Konjiki no Gash Bell Wallpaper: A Konjiki no Gash Bell Wallie!^^

Makoto Raiku, Toei Animation, Konjiki no Gash Bell, Gash Bell, Kiyo Takamine Wallpaper
Makoto Raiku Mangaka Toei Animation Studio Konjiki no Gash Bell Series Gash Bell Character Kiyo Takamine Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Okay everyone. ^^ I have finally did it!!! XD I have finally make a real vector wallie... XD YES!!! Its done ... XD and it took me more then a month to do this.. XD well more like about half an hour a day or so.. due to the lack on time to make anything *or do much here in mt lately as well.* due to alot of exams are coming up and work and I have to get some priority done. If I haven't been replying or miss out on other ppls works... gomen. T_T but I got a working life thank you... XP

well anyways, lookie here, its Gash-chan... My all time Favorite anime ^^ hehe I'm such a kid. XD this anime is also call Zatch Bell in English and is being show on CN in the US. *I dont really like how they mess with his name* >_>

*BTW:* can someone make an art section for this anime because I will be uploading some comic scans as well as some more wallies for this series seeing theres hardly any image out there for gash on the net. >_>

It took me more than a month to make this as I already stated. Theres about 70 ish layers of work to it. *kind of lost count since I keep on usig Merge all the layers togther. After I finish vectoring gash and Kiyomaro-kun. Which is today... ^^ I got this image by snaping off from the opening of the Eps. Which is provided by 133t Raws. ^^ about the background. wel, I got lazy on the background so I pretty much goes with what I usually do, go Mad with the brushes... XD in any case hope you guys like it. ^^

Update: Blah... i deside to make a cloud effect for this wallie so it wouldnt be so plain on the bg.. XP and omg.. Lv100 , That can only means I thing.. I hang out here too much.. XP nooo... ^_^'

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  1. annex May 05, 2005

    *gasp* YOU ARE MY favorite person TODAY!!!!!
    *okay* Yes, the stuff is very hard to find :( I am so glad you shall submit!!!! My only complaint is that Kiyomarus hair looks a bit funny....maybe make the lines smaller?
    Have a nice day!

  2. jingjing1208 May 05, 2005

    Hehe,another rocks wall for you!!Haha,I guess after submit this one you'll be up level 100 sooner!!XD hehe! Hey,I love the blue color on the bg,it's beautiful!!And a nice vector!^_^ +++fav!

  3. Tatsuya May 05, 2005

    simple and nice background, luv the color you pick up! good job at all.
    and congratulation you level is become 100 ^^v

  4. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 05, 2005


    the vectoring part rocks~ looks so kyoootee~

    ^-^ the bg ish simplee and cuutee~

    *-* 100?


    *bites YU* x3 saki shall bite yu 100 times now! XD

  5. cygnus May 05, 2005

    Awesome...!! Simple bg for great vector art, shows all the details on it. Your works make me wanna learn how to vector too... ^^

  6. halcyonTwilight May 05, 2005

    You DO hang out here too much *pokes* Level 100?!!? Geez....

    Heh, before you whack me to death, nice work XD Awesome work on the vector, and i'm guessing most of the time you spent was vectoring. The bg is a lil plain, but simple works...it's a lot better than really complex bgs. Great work man ^_^

  7. Mordin May 05, 2005

    nice vector job, the detail and the quality is very good. The bg gives a very peaceful feeling of friendship between the two, and I like clouds, good job Frosty.

  8. Jormungand May 05, 2005

    Great vector wallie~!
    This anime seems to have an interesting art style too ^^
    i haven't watched the anime yet... but I might check it out some time...
    I've seen the title many times before...
    and omg... u're lv 100... o_O
    again, very well done~!

  9. Aa-chan May 05, 2005

    Love it ^__^ .
    Very bright and fresh and the vectoring is excellent.
    Added to my favourites ^__^ .

  10. Athrun May 05, 2005

    Congrats on making it to lvl 100 man.

    Anyway, love the wallie. :) Hate how they screwed up Gash Bell tho.

    gj I see you put a hell of a lotta work in this. :P

  11. KorganoS May 05, 2005

    Lovelllyyyyy XD~
    heyyy.. I really love this, Frosty.... it's a scene from the anime, right? >_< I haven't watched it.... from what I see here, it looks just as good as the manga, lol...
    Nice colors and scene, somehow the vector looks a bit blurry here and there, but... well... that doesn't matter, as long it's Gash Bell!! XD
    great job!!
    *sets as wallpaper*

  12. musicangel May 05, 2005

    lol...yeah you hang out here too much but its all kewl coz it means that we can all see such wonderful works that you've done!!! XD

    What a fantastic job on the vectering...*jeez you have patience* excellent job on the wall, looks fantastic ^_^

  13. slivermoon May 05, 2005

    yea something different
    the little kid looks freaky w/ those big eyes >_>
    and he is holding a robot like thingy :)
    the img looks a bit wet and soggy
    but other then that it looks good :) :)

  14. sylvacoer May 05, 2005

    Egads, 70 layers?! O_O Now that's dedication! I know nothing about this anime, since I don't have cable (*~*), but the blonde kid is kinda cute... in a bug-eyed, SD-alien kind of way... ^_^'

  15. Nona May 05, 2005

    70 layers? Vector wallpaper...1 month work...Omg.
    Realy nice!!! I like the bg!!! :) :) :)
    i like your works!!!

  16. Ongaku May 05, 2005

    oohhh I have never seen this series, but the wallpaper looks great! I'm not brave enough to try vectors yet hahaha

  17. pegassuss May 05, 2005

    Woow! you really worked a lot! And the result is really good!! ^^
    Very nice vectoring and great background!
    you did a great job!

  18. FlowerDog May 05, 2005

    Spreading the love of Gash-chan! :D I always like your wallpapers Frosty-sama. This is a good attempt at making a vector wallpaper. I also happen to love the serie as well.

    I understand that you are truly busy and I wish you the best of luck on your up coming exams. Though, I'll always be looking forward to more of your works. Keep it up Frosty-sama. :)

  19. ayanechan May 05, 2005

    grats on getting to lvl 100 XD okay on to the wallie, the red stuff in the sky looks a little odd *_* in all the blues comes out red XD there's a few blurs on the vector, eg. the dude in white, his forehead, the black on his hair seemed to have smudge on his skin *_* on his hand as well :X lines don't look as crisp as it should be :( but it's your 1st vector wallie? ya just need a little more practice, you'll get the hang on it XD

  20. chichiri1907 May 06, 2005

    Great background frosty(it looks fantastic)!!!!
    I heard of this show on toonami it sounds funny!
    Thanks for sharing..your the best!
    love always,

  21. papyworld May 06, 2005

    wawie frosty ^_^ great job on your vectoring. I'm really proud of you. It seems very hard to vectorise and i think your one is well done. I wish you to become even greater in the future. your background is also very well designed ^_^ i just like not that much the big purple stars. but well it's only a detail. The important is that your vector rocks and that your bg too ^_^ continue so dear friend.

  22. Electrastar May 06, 2005

    Kyaaah, I love the bubbles. I don't know this show and I don't get CN here, but I think this wallpaper is really cute. The backround is really pretty, a wide open sky. Great work Frosty!

  23. walkure245 May 06, 2005

    Wowowo~ Frosty! You're at 100? Congratulations~
    What a fun wallie~ It's so full of life and vibrancy. You did a wonderful job on the vector and the bg is such a lovely match. The wordings really nice and the effects are really nicely done. Great wallie! >_<

  24. AnimexXxHolic009 May 06, 2005

    Fwosty like dis anime ? O.O anime kinda weird but me guess me still likey ^-^ yay! fwosty 100! me onli 42...me think -_-

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