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Hiro Mashima, Groove Adventure Rave, Sieg Hart Wallpaper
Hiro Mashima Mangaka Groove Adventure Rave Series Sieg Hart Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

at least sieg. is come. well it's so hard to make this because i have to erase. the red colour to make this. well i don't want to chitchat again hope u enjoy it.
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  1. calisqo May 03, 2005

    pretty good work i must say.
    A bit on the extraction but it's a minor
    The color is a bit pale , perhaps sharper color might shows that cool effects a bit more.
    It's cool, liking what u did with the bg looks pretty cool ^_^

  2. cygnus May 03, 2005

    Nice colors, a little too soft colors for a male chara, and extraction need to be repaired.

  3. Terra-chan May 03, 2005

    I'm not familiar with this series, but I agree, the color looks too bright/soft for this character. The character image looks like it should be bolder with a richer contrast. I think a cliff would be a more suitable setting for this character... though a spiral also seems cool, but a more realistic setting would be better.

  4. Acuni May 03, 2005

    i like the wallpaper
    the character is nice and the background colours fit, interesting light effects you made there
    keep it up

  5. toujin1 May 03, 2005

    ooooohh great wall! the colors are just awesome and the whole thing fits together really nicely..great job!

  6. Kiako May 03, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the effects in the background. everything suits the chara well.
    keep it up

  7. Eve May 03, 2005

    Wooow!!! That's amazing! I love the graphix!

    It's really bright @_@

    i can feel the pooowwwweeeerrr...!! AHHH!!!

    Sorry, seizure moment! x_X; G'job!

  8. Chobiits May 04, 2005

    Nice wallpaper ^^ Isnt this dude from Rave Master? The chakra colour fits fine imo since in the book, he is the soft type of character. Good work.

  9. bbls May 04, 2005

    i like your colors and background effects...the simplicity is also very nice! :)

  10. yo-chanbokura May 04, 2005

    Nice color and nice effect you added here :D dun't know the anime,but yeah..that's cool!!

  11. Yina May 04, 2005

    Great idea and composition!! I also like the effects. they are well done ^__^ I would use more filters.. the wallie is a bit too soft... a few bright colours would suit great... ;)

  12. Frosty May 05, 2005

    good looking wallie. ^^
    somewhat plain but still really nice. ^^
    good job. ^^
    *9.1 and Grade A-* for a nice effort. :)

  13. Radeonator May 05, 2005

    oww man...the color's are too bright XO

    *wipes off my faces*
    *turn down the brightness of my computer*

    well, nice job. thought I'd like your "priest" wallpaper more... :)

  14. Emi May 07, 2005

    A very nice wall :). I like it very much :)
    i like the colors very much :) The light are very interesting :)
    Keep it up for me it's a good work :)

  15. didou Jun 11, 2005

    whooo.Excellent I love this wallpaper. Thank you very much for your beautiful work
    That I love in this wallaper is the back, it's very beautiful
    I hope to see others walls make by you

    thanks :D :D

  16. K1R31 Jul 26, 2005

    Pretty nice color ! Blue color is sos soft and so fit with Sieg !
    I can say this wallie is have the best color from other wallie. Thx for sharing.

  17. Lady-Cagally Sep 18, 2005

    Really good lighting effect! But the color here does't suit too much. Maybe if dark color be good. It's my opinion, of course. But good job!

  18. kazurro Sep 25, 2005

    nice walls. sieghart looks cool
    the background really fits with sieghart
    nice walls

  19. yish May 03, 2006

    Wow.. COol. :D

  20. dimitri May 17, 2006

    wooow nicely beatiful
    sieg hart is a big boss
    poyo ^^

  21. sevenstars Nov 27, 2007

    very nice! I like this wallie Sieg looks cool

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