Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Wallpaper: .:The Grunge God:.

Konami, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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The Grunge God:Crapmonster
Description:People always pondered...how was God became a supreme being...
More like how he would look like...People would picture him as a big guy with the hands
of light and bright...But there was a dark sercert about him...Shocking to the eyes that would cause instant death to the indiviual who withness him...But one lives...

Oh yeah...you people thought the Grunge Family Project is close?
Hell no! XD
I just took a very long break..which was quite long...Now its back on track...
Wallpaper Features the all famous CRAPMONSTER! BOW DOWN! *bows down*
Nobody wanna mess with him >_< XD

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Browse Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. MS0B9 May 04, 2005

    That's awesome! Nice wall Shadowdude! Well adding to favs!

  2. Rebel-Soul-Kaze May 04, 2005

    Less Brush Work and more work with the textures,sounds so much like the crapmonster style.

    We miss the Grunge Family Project (i almost think that u close it for good after the problems on the Grunge Side GB),anyway,i like it little prince,but i cant stop thinking that looks more like crapmonster style that shadowdude style.

  3. Evanrued May 04, 2005

    One of your best works Shadow! The grunge looks so awesome in this one. Perfect. It reminds me of an old photo printed on fabric. Dont ask why Jus that in some places it has a certain texture that reminds me of fabric. It also reminds me of a picture painted on a canvas..or an oil painting. Very realistic textures. Love it! I love the over all color and appearance! One of your best. Truly.

  4. chibi-lizard May 04, 2005

    lizzie can't see the shape of that thingy properly XD it that a crabbie ? as in crabbiemonster ? XD *prepares to be keeled*

    ~hee~ as usual .. shadow-kun ish always good in this grungie stuff. lizzie wubbs the textures used ... ooo .. the colors too XD

  5. Rella May 04, 2005

    Ooh, this wallpaper looks really awesome!! The colors looks really nice. Eeeks, you're good with what you, keep it up! >_<

  6. crapmonster May 04, 2005

    haha oooo nice. i like!! great use of textures man, hehe ill be faving this....

  7. frozenwilderness May 04, 2005

    Great work with the grunge.. textures look awesome XD You sure have come a long way from your first walls o_o

    Only thing I can complain about here are the borders; they make for great design but usually they dun work too well when set as desktop.. ah well.. text is nice at least :)

  8. YugureKaze May 04, 2005

    wow it looks amazing
    still have that nice grunge touch i see ^_^
    hmm..it seems that black and white grunges look amazing
    great work and it is good to know that the Grunge Family Project is still running! ^_^

  9. calisqo May 04, 2005

    grungy indeed ^_^.
    very sharp >.>,
    Now i can safely say that grunge work in MT has evolved >.<
    It's much deeper than the ordinary grunge.
    Awesome ^_^

  10. DarkEVO May 04, 2005

    Very cool grunge wallpaper , shadowdude.
    I like the theme of using Jehuty as the Grunge God.

  11. Mordin May 04, 2005

    a little bit too heavy on the color, kind of depress the detail of the god, it makes it a bit hard to see, very good theme though, and the bg is so lively on this wallie, great job shadow.

  12. Aa-chan May 04, 2005

    Woohoo, thanks for the next instalment of grungy-ness XD .
    Love the mecha in this one.

  13. MuZ0NaZ May 04, 2005

    it is bit too bright cause i cant easily make out the scan and the borders really suck :\ nonetheless, it is still an awesome wp (and i use it on my desktop, just cropped)

  14. Riva May 04, 2005

    Hmm probably my favourite out of all the Grunge Family. Very nice work on the textures and all.

  15. Yina May 04, 2005

    O__O looks amazing!! makes me speechless.. excellent job!! +fav ^^

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 04, 2005

    Everything is beautiful in its own way, the grunge goes together except the text at the bottom...doesnt go well with the bg, needs to blend more inside the grunge but nonetheless the whole wall goes together! Good job!

  17. StarCentury May 04, 2005

    Finally, you decide to make a wallie dedicated to the grunge god himself, crapmonster! XD And boy oh boy, you mimicked his texture grunge styles reallie well, I among all other members thought this was the work of the god himself! x_x Anyhoo, the side bars makes the wallpaper feel as epic as a blockbuster movie, and the designs are very breathtaking! You could've mixed the text's colors with the grunge to blend properly, othe than that top notch work, Shadow! I wunda who's next in line in Shadow's dysfunctional Grunge Family? :D j/p ^_^'

  18. Ayamael May 05, 2005

    cool wall, it looks great and i love the texture and general atmosphere... good job!

  19. Orkin May 06, 2005

    Great work, the composition is very good. The use of the colors obtains a great resistance with the form and appears of the bottom. The dark image is something but, really it manages to call the attention. Congratulations by your work.

  20. kenzuke May 06, 2005

    Kewl! I love grunge!! vewy nish!!! xd.....i love the contrast!! what can I say? fav!!

  21. GintheTwilightswords May 07, 2005

    You said it wrong, it's hellz no !!! lmao XD And I bow to now one, so Crap Monster can shove it >=( ! *ground shakes and starts cowering in fear* I take that back ^_^' . The grunginess of this wall is great, I like the way the image of the frame is all disorted and stuff, so you can't tell what is to effectively. Excellent work Shadow :)

  22. euna Retired Moderator May 08, 2005

    All hail grunge GOD~ XD XD XD
    whoa.. awesome grunge... and textures @__@
    it's too good. i can't clearly make out the 'God' but i can kinda tell what it is XD
    it's very good....
    just awesome... *speechless but clicks on fav*

  23. Suicide-Demon May 09, 2005

    Hell yeah,
    this is really the grunge god!!!
    This wallpaper is perfect, dude! Absolutely perfect!!!!!
    I don't think it's to bright and this is definitely my new desktop-wall... it's sooo amazing!

  24. GabrielOkuno Banned Member Jun 10, 2005

    Damn... Its a Great Wallpapper.. I Liked it a lot and also recomend it... if u have any other wallpapper like this one plz send it

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