Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper: Images of Me

Hiro Suzuhira, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Neon Genesis Evangelion Series Rei Ayanami Character Doujinshi Source

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wall took the longest to complete. Spent last night extracting Rei, and spent tonight putting it together. I must say the outcome is satsfying.
I decided to wall Rei because the scan was very attractive. I also loved the show and wanted to make something that would remind me of its greatness. There are alot of Eva walls out there, so I tried to add one of mine to the pile...hopefully it will stand out among the crowd.
As you can see, Tokyo-3 is covered by clouds...it symbolizes uncertainty....that at any given time, an Angel may appear and destory humanity. Thus why the Evas are always on guard, ready to fight.
"Images of Me" is the title of a song From Eva. Lyrics can be found at animelyrics.com
Hope you like it! ^^

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  1. Siri May 04, 2005

    although i'm really not a big fan of eva
    i think this wall is really nicely done
    the effect over all
    and you're right the scan is quite attractive
    n i like how you put so much thought into it so
    good work ^_^

  2. Sugasuga May 04, 2005

    veri nice wallie, i like it alot [even though its Rei] ^^ especially da Evas in da bg, always looks so damn kool with dat in NGE walls. no complains, great job.

  3. ryuji777 May 04, 2005

    very very very nice wall paper super!!!!! Nice background and good scan that go well together!

  4. ProjectDRacing May 04, 2005

    Yes you are right the scan of rei is very attractive. You did a great job with the bg it works so well with rei. :)

  5. Sinistra May 04, 2005

    Nce eva wall I like the character and the colors keep up the good work ^_^

  6. DaAsian May 04, 2005

    Nice BG!! The EVA's fit nicely into this wall you put out supersong115^^ Rei always looking sexy!!! Thanks a bunch

  7. tareren May 04, 2005

    nice choice of scan (she looks so cool) and also color (background and everything else) but maybe the building can be more.... I dont know, it looks kinda fake here, personal opinion, but I think that the wall is great overall (other than the buildings, though its a great idea, really think you should put something more)
    and since I rarely see any good Eva wallie, I'll fave this one :)

  8. kyosukeimao May 20, 2005


  9. ssjray Jun 29, 2005

    I love this wallpaper thats the type of wallpaper it really looks nice the background looks really nice gonna add it to my favraites.

  10. nanapan Jul 10, 2005

    veri nice wallie, i like it alot [even though its Rei] ^^ especially da Evas in da bg, always looks so damn kool with dat in NGE walls. no complains, great job.

  11. DarkGalletas Aug 01, 2005

    very nice wall, im big fan of eva, nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. snowsugar Sep 02, 2005

    A very very very nice wallpaper,I like it very much. :) :) :) :) :) :)

  13. BorN2BurN Oct 18, 2005

    Jeah !! Rei is a realy fantastic Charakter...but this pic is more as great :)

  14. spawn12 Banned Member Oct 18, 2005

    awsome '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''((...)

  15. ash21 Mute Member Oct 19, 2005

    very nis------------------------------------------------------------------------(...)

  16. Lucifur Apr 17, 2006

    Damn if i was that spear of longelas <sp ill be happy lol Great Job >loves Rei<

  17. Chicah Jul 08, 2006

    great wall =3 the background and piccie suits eachother perfectly

  18. hydetenshi Jul 14, 2006

    Wow I am soo happy that you shared this! I am a huge fan of both Rei Ayame and Suzuhira Hiro, and I didn't even know this image existed! I love the BG too and all the blues and red with the white. Rei + amazing artwork + lovely color contrast = FAVORITE! ^_^

  19. houzuki Jan 21, 2007

    hahaha! rei + suzuhira hiro rocks XD
    nice wallpaper

  20. Offkorn Mar 07, 2007

    The colors are breathtaking, limiting the bg to shades of blue, red, and white highlights and enhances the scan perfectly. The mist in the middle is a perfect transition between the starry sky and dark ground, it does look a little grafitti-like in the middle though.

  21. ninja123 Jun 17, 2007

    The sweet and cute rei ayanami.....*sigh*

  22. laila-san Nov 17, 2008


  23. ayu85 Nov 11, 2009

    thats really cooooool *.*

  24. enronfly Banned Member Aug 04, 2010

    Picture great, thank you very much.

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