Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper: Here to Protect You

Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper
Keiichi Sumi Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hi ^^ my last wall its just now in the highlighted but i want to submit a new wallie ^^ make it today.. with a recent scan that i found here in mt.. (thanks to hongxiaoer for posting this beautiful scan) btw.. i've do this wall for my girlfriends.. ^^ i really love her.. yesterday was 8 mounths we are togheter.. ** and this is my gift for her ^^ (one of the many XD)
XD okay.. now.. about the wall.. firts ive NO IDEA to how make it XD after some hour i found the photo of the "temple" then i recolored it (photo what white and black) and i begun making the wall XD i must say that i'm satisfied about the result ^^ (hope my girlfriend like it too T_T)

Hour: about 7 - 8 hour
Psd file: 20.4 mb
Layer: 48
Used: Photoshop 7
Reso: 1280x1024

well.. hope u all like my new wall ^^ gtg now.. the bed is waiting me XD (night here.. XD)
comments are really appreciate as always ^^ byebye

edit: plz full view thanks ^^"
edit2: there is NO river.. its just a little road/path to the temple >_<

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  1. uglyduckling07 May 04, 2005

    wow this is a very cool wallpaper!! I think the couple looks awesome and I really like the background as wel. Great job! ^_^

  2. Riku-San1 May 04, 2005

    oooers, thats adoreable! Good job. This has earned its valuable place on my desktop :nya:

  3. melymay May 04, 2005

    aww..u have a girlfriend and u mad her a wall, ur sooo sweet. i want a boyfriend that's like u, lol. but i'm too young to have one...anyways great job! +fave

  4. silverrskye May 04, 2005

    What a great wallie! Love the colors and the scan. It looks really good. Great job!

  5. Angel-on-Dragon May 04, 2005

    This is really a wonderful wallpaper, samanosuke! I love the mood of it.
    The couple is really cute and the bg is great.
    Thanks for sharing ^^ *adds to fav*

  6. Okami May 04, 2005

    Yet again, you amaze me with your awesome work. I really like mood as well. Keep up the great work!

  7. KittyCyn May 04, 2005

    Hi Sam! Gr8 as always! I LOVE the scan, mostly cos since Sunday I don't have anyone to protect me *cries* :(
    So these scan remembered me of happy things and touched my heart <3
    Well about the BG I just want you to know it's perfect, excellent, magnificient!
    A favie for me* Keep it up friend

  8. kotoko May 04, 2005

    awwww how cute!!!! i'm sure your gf would looooove it!!!! that's so sweet! it's a favorite for me! yay~

  9. kilalamiko06 May 04, 2005

    This is such a beautiful and totally sweet wall!! You did such a great job on it!! That is so sweet that you made it for your girlfriend, I hope she really liked it!! Happy Anni!! :D

  10. fabismine May 05, 2005

    wow, great... I like it a lot, seems a little... sepia, if you know what I mean. gorgeous!
    thanks for sharing!

  11. miyaira May 05, 2005

    oh!!!!! so cute!!!! i like the colors and the baclground!!!
    very beautiful, good job!!!! :) :) :)

  12. AngelKate May 05, 2005

    Awesome as always Samano! ^_^

  13. Daydream118 May 05, 2005

    Aww...It's so sweet. =^.^= I'm sure your girlfriend (OoOoO...XP j/k) will like it. ^.^ Well awesome wallie!! =3

  14. YugureKaze May 05, 2005

    very nice wall ^_^
    those two look great together
    the bg looks really amazing also
    wonderful work!

  15. Dragus May 05, 2005

    Damn dude u are talented, i have to put more effort in my work so i can be just as good but not enough time.

    Nothing to say but Awesome job.

  16. Ayamael May 05, 2005

    i love this scan, and the colours you chose for the wall are really nice and suit it well but the part around the temple looks a little blurry while the rest of the wall is (sky and scan) is as clear as water, so it gets a little on my nerves, especially the temple... as for the trees, they look 2-dimensional, while the rest of the wall has depth, again, i don't like that effect... i just don't like the mix of clearness, blurriness and so on... i just think a wall should be all one or the other... i love the general atmosphere given by the wall though...

    if it weren't for the 2 points i talked about... the wall looks really cool so great job!

  17. Frosty May 05, 2005

    nice looking wall. ^^
    got a lovely background that matches with the image very nicely. ^^
    great job. ^^
    *9.6 and Grade AA* for a job well done. ^^

  18. Sira May 05, 2005

    hermoso lso hermanos que se protegen a costo de su vida sobre un palacio, que enimgos hay para que suceda esto

  19. Osbourne May 05, 2005

    well....i like your wall, but what is summi keiichi ? From what anime is it? or Is it from some game ?

  20. Kiako May 05, 2005

    great wallpapaer, the charas look so nice together and the backgroudn suits them too.

  21. zaira May 05, 2005

    woah! this wall is soo cool!! the scan is soo cool!! me like the colors! the bg is the one of my fav!!! +fav!

  22. faiz138 May 05, 2005

    great work Samanosuke89' i like the way you pick the color, and the effect that you put on the bg. nice wallie ... i like it ..

    keep it up.

  23. Lenne May 05, 2005

    Hm..,not bad,not bad at all.Going to my favorites!! :D
    You did a great work. :)

  24. tareren May 05, 2005

    Nice brown color theme you have chosen there and also you chose a nice scan there ^^
    Must agree with Aya tho', the temple looks blur and the tree trunks looks as if they have so many color, maybe you should try to darken that and see the result.. I love the concept of the river flowing there but somehow I think it doesnt really suit the whole walls cos of the presence of the temple there ^^ but I must admit I still like this wallie cos it still looks cool and ... cool ^^ nice job :D

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