Tokyo Mew Mew Wallpaper: Mew Mew Shiny

Studio Pierrot, Tokyo Mew Mew, Lettuce Midorikawa, Zakuro Fujiwara, Ichigo Momomiya Wallpaper
Studio Pierrot Studio Tokyo Mew Mew Series Lettuce Midorikawa Character Zakuro Fujiwara Character Ichigo Momomiya Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yes, you're probably thinking sylvacoer has let herself go with this one, and you'd be right! I did it only because I was responsible for corrupting my little cousin (I lent her my TMM manga, and she fell in love with it). And so, long story short, she asked me to make her her own TMM wall.

I couldn't find many good scans from the manga OR the anime, so I was forced to go to the 4Kids network site to take theirs (>.<) *shudder, shudder* *sylvacoer douses herself with holy water and begins chanting* Crappy, edited dub! Unclean, unclean!

Star-swirl brushes courtesy of http://angelic-trust.net

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  1. Shkira May 04, 2005

    4Kids did Tokyo Mew Mew? I wasn't aware... o_o

    But it's an awesome pic you found, very cute and the bg is beautiful!

  2. Frosty May 05, 2005

    cute wallie. ^^
    just so kawaii. ^^
    nice choice of image. ;)
    good work. ^^
    *9.2 and Grade A* for a nice work. ^^

  3. cygnus May 05, 2005

    It's cute and quite acceptable...^^ ...and actually I watch TMM myself...that anime still has 3 bishounen in it... :D Nice bg, luv pastels in here, and the brushes too...

  4. Shinryo May 05, 2005

    ah! i've seen this animation before but i can't remember their name
    is the girl that in the middle of group name Ijigo?
    i like the charactor with purple hair
    nice wall ^ ^

  5. angelchan8123 May 05, 2005

    Beautifull work again

    I like the soft colors you used on the bg, they look very pretty

    Seems like another Fav XD

  6. Ying May 05, 2005

    He he I actually buy this manga! *^_^* It's one of the few shoujo titles that's released in Swedish! ^_^'
    i like the thingys you put in the corners!

  7. bbls May 05, 2005

    so cute!! i luv what you did in the background and the pastel colors are really nice! the scan also looks very nice! totemo kawaii desu!!! :)

  8. walkure245 May 06, 2005

    I know. It's so hard to find good scans of the anime version of tmm. What a shame. You did a nice job on the extraction and I love the glow around them. A very nice touch. I really like the elaborate bg and the hint of the girls in it. Reeally lovely work~ ^_^

  9. LaQ2K May 08, 2005

    Tokyo Mew Mew #1's.

  10. hodoki Jul 14, 2005

    awesome!!!!!! it looks like the aneme!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  11. nightfire Jul 31, 2005

    Wow! This wallpaper is really awesome! I especially like the background, the detail is great ,and the quality is outstanding.

  12. ByankaEclair Nov 05, 2005

    wow awesome i like in special the bekground

  13. animanga Nov 25, 2005

    Another prettiful wall from you!
    I d/l this one ages ago too!
    I was just looking at it today...& the dub does seems pretty...stupid.
    I mean, Cornia?
    Come on! What ditch did they find that name in?
    (No offense to anyone but...WTF?!)
    But I like the rest of thier names, I think they suit really well (but not as good as the originals).
    ANYWAYS, awesome wallie keep it up!

  14. Haven100 Jun 29, 2006

    This is a cute Wallpaper! Mew Mew Power is good but Tokyo Mew Mew Is way better!

  15. chefmike Dec 24, 2008

    does a cat girl throw up fur balls?

  16. luaoc Mute Member Apr 14, 2010

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing! Really nice!

  17. inaniloquent Jun 26, 2010

    kawaiiii~~~ arigatouuuu :3

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