Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Wallpaper: 2 Seconds

Miwa Shirow, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, Naoto Fuyumine Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Again that is the time you will last if you piss her off :)

V2 ..

Well got a few (one) constuctive comment(s) and made a second attempt ..
Thanks fly out to those who give input. (you know who you are.)

My muse is still hiding <grin>

Comments and bugfixes would be nice ... i'm on a CRT and sometime LCD peeps can pickup stuff I can't see..

(Saturday sucks for submitting wallies .... )

... onwards to version 3 .. :)

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  1. lthnadml May 06, 2005

    HMMM . . . you impove your work ! ! !
    This version is better :)
    I like it more :) :D

  2. ayaki May 06, 2005

    wow, this looks cool!~
    i love the background, fits her quite well :)
    great job ^^
    keep it up

  3. frozenwilderness May 07, 2005

    you deleted your other version :( no more grays D: But! I like this version too ^^

  4. skysong May 07, 2005

    Ah, very awesome bg! It looks so cool, and goes very well with the pic. Great job! for some reason it reminds me of the Matrix...haha

  5. calisqo May 07, 2005

    XD i like that scan XD

    But in here the scan is not the subject.
    Cos i believe u've made the bg much stronger than the scan.
    I'm liking the bg so much *_*
    Pitty the connection in between the scan and bg are weak.
    But i can tell u one thing , that my LCD screen can pick up the quality of the wall very well ^_^
    Awesome work .
    Keep it up, a fav from me just because of the bg awesome work

    PS: i think u missed to extract a bit on her hair , next to the next.

  6. toujin1 May 07, 2005

    ooooh i like this....the background is great and the whole thing fits together like a charm!

  7. chibicow May 07, 2005

    BAH! my browser's stuffin up >_<! and i cant see the full wall!!!
    ;_; sobs.... anyway - It looks really cool!
    like calisqo said - the scan and bg havent really merged well!
    On there own they would rock! however, im just not "feelin" it!
    Keep working on it and let us know when you've done another version!
    Good job so far - keep on goin!

  8. bucket-shot May 07, 2005

    Quote by calisqou've made the bg much stronger than the scan. Pitty the connection in between the scan and bg are weak.

    Haa~ hit the nail on the head here, I think. ^_^' The colours of the scan are black/silver/pastel pinkish.. whereas the bg is intense and gold. I'd recommend maybe doing something like - duplicate her layer > smart blur > blending mode = overlay to bring out her colours a bit more, and get rid of that jpeg compression a little..? And maybe put a shadow under her, so it looks like she's sitting on something. ^_^' <-has a thing against floating characters. <lol> But, damn... the bg is already a long shot up from v1. ;) *three thumbs up* Great work.

  9. Auralis May 07, 2005

    This wallpaper is really interesting. It has one of the best abstract backgrounds I've seen in a while although it is a bit too grainy =_=

  10. irix May 08, 2005

    yeah, it's a good concept, vivid lights of an abstract and the darkness feeling of a grunge!!! ^^

  11. CPOK May 10, 2005

    nice pic comrade Tau.

  12. Hix May 15, 2005

    Yeah :) this looks cool!
    I like the background and this efect on it :)
    Great job :) keep it up

  13. glamdring Oct 28, 2005

    love the character she's so pretty !

  14. selemental Banned Member Nov 04, 2007

    so beautiful that I'm speechless! O_O

    magnificent! truly magnificent! *favs*

  15. Evercold Mute Member Jun 01, 2009

    WOW O_O
    Great work! I like all about it - a background, light, style... Oh, I just have no words *___* Really cool wallp! You're good fellow!
    + fav of course *_______*

  16. H0ll0wSmile Sep 08, 2009

    Man! I just got this wallpaper but with a different background! But this one is so much better. Dang it! Oh well...

  17. Shiroi-Ken Aug 17, 2010

    Simple, but effective .. good image.

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