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Hiya~! I guess it's about time I submit something XD

This is a quick sketch I did in a very cold afternoon in an extremely boring class...
10 minutes into the lecture, I decided that my brain wasn't in the class ^_^'
It took me about an hour to finish... shadings are kinda rough because I didn't smudge at all
I used 0.5 2B mechanical pencil as usual :D

As always, I don't mind constructive comments ^.~

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  1. Aa-chan May 04, 2005

    I really love the character you've chosen to draw here ^^ . The colour of pencil adds to the drawing and the shading is really nice. Excellent work.

  2. MistressPookyChan May 04, 2005

    It's very pretty! I especially love how you did the hair. It has the right amount of shading and highlights.

  3. artgeek12 May 04, 2005

    Very awsome as usual. I love how you say you were goofing around or killing time and your stuff looks this awsome. The tilted angle is nice. It add a different dimension to the drawing. Neat and clean as usual. I was wondering, I just bought some more copic marker and would love to hand color it. I need the practice. Would it be ok to color this image? If so, then I'll send it to you first to see before doing anything else with it. Thanks and like saki says, "hearts" your drawings! ^_^

  4. boei May 04, 2005

    Holy shi-
    You drew ThAt in Class. In Class...
    Damn you're good... Ok erm.. i was jus thinking maybe u shld like add a few lines at the area of the armpits to show the folds or something? Cos it looks kinda plain at that part and as if the shirt doesnt have any sleeves.. hmm or its jus me..
    Anyway other this little thing, the picture is really very well drawn.. I especially like what you have done with the hair...really shiny and silky...
    Yea... Great work.. definite Fave for mi~!!!

  5. Evanrued May 04, 2005

    Very detailed indeed. I love the amount of shading in the hair, gives it a real life sort a deal. And I love how the outfit looks, especially her shirt. The eyes look really good. Over all and excellent sketch! Cant wait to see more!

  6. tuxedotservo May 04, 2005

    Excellent little sketch for a "bored in class" kind of work ^^

    The facial expression is telling - you can almost feel the cold. Nice eyes, and overall, very nice shading.

    Thanks for posting ^^

  7. DarkMaiden1369 May 04, 2005

    wow thats really good^^ Its been ahwile since you subnitted
    also^^ I liek her expression^^ its cute you did a kick ass job
    so its a fav for me^^

  8. Susan-chan May 04, 2005

    hi! long time no see!
    this drawing is very cool^^ i like the girl's face, the clothes etc..:) add to fav:)

  9. anji May 04, 2005

    WOW It's been so long since your last submission.
    I'm glad to see one of you. :)
    What a cute caracter.
    Really like the hair and and the pullover and all the details in them.
    And she got a cute expression.
    + fav for sure ;)

    p.s. Maybe you should add something in the background just to emphasize on the caracter.
    It should add a nice touch.

  10. Kiako May 04, 2005

    great drawing, i like the way you shaded it and the way youdraw her hair and eyes.
    hope to see more

  11. Drak May 04, 2005

    Cute! XD
    Great drawing Jormungand, as usual.
    This has to go to my favs.
    Keep it up.

  12. Sakura0chan May 04, 2005

    Nice sketch!! Your drawing is really pretty. :D
    The shading is really nice. XD
    Good job! This must be added to my favorites. Keep it up!! :D

  13. evasion May 04, 2005

    Oh wow! Awesome sketch :) The expression is extremely well done ^_^ I'll have to add it to my favs! +fav+ :)

  14. toujin1 May 05, 2005

    great work! i have always loved how much character i can see in ur drawings...her face is gorgeous! the shading is really well done too.

  15. frozenwilderness May 05, 2005

    OMG you drew something!! yay!! It's been forever! >.<
    i luff your sketchiee.. she's so pretty and her hair is really nice :D Your shading is just beautiful, gorgeous work I agree ^^

  16. FlowerDog May 05, 2005

    Man, I always love seeing your drawings Jormungand-sama. :) I see that you drew this during class. :D I know exactly how you feel about lectures. I fell asleep in class because I too find them boring (Hehe, they aren't as boring as me ^_^' ). Though, drawing during a lecture is more impressive than sleeping throught them. XD Love the deatils in your character's hair style and clothes. You always do a beautiful job with everything Jormungand-sama. :) I'll be looking forward to more from you. :)

  17. Frosty May 05, 2005

    now look whos back. XD
    yet another beatiful drawn sketch from you bubby. :)
    lol.. yup, I personally think that some of the best drawings ppl done are all from their boring lectures and classes. ;)
    Looks great.
    *9.7 and Grade AA* +fav for an awesome sketch. :)

  18. KorganoS May 05, 2005

    wah, pretty drawing... I really wanted to vector and color this, if it's okay with you :)

  19. tareren May 05, 2005

    Whew, you drew so nice ^^ erm, constructive comments ? maybe need to do something about the hair behind her neck, improve it a bit (tho it doesnt really matter the way it is now,if you improve it she'll look better :D)

  20. Hita May 05, 2005

    shi is so cute =^^=

  21. minimouzo May 06, 2005

    waw. bow in front of the master ^_^ doing that in only one hour ... awesome really. It isn't as completed as some of your other drawings concerning the shadings but really it's great too ... making so nice expressions and making your drawing alive like that is amazing. I felt sad with her to see her i like that. But after a quick second i remembered she wasn't real >.<
    you're really great ... but why is she that sad >.< ? poor her.
    Could i know if you were inspirated by someone or an another character when you drew this girl ? I think she is just so perfect ^_^ i see it's an original work so well , i just don't know what to say. It's awesome ^_^ i just wonder what was your inspiration ...
    if being bored leads to such cute drawings i should be bored more often :)

  22. vampyre May 06, 2005

    :nya: long time to c u friend & this's good work :) love her hair most :nya:

  23. walkure245 May 06, 2005

    I just love the soft quality of the picture. I love the hair. You really did a nice job on exentuating each hair and giving a nice shades. I wish she didn't look so sad. *gives huggles* She's really has this gentle quality and the shirt slightly drooping off her shoulders really enhances her innocent nature. Amazing eyes too~ Such a wonderful drawing~ >_<

  24. Kurosawa May 07, 2005


    wow, you really pretty drawing bro XD
    especially the hair, with a nice shading too ^_^
    lol,you draw this in the class?o.O
    well ,I really like this ,keep it up :D

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