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lol my first vector XD yes it took me five days to finish it ^^' i kept messing up the paths and that made it difficult to figure out what was going on. but its finished now so here it is. thanks to tama-neko and her tutorial on her site. comments, advice and favs XD

...im having problems cause it seemed to upload like 3 times ^^'

EDIT: the color is messed up on MT for some reason. this is definitely not my fault so dont count that against my ability to recognize color

theres also so weird thing happening cause it didnt load on the dl page o_O

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  1. Littlezuzu466 Banned Member May 03, 2005

    This is really nice it shows a feeling of loneliness it feels their lost their way of something^^
    This is a really good wall I like it thanks for sharing :D

    Zuzu Yamazaki

  2. Scarlet May 03, 2005

    Yay! Yay! My post is first! (edit: was first *grin*) XP

    Well, as usual, it's very nice and clean work, Kai.^^ My computer seems screwed up and I can't make it bigger, but just looking at the pic above, I really like it!

    And the colors don't seem that bad either, though I can't really judge... It's nice. *smile*


  3. DarkCrimson May 03, 2005

    Well really nice Gunslinger Girl Vector from you^^
    I like it and you did a great Job in my Eyes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing

  4. KittyCyn May 03, 2005

    I dunno why, but I can't download the Full View image :( a little "x" appears
    Anyways the image looks really good :)

  5. Evanrued May 03, 2005

    This is a really good vector. I love how the colors look so vivid, and the characters are done very well. Excellent work!

  6. skysong May 03, 2005

    Looks really nice! Great job on this vector, great detail! Keep up the good work :)

  7. kaolla-kake May 04, 2005

    weeee!! I love this Kai-kun!! I love the pastely feeling! Great job with this one! Definately a fav!

  8. Cadi May 04, 2005

    Wow! Its so awsome! Its sooo good for your frist vector! Everyone seems to have so much success this days >.> Anyway, its really cool. I love the shading of the hair and the dress! Great job!!

  9. asianspirit May 04, 2005

    oooh! pretty, pretty! :D looks very good for a first vector. it's too bad that it's not dl-ing :( i wanna see it up close. but from here it looks great, kai! keep up the good work!

  10. Tatsuya May 04, 2005

    Quote by KittyCynI dunno why, but I can't download the Full View image :( a little "x" appears
    Anyways the image looks really good :)

    gosh, me too >_<, but it look really good as you frist try, good job!

  11. Ayamael May 04, 2005

    can't download, but even from the small version it looks like a very good vector... not that i know anything about vectoring >.< loll, good job!

  12. SaschaC May 04, 2005

    Woa, nice work man... so, wzup with this vector stuff?? (I'm kind of a rokkie... don't get mad) what is it all bout?

  13. slivermoon May 04, 2005

    yes it won't dl >.<
    but it looks very nice from a distance
    really soft vectoring :) :)
    try updating it w/ the same img

  14. Auralis May 04, 2005

    Finaaally, your vector. I'm still stuck on mine that I started like 3 months ago. ^_^;; Can't really see it but looking from above I see that you need to add an outline on the image; ie. pentool and stroking with 1px brush. =_=

  15. Sandra May 04, 2005

    This is how a good real vector looks like ! Mine was deleted ;) Amazing soft colors , they are very clean ! Favorite !

  16. pegassuss May 04, 2005

    This is very good! Is it your first? woow you did a very good work! really! I cannot download it, but it looks very good but it looks awesome! Even if I don't know much about vectors ^^ Great work! keep it up!

  17. Kiako May 04, 2005

    great job on the vectoring, especaly for your first time.. i can't download it either :(
    naja keep it up

  18. anji May 04, 2005

    Oh I'd like to see it in full view, so sad it doesn't work.
    Your vectors look really great, and the colors looks ok too.
    This should took you so long to do. (sorry so bad english there ^_^')
    I'll add it to my fav cause it's a good work, and for a first vector I'm impress.
    Keep it up! :)

  19. Holt May 04, 2005

    Can't view it full size :(
    I'd need to see it full to properly judge it but from the reduced size it looks pretty good :D

  20. sukie May 04, 2005

    nice...nice... the girl is soooo cute...*fav*

  21. semanga May 04, 2005

    your fist ???? :o :o :o it looks awesome like every works from u
    you did a great jop show us more very good work

  22. frozenwilderness May 05, 2005

    tis not.. dling.. :/

    otherwise I would have faved it cuz it does look really good

  23. AkinaSpirit May 05, 2005

    Yeah, can't seem to dled it but from the image above the vector looks good ^_^

  24. Nona May 05, 2005

    Very good work!!!
    I don't know much about vectors...^^"""""
    But if you had 5 days work with it, it's a difficult thing.....

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