Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Wallpaper: Perfect Onmyouji

Tohko Mizuno, Yumeta Company, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Abe no Yasuaki Wallpaper
Tohko Mizuno Mangaka Yumeta Company Studio Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Series,Visual Novel Abe no Yasuaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was a colab wall between chibi-lizard and myself. :) So first here's what she wanted to say in the description:
hmm ... just say ..
lizzie wubbbsss the text <3 <3 and and lizzie wubbbss yasuaki
~the end~

Hehe, that's why it was so fun working with her on this wall, cause she is so funny! XD Actually she did most of the work on this wall, so I wanted her to submit it instead but she said since she was a higher level then me I had to obey her. XD

So anyway the scan is by me from the Harukanaru tokinonakade memorial book. Lizzie extracted and cleaned the pic. I made the clouds in the background (and the birdies). Lizzie made the tree and the grass and she made the little temple... thing using a stock photo. She put the mountain in there because I kind of made her. XD The little flower by the text is also from the artbook, I extracted it and adjusted the color a bit. ^^

Brushes: Well the petals that lizzie made on the tree are a brush from TekuTeku and I'm pretty sure she got the tree trunk from Imanimetions.net. The birdies are a brush I got from deviant art... can't remember the author >_< I'll have to edit this with their name.

So I hope everyone enjoys the wall! And we both recommend you check out this series (and learn why Yuasaki really is the "Perfect Onmyouji" XD )

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  1. maho-ho May 05, 2005

    Very beautiful wallpaper! OX The scene is very good, beautiful. The atmosfera is really pretty >.< . The image is good and I have liked the bottom! Very good work! ;)

  2. chibi-lizard May 05, 2005

    waaaahhh !! lizzie got beaten out from posting first XD
    umm ish lizzie allowed to fav it ? XD
    ~hee~ collaborating with myrrh-chan was real fun too ..
    passing awound those picceys ish cawazie XD
    and yeash yeash .. lizzie wubbbsss yasuaki .. and the font the most :D

  3. Anjeile May 05, 2005

    XD both of u did a great job. i love it! ^^ i especially love the bg. it's so very beautiful! kudos to both of you! ^_^ faving this, of course. XD

  4. bucket-shot May 05, 2005

    Ahhh~! Yasuaki-san!! XD Pretty, pretty wallie. :) *grins like a maniac; sets as desktop wall* Haa.. :) The world Needs More HaruToki. *three thumbs up*
    To chibliz: Wheee~! *flyingglomptackles* XD That's for your craziness.

    Okay, seriously now. ^_^' I would say the scan needs some smart-blur-overlay-something.. but I'm addicted to that lately, and have always been owned by strong colours. <lol> Though.. maybe try a 1px black inner/outer glow to smooth out the sharp extraction a bit? XD He stands out very well against the background... but it doesn't really suit this kind of scenic wall, I think. ;)

    i like very much how the grass matches his hair so perfectly~<3 And how the P is speared through. :) Somehow.. makes it look cool. Hm.. another suggestion would be to try changing the title of the series to something lighter, or ~50% opacity..? It just looks a touch crowded because of all the lovely open space in the back.

    Oh. o_0 And that temple - stock photo? XD Great! Perspective in general has been very well handled, too. Yes, the mountains are a good touch. *nods* And how the birdies look like morphed sakura petals taking flight~<3 Haa~ sugoi! Good work you two (yay for collabs!). XD *runs off before she's shot for writing too much* Above all, it looks very serene and matches his character perfectly indeed~<3

  5. agneslee May 05, 2005

    :D very beautiful wallpaper
    especially the bg.
    well done.
    Thanks for sharing. :D

  6. cygnus May 05, 2005

    I love Yasuaki also...and beautiful scene for him is soooo perfectly fit...the tree makes me remember how he talked to a holy tree on the 6th manga...
    But I think the mountain need a little more touch up to make it less realistic, the other are great!

  7. Tatsuya May 05, 2005

    nice background, good compisition and brush work ^^
    nice scan you pick up, but i think you could clean the scan a bit, since I'm seeing a few fuzzes on his hair ^^' in my humble opinion *run away*

  8. Nitengouki May 05, 2005

    There is something weird with this wallie and on second look, I can say that the perspective is definitely way off. Extending the lines, it is fairly certain that for the depth shown, the the shrine at the back is either smaller than the person at the foreground or the same size. If the same size, it also puts the tree as the same size. Raise the shrine above its current vertical placement (you might have to raise the ground as well), blur its outline to make it slightly out of focus. Shrink Yuasaki down a bit too.

    The extraction isn't smooth. Jagged lines are evident for the strands of hair. Smooth it out or erase them if you have to. That goes for the petals in front which I believe to be pasted on. In fact, I think that largest petal in front is too large and affected the perspective as mentioned above. Shrink it more.

    It is commendable that you created your own tree from scratch but it is evident and weird to have a tree trunk that has its grain running perfectly and vertically straight. Manually drawing lines to grain it to have a general axis following its body structure would be better. Also trunks of trees are fairly straight, they don't grow up in a wavy manner like a snake.

    The white specks on the blue sky in my opinion actually detracts from the overall experience. Since I see a clear color Yuasaki scan, with a clearly colored mountain, shrine, grass and petals, I would expect a clear blue sky as well. Removing those white specks would boost the clarity of the image, without making people wonder if the sky was a camera capture through a dirty lens.

  9. tareren May 05, 2005

    This is such a cool wallie :D I like the flower beside the title and everything looks so clear and nice :D give me such a nice feeling when I looked at it :) the temple is certainly a very nice touch to put XD Nice background and nice choice of scan, so overall this wall is kewl, add to fave ^^

  10. Kuzoku May 05, 2005

    Love it *favs* Really great wallpaper ^_^*

  11. KittyCyn May 05, 2005

    Quote by chibi-lizardwaaaahhh !! lizzie got beaten out from posting first XD
    umm ish lizzie allowed to fav it ? XD
    ~hee~ collaborating with myrrh-chan was real fun too ..
    passing awound those picceys ish cawazie XD
    and yeash yeash .. lizzie wubbbsss yasuaki .. and the font the most :D

    Hahahaha XD Lizzie couldn't post the first!! Poor lizzie LoL
    Well the wallie returned awesome, gr8 job pals! ;) I like everything in it! ;)
    You must continue working together, you seem to make a gr8 Duo T_T
    +Favie for your nice wallie!

  12. dans May 05, 2005

    a collab wall ?!! XD
    the wall looks nice. the scan need some touch up as bucky said.
    and u should make the mountain less realistic.
    anyway, very nice wall and nice text. :D

  13. Leena May 05, 2005

    Great wallpaper. Lizzie and you really did a good job. The background looks awesome. Everything is awesome. I like the picture too. Yasuaki is one of my favourites. Going to my favourites.

    Quote by KittyCynHahahaha XD Lizzie couldn't post the first!! Poor lizzie LoL
    Well the wallie returned awesome, gr8 job pals! ;) I like everything in it! ;)
    You must continue working together, you seem to make a gr8 Duo T_T
    +Favie for your nice wallie!

    I agree, both of you are great duo.

  14. Aa-chan May 05, 2005

    The character and the background work perfectly together. Nice work indeed :) .

  15. kara May 05, 2005

    Wows! It looks really wonderful and the composition is very good. Really beautiful scenery^^

  16. Sakura0chan May 05, 2005

    WoW!! XD Pretty wallpaper. Nice job for the two of you. ;)
    I really love the sky. So pretty! XD The character looks so cool. XD
    Keep up the good work! *Adds to favorites*

  17. Susan-chan May 05, 2005

    yeah^^ it's a really cool wally^^ i really like the male there and the background is so nice^^

  18. Ying May 05, 2005

    Ohh! Nice! ^_^
    i really like the sakura tree.
    But I think you should make the mountains in the background look a little less real.
    It's a really nice work!
    Keep it up

  19. Kazuya-chan May 05, 2005

    nice background u brush work is good and the compisition is good , i really like it thanks for shraing it ...

  20. Eowyn May 06, 2005

    Wow! Go to favs... The back is nice and match perfectly with Yusuaki-san ^^

  21. MissCz May 06, 2005

    The eye effect is insanely wicked. This is why I suck at life..I can't be AS COOL AS myrrhlynn! :) +fav. Great job!

  22. Zefie May 06, 2005

    ooh it looks beautiful ! i like the background it's awesome, sky is pretty blue with lovely little stars and clouds, birds in the sky are nice too. mountains and temple look great :) and that cherry-tree is really nice and those floating flower leaves are pretty details and they fit nicely with wallpaper ^_^ and that male looks so hot XD his eyes, hair and that white colour thing in his face are really cool ! wonderful work :D ! thank you for sharing this !

  23. sukie May 07, 2005

    the clouds are beautiful...and the blossom tree in the bg is great...
    i like the scan..
    for some really strange reason this wall remines me of furba...*must add the DT*

  24. Athrun May 08, 2005

    You and chibi-lizard collabed? :o

    Anyway, the wall is awesome. Teh BG is N I C E. Love it. X-x

    Btw: I think I give up on the contest. Too much work. X_x

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