Nonono Tsushin Wallpaper: Everyday Dreams

Nonono Tsushin Wallpaper
Nonono Tsushin Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Hey guys heres an update thanks for peeps for telling me about the moon/planet. Hehe i appreciated it so heres the new version :)

Hey guys heres a new wallie :) . Thanks to Boogybro and Whisper for the scans. Props to both of them. Well this time its not a film-strip wallie. hehehe XD. I was able to finish during my Html class. :) Had alot of free time since i've completed all my assignments. And viola here it is. I hope everyone enjoys.


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  1. rainbowseason May 05, 2005

    wah so pretty ^^ thankies for haring
    heh i likies
    saves to walpaperfolder ^^

  2. Kimaris May 05, 2005

    Cool! I like this one too :D
    If only I had this much time during my classes.
    Oh well, Great Work Dahero.
    This is going to my favs XD
    Keep it up ;P
    Your Friend, Enialis

  3. FALH May 05, 2005

    cool wallpaper
    nice bg,nice light effect in ths sky
    very good wallpaper boy

    keep it up

  4. Kiako May 05, 2005

    it looks nice, the two girls are very pretty and the colors in the background are suiting too

  5. snuffy May 05, 2005

    ahhh..... very very nice indeed

    the pic is nice and it fits the background wonderfully...

    tho... the 2 purple thingys.... are a bit too dark..... the whole wall is much lighter.. it kinda grabs your attn away..

  6. kara May 05, 2005

    Wows! A very beautiful wallie^^ The sky's very nice and fits so well with the scans. But I think the planets/moons should be done differently, like snuffy said they're too dark and stand out too much. But otherwise a really nice wallie^^

  7. Kaitou-Kid May 05, 2005

    what are those things on the top left of the wallpaper suppose to mean?
    an explanation would be great...
    sorry if i'm too rude...

  8. musicangel May 05, 2005

    wow very cute!!! it has a very soft feel to it!!!
    i love the BG with the twinkling stars :)

  9. Dflowen May 05, 2005

    Nice wallpaper Dahero. Nice scans. Who are those two girls? Well Nice setting and everything to it. More More Wallpapers

  10. miraku-spike May 05, 2005

    Ah. Very nice wallpaper you got there!! I like the way you did the background also! Great Job!!

  11. Acuni May 05, 2005

    nice wallpaer
    i like the two charas there and the background is nice to it looks lovely but the two "moons" disturb the composition
    keep it up

  12. angelrhea May 06, 2005

    this one is cute, it reminds me of high school back in the terrace of our school.
    this should be in my favorites
    congratulations for a great wall.

  13. whisper May 06, 2005

    wow nice planets earl <.<
    those planets must be real close since they are blocking hte clouds....
    or are those just hot air ballons XD

  14. Barbara May 06, 2005

    New avatar, cool.......Anyway, very nice wallpaper you made but I don't really like the moons on the top left. Otherwise, great wallpaper, still a fav, keep up :)

  15. kain11 May 06, 2005

    very very cool and the background is cool so thx for sharing :) :) :)
    *adds to fav* :) :) :)

  16. ttwen May 07, 2005

    wow, this is so nice, well, this goes to my favs i really do like the colours very much ^^

  17. mishia May 07, 2005

    Wow this is very pretty! Love the bg and the girls standing on the bridge fence thing. Well except the girl looking straight at you, well I dunno but her eyes seem a little... empty? Not sure the right word but they seem a little off. Hey, I think maybe this wallie would look even better if that fence was a bridge above sparkling waters! Just a suggestion though. Anyways, nice job! :D

  18. walkure245 May 07, 2005

    What a really beautiful wallie~ >_< I love the brightness of the light and how you did a wonderful contrast with darkness from the front. I love the perspective and the sunset is such a pretty scene. I love the gentle feel and this wonderful stuff~ ^_^

  19. pegassuss May 10, 2005

    It's beautiful! ^^ The scene is very pretty. I like the colours you chose and the sky is beautiful! Good work!

  20. Spookknuffel Jun 12, 2005

    Wooow nice wallpaper :)
    i add him to my favorites :D I like it really :D :)
    Beautiful colors :D


  21. JSakura Jun 12, 2005

    pretty girl... like the everning feel... very nice... nice wallpaper!! :D

  22. animenintendo Jul 14, 2009

    that girls so pretty, and are coming to your school uniform

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