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hey everyone!
hugs all around cos i have missed u all! this little piccy is my present for papy san who has been a real sweet heart! plus the fact that he drew me that great vampire lord..i like vampire lords...
im not very happy with the scan but there is nothing i can do about it...my scanner is dead, as some of u know due to my frequent ranting...and this piccy was scanned ages ago...oooh my poor scanner!!
so please ignore that horrible back ground colour and comment comment comment!!
one more thing...im gonna enter an art comp, the first prize being $1500 worth of art supplies! i have chosen to do a pencil drawing...i would love to hear what u think i should draw cos im all out of ideas! wish me luck! (im going up against real artist...damn)

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  1. Aa-chan May 06, 2005

    As always with your work, I love the detail and the style. This is no exception ^__^ .

  2. Mordin May 06, 2005

    love the detail of your work, very refine and clear, and it has very nice shading, good job.

  3. Anjeile May 06, 2005

    *glomps u* the details, the details! XD this is magnificent! i do so love the intricate details. *sigh* and i also love the shading. very refined, clean and smooth >.< nyuuu~ me ish jealous. XD *glomps u again*

  4. harakiri May 06, 2005

    Beautiful as always and the inking is awesome. The picture is very elegant but it lacks interaction with the spectator. Would be nice if you drew some human characters some time.
    But is very nice anyway - you're submissions are always very unique.

  5. acid-awakening May 06, 2005

    If i had that for a tatoo i'd be so freakin happi
    Im'ma so fav this. Awesome work, Looks like the meanest pic eva Lolz
    Okay Into my favs

  6. kara May 06, 2005

    A beautiful piece of artwork as usual^^ I love the shading and the detail's amazing!
    I hope you win the comp and that your scanner problem will be fixed soon^^

  7. papyworld May 06, 2005

    ^_^ don't worry about the scan. It is very good. You didn't had to hurry to post it you know but i'm now even more happy to see what you dedicated to me. I expected something great when you annouced me it was a dragon. I thought i would see what i thought to be your dragon style but you have again amazed me. It's different from what you did before ; i still recognize your unique shading style and your lines but here you made a totally new atmosphere. We talked about imagination some days ago and i must say you have a wonderful one too. I'm even more fan of drawings like this one. You melted styles greatly. The classical dragon head melted with this original body which required for sure lot of imagination.

    Honestly your style is unique and i will be forever fan of it ^_^ I'll tell you how i analyse this picture and why i think the concept is awesome. I think your dragon is like the life. Her back makes me think to a road where we are all forced to walk. And this road isn't a linear one ; we can still choose which part of it we want to explore. I think this idea can be represented by the wing of the dragon which looks very mysterious. And then we head up and up to the head to finally become again a part of one of the four elements ^_^ i know my mind is complex ^_^ but it's what i felt when seeing your draw.

    you always amaze me with your creativity. It's awesome. Don't worry for the contest. Don't think you're less good than the person you call real artists. You're one of them. I'm sure you'll find again a superb theme to depict. Personnaly , i think your dragon's style is always so stunning. It's not usual ; it's unique ; it's you ^_^ so maybe working on your best dragon ever could be a good entry for the contest ?

    Finally i'm very touched to receive such a nice dedication. I feel very very good and honoured. And what touched me even more is that you appreciated what i did for you. It's the greatest gift you could have made for me. I suppose that technique doesn't matter when we draw for somebody we care about and that we want to make this person happy.

    Put all your heart in your contest's drawing and i'm sure nobody will be able to be as good as you.

    Thank you so much my friend. I suppose our lifes went through the same curve on the dragon's back ^_^ i'm so glad to know you.

  8. Susan-chan May 06, 2005

    i luv dragons^^ wow...papyworld XD u wrote a lot XD pfew.... i cant write that much ^^' i like it and that's all:P +fav:)

  9. bucket-shot May 06, 2005

    Up against "real" artists? XD What the hell-? I don't see the handicap against you, tou~<3 <lol> :) Best of luck with the compy! *doesn't know what you should draw, but stay true to your style and probably this surreal fantasy stuff, too.. (god knows it rocks)* Ahh~ another lovely piece. I really like the strenght and.. how to say? Intensity? of your piccies.. *nods* ;) Very expressive~<3 Keep it up!

  10. Siri May 06, 2005

    omigosh toujin =.= when i see your work i feel like fainting
    its so gorgeous
    especially since i love these kind of fantasy drawings
    and i LOVE detail
    and i think that is what you are a complete ACE in!
    absolutely amazing ^_^

  11. Revan Retired Moderator May 06, 2005

    As usual a really nice piece by you :hmpf: it amazes me how you make the shades in all of them and this time you've done it again.
    I also love dragons and you have portraited a great one I specially like the wing ;)

  12. dans May 06, 2005

    i always love your work. a very nice drawing. :D
    good luck on the comp !! idea ? maybe draw more dragons. XD

  13. MOnTieL Mute Member May 06, 2005

    beautifull work.....one of your best draws.........FaV+....see u later

  14. Jormungand May 06, 2005

    Whee~! amazing work~!
    love the details and strong lines as usual
    For the art comp, I can only suggest that you should stick to your current unique style ^^
    i don't see a problem with you going against "real artists" ...you're one great artist yourself ^.~

  15. slivermoon May 06, 2005

    really beautiful work
    the details are as good as always
    don't worry u'll ace the comp :) :)
    why not do something mythical for it??

  16. Queen-Of-The-Damned May 06, 2005

    Very nice.I like it.I'm sure you'll win the competition.

  17. mdntdragon May 06, 2005

    another excellent piece. Your attetion to detail is wonderful. Whatever you decide for your subject in the competition, I'm positive you will shine.

  18. halcyonTwilight May 07, 2005

    Dragons rock :D And awesome work on this one...all the shading on the scales just make this work really, really cool looking. The only gripe i have is the scanner quality...i'm sure it looks better in person >.<

    Hmmm...one thing i notice is that you tend to avoid drawing eyes...and my guess is that you don't like them...am i right? But anyways, gluck on the art contest ($1500?!!? *goes to sign up*)...and you're a true artist, unlike us wallers here who don't draw their own stuff XD

  19. frozenwilderness May 07, 2005

    toujin toujin.. what do you mean up against the real artists.. your ARE a real artist! Your fantasy drawings are just great.. the attention to detail you put in the form.. the design.. everything. I don't know who is your competition but I'm willing to bet you'll hold up pretty well against the others ;) Gl on the contest and I hope you win! ^^

  20. skysong May 07, 2005

    Very cool dragon! Nice details on it, looks really cool. Keep up the great work!

  21. Ayamael May 07, 2005

    somehow, i knew i'd want to fave your pic even before i opened it... wonder why, oh, yeah, must be coz' each and every one of your drawings amaze me, and this one is no exception ^^ and a dragon on top of that... so cool... love the details... papy is lucky ^^

    and i don't see why you're worried about that competition... you certainly stand a chance along those "real artists"... as if you weren't one yourself :hmpf: loll, good luck for that btw ^^

  22. Eve May 07, 2005

    toujin!!! That is soooo beautiful!! So much detail!! wow!! ><

    That's simply gorgeous, you must win!! You must!!

    I'm in awe... I mean.. .wow. ..you made that?? Wow!!

    I can't wait to see more! They're so detailed and it blows my mind! X_X

  23. CLAMPchic May 08, 2005

    Holy mackeral...that is some serious detail in that drawing. I'm impressed...very well done, miss toujin1.

  24. rocknroll-isgo May 08, 2005

    O_O So pretty. The amount of detail always amazes me Toujin. Good luck at that contest --- I'm sure you'll do great!

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