, 2005

    Hey nice wall you got there KorganoS! I like the background. Very shinny!!! Well great job! Adding to favs!

  14. Samanosuke89 May 07, 2005

    korgie-kun ^^ glad to see a new wall from u.. =P love ur vector.. and this one its very well done ^^ just love the effects and the whole bg.. beautiful wall.. +fav

  15. gundex May 07, 2005

    very cool wallie korgie-san.... the effect behind him is so great and yep what a nice vector... :D :D :D

  16. frozenwilderness May 07, 2005

    o__o A wall of quincy!! He's so hot >_>;;

    i LOVE the effects you did for him.. it looks absolutely beautiful *_* Awesome work as always korganos XD

  17. rythem May 07, 2005

    waawie~~~the blue effects r great!
    pretty how it shines from his hand XD lol
    but his eyes look kinda..weird..O_o...
    but overall,its a nice quality work from korgie XD heheh

  18. ayanechan May 07, 2005

    ishida-kuuuuuuuuuuun!!! <3~~~ XD yea, like everyone else have said, ishida-kun's eyes are a little odd :3 usually his eyes aren't visible in the anime cause on the shine on his glasses XD but owh well~ the bg would be nicer if there's less noise :X but overall good job :| *runs off with ishida-kun*

  19. yamazaki May 07, 2005

    nice, korganoS! i love the blue bg. its somehow make the chara more alive ^_^
    keep up the great work!

  20. Leena May 07, 2005

    Great wallpaper. The effects are amazing. The picture is good. Baakground is awesome. Going to my favourites.

  21. anji May 07, 2005

    Quote by KorganoSYeah, I'm a male, but why the heck did I wall bishounens??!?

    lol That doesn't matter, keep it up! I really like this one. XD

    Sincerely, I really like the vector you've done, this is a nice pose from Ishida and I think the vector is done with really good precision.
    For the background, I think it's a nice abstract too.
    And I like that you didn't add too much stuff overall. Just enough to emphasize on the caracter. And not too much colors, I like it that way :)

    The light is great.
    The only thing that I less like is the font you choose, but still it works well here.

    Thanks for sharing, add to fav :)

  22. cygnus May 07, 2005

    Why did you do bishie-wall, you ask? Of course to fulfil a fangirl's needs of a high-quality bishounen wall!!! XD XD XD
    Your vector works are amazing as always, korgie-san, really love your quality of works... ^^

  23. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 07, 2005

    meow~ love the blue and triangle composition of the effects :3
    the vector is nice but i'd have smoothened the color lines a bit,
    the text is uber cool, and I like what you did around the hand
    nicely done and not too overcharged

  24. Sycia May 07, 2005

    :D Not an Ishida fan, but this is real cool. ^^ Spunkay background to go with it too~

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