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Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

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Meh! After a break of almost 3 weeks (exams at university are over, boo yah! \o/ ), I am finally able to get back with my "walling routine", lol.

Therefore, what better way to come back after break than to make a wallpaper based on the character that inspired my current nickname? Yes, Shinn, from Gundam Seed Destiny (he eish teh p1mp, I tell ya *_*). Since he's quite a "dark" character in the series I thought that a sunset background with "unreal" colours and atmosphere would have been good to describe his mood. The scan has been almost totally re-cged (except a few areas) since it was seriously low on quality. The Gundam in the background is the Saviour, why not the Impulse? Well duh, if Shinn is out in the background how is the Impulse supposed to fly without pilot >_>

The title "Doomsday" comes from Overseer's song (which I've recently been listening to a lot of times, lol), and it should fit the atmosphere of tension that this wallpaper it's supposed to convey, eh. Yes it's scenic, trendwh0rish like hell but I wanted to do one of this kind about Shinn, so HAH!

Thanks to: Misuchi and Nat (for the tips on re-cging and cleaning the scan), Madwiz, Angelette, Ayane and all the people @ Minitokyo's IRC channel who gave opinions and critiques at this wallpaper during its work in progress.

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Sandra May 04, 2005

    Man You Rock !!! This one is awesome ! And i hope that some persons won't take idea for background from you this time ;) Just kiddin . Amazing work you made ! The bg is just awesome ! No words for descript what i think about this ! great !

  2. Criox May 04, 2005

    wow! Its nice! Graphic is good but its kind of plain! Sorri bout tis! Overall I say its pretty well done! Good work! *2 thumbs up

  3. AthrunsPal May 04, 2005

    great wall! the bg is awesome! thanks! :) :) :)

  4. Leena May 04, 2005

    Great wallpaper. The background is cool. ALthough i never liked Shinn but the wallpaper is great. Great job. Going to my favourites.

  5. azmeir May 04, 2005

    Wow! wow! wow! Great wallpaper... Nice background... great scan... but isn't that Saviour? Why won't you use impulse? thanks for sharing...

  6. Aa-chan May 04, 2005

    Love the shot of Shinn and the background is stunning. Fits perfectly with the character and the Gundam. Excellent work :) .

  7. Susan-chan May 04, 2005

    oooh^^ a gundem seed wally^^ and Athrun is there! nice effects etc..:P add to fav

  8. Kiako May 04, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the sk looks great i like the colors of it, they go well with the chara. and the effects are good too.

  9. Tatsuya May 04, 2005

    awesome background, the sky looks so great and nice color you pick up! good job at all
    thank for sharing and keep up the good work

  10. Bella May 04, 2005

    aaw,great wall!! I like,i like~ Shinn~ hehee,this wall going to my favourites <3

  11. anji May 04, 2005

    Cool I really like it!

    Good job on the scan, it doesn't look retouch at all.
    Clouds looks great, I like the luminosity in it.
    And I think there is just enough petals of flowers, not too much.
    I don't really have any suggestion, it looks great!
    Keep it up! :)
    + fav

  12. nekohana May 04, 2005

    Long time no speak, ne, ShiNN? I've sorta been buzi. Anyways! I really like you new(or old now) Wallie. Especialy the lighting. Its very cool. Keep it up!

  13. Angelette May 04, 2005

    You perfectionist you. It's a pretty wall!!! And trendwhoring is ... fooooinnne!!!~

  14. tareren May 04, 2005

    this wallie looks very cool, I like the background there, and you pick a nice scan that fits well to the background :D nice job ^^

  15. Hideki313 May 04, 2005

    hey one more very great Gundam wall ... ist really awesome, I appreciate it *fav*

  16. MuZ0NaZ May 04, 2005

    ah, finally you decided to submit it - i almost thought you really scrapped it >_>

  17. lensterknight May 04, 2005

    It paid off stalking you. XD

    Anyway, on the complaints. Two of them.

    First, Shinn (the character). He looks somewhat blurry.

    Second, the Gundam. Its lighting is... odd. I'm not sure if it really fits.

    But I like the background. The text is good, as well.

  18. llilliathari May 04, 2005

    Great background and there's a very good job on the scan which is fit to the background.
    This atmosphere fits alot to Shinn, who is a dark (and stupid) character.
    Good job.
    I add it to my favorites. :)

  19. stevie May 04, 2005

    So pretty, <_< and its a guy.. xd
    i like the sky~ and the gundam...nice touch
    Favie <3

  20. Athrun May 04, 2005

    I perfer techy Gundam SEED walls, or spacy, but this is rather interesting.

    Don't really like how Saviour is looking in the BG, since it's so dark. Shinn (glad you spelled it that way, rather than Shin, since ppl tell to spell that even after seeing 28 freaking episodes spelling it with two N's!!) looks pretty cool, except kinda weird just standing out there.

    Gj tho, I love the style you used. I couldn't think of a better BG to fit this scan. Very nice job with the clouds and sunset, I love it.

    Anyway~ You did a very nice job with teh scenary. I'm just saying the stuff in there aren't exactly in my preferences. ^ ^;;;

    Shinn pwns tho... altho I prolly like him cuz he kills a lot of people and stuff.

  21. kaolla-kake May 04, 2005

    omigoodness...what awesomeness...just, prepare for an essay because this is an awesome wall!

    First of all...dude...do you know how much I love Shinn?? Try....this much *out stretches her hands as far as they'll go" and yes he is such a pimp XD. No one likes to make Shinn wallies...so I love you so much for that! *just realizes that you're ShinN" Woah...name clash!! Yes...I'm a bit slow like that!

    Anywho, where should I start with this one? First of all, I love the colour scheme (yellow is like...my favorite colour) and I'm strangely attracted to the font in this wallie *glomps*. Also, I love how you made it look like Shinn is kinda swaying, with the petals and stuff ^^. The gundam in the backgroun is an awesome effect too...makes me think of an extra cool scan or something! Another thing I will like about it, is it's simplicity! It's not very cluttered, so it makes it look even better! This is definately gonna go in my favs list and it's gonna be my wallpaper for a looong while! Thanks ShinN. Awesome comeback bud!

  22. asianspirit May 05, 2005

    hey, guys, shinn's back and made a shin wallie. XD i suck at puns.

    as usual, really cool and excellent detail as always. i totally in love the the sunset setting. it's really serene. and shin is being his angsty self. it's sort of funny that i was watching some GSD before seeing this wall. anyway--

    fantastic job, shinn! you never let your fans down! :) looking forward to your next wall!

  23. kai81220 May 05, 2005

    great sky effect. light streaming from treetop very nice as well. though the sun could be a bit brighter because it seems to dull right now. overall concept is very good. scan is well integrated into bg. wonderful work shinn ^^

  24. frozenwilderness May 05, 2005

    Love the orange sky and the silhouettes of the trees shinn.. text looks great too! Nice work XD

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