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I have finally finished this drawing :) after about 4 days working on it. I hope it was worth it ^_^
So this is dedicated to toujin1 ; i have honoured the promise ^_^ i really hope you'll like this gift . I have put all my heart in it and i tried to make as much details as i could.

I thank you a lot for giving me envy to re-draw thanks to your wonderful works.

This is a vampire lord belonging to the dragons of blood clan. It is a fanart of a vampire in the warhammer game. It was a lot inspired from the vampire lords army books but i added him a second eye and lots of other details.

Please don't be to harsh on commenting. I know it isn't perfect and not that nice ... But criticism is highly welcome. Any comments will make me happy and maybe become better.

Please view full view for the details.

This is also for all the great persons who encouraged me , thinking about vampyre, sarak, ayamael, jasmine and lots of others ^_^ thank you all

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  1. mughi May 02, 2005

    I'm not an artist so I can't give objective criticism but I do appreciate people who attempt to create by drawing their own art. Hell, you're better than me in that respect. :)

  2. Ai May 02, 2005

    Nice drawing, i love the original art.

  3. linaka May 02, 2005

    Quote by mughiI'm not an artist so I can't give objective criticism but I do
    appreciate people who attempt to create by drawing their own art. Hell,
    you're better than me in that respect. :)

    i completely agree. it's such a great talent to create ur own original work. i'm glad you showed it to us and i'm sure toujin will love it because u put ur whole heart into this and that's just priceless! and go look at it! the details are great and well taken care of and the expression on his face is good. i wouldn't want to get on this guy's bad side. (>_<) the other version of it is really cool too so keep it up. can't wait to see more works from you!

  4. frozenwilderness May 02, 2005

    woo~ I love all those great details you put into your drawing.. I'm sure it was well worth the time. Plus, toujin will love it just like the others said, especially because you put so much effort into it :D Great work ^^

  5. Evanrued May 03, 2005

    Veeerry nice detail. I really do love the concept you did the knight with. Very impressive. The horse looks so good, lovely. Cant wait to see more!

  6. Eve May 03, 2005

    Ohhh papy!!! This is really good!!
    That's a very nice drawing! It's different from the usual drawings we see! I'm so happy. ^^

    Good job! I love it!

  7. toujin1 May 03, 2005

    waiii papy u are soooooo sweet!!! my very own evil vampire lord complete with demon horse!! i would not have asked for anything more...and wow, a lot of imagination too! im so proud of you for getting the body like that...it adds a lot of movement to the picture. great job papy! u made me so very happy! now give me a couple of days and ill have ur gift up as well!

  8. pegassuss May 03, 2005

    Nice drawing papy!! ^^ It's very well drawn.
    I love the concept! You managed very well the expression.
    The horse is well drawn with the armor and everything ^^
    And it's soooo detailedl!!! I just love all the deatils you put!!
    you did a very good job! keep it up! :D

  9. studio May 04, 2005

    Osh** luffs it!
    Very lovely job papy, pencil details are very nice, great for an original. ^^
    You have such a good imagination...I really can't think of half the ideas.
    Well done, and keep up the exellent work! :D

  10. Ayamael May 04, 2005

    phew, finally found a minute to comment... >.<

    woah, lots and lots of details, really nice!! it's a really cool sketch, i'm glad you started drawing again ^^ great job!!
    oh, juste une p'tite erreur d'orthographe i'd like to point out : by "hearth", i think you meant "heart" ;) a "hearth" is a fireplace... lolll j'me suis dit que t'aimerais savoir :D

    well, you love those dark lords don't you, and this one looks really cool indeed, keep it up!

  11. Ying May 04, 2005

    Whaaay! More drawings from you! That's the spirit! ^0^
    Great detail and nice proportions! ^_^
    I'm sure toujin1 will like it! (If he dosn't give him a big whack with the shield! XD)

  12. panzafly May 04, 2005

    Look at l'autre cote ^^
    J'y ai mis un comment un peu plus long :)

  13. papyworld May 04, 2005

    thanks to everybody ^_^ i have tried to thank you personnaly but i wanted to say it here too ^_^ i'm really touched by all you said. I didn't expected so nice comments and you made me feel very good. Knowing talented people as you all liked what i did make me happy. Thanks again

  14. sarak May 05, 2005

    ........^^..............hehehe^w^...............first: this char is pretty cruel indeed o_o" . hes chasing the devil out of hell......looks great and soooo much details...^^ love the flaming sword, love his scar, love his vampyre teeth......but the beheaded skullz i love the most ^w^~ heeeeehee, theyre creepy. and the helmet is bretty cool too...and the shoulder guards, the cape...woow...i find more&more ^^ that creepy - is it a horse? - is rather impressive, but not sure if i understand it completely ^^; ....but thats sooooo great, thnx sooo much and of course i would be happy to see another one^^ but everything goes time by time. thanks again for this different piece of art here ^w^~

  15. CoolBlueX May 06, 2005

    awesome pose and design! so much detail
    i can see you've put a lot of effort into it :)
    his horse and sword both looks really wicked >=D
    his cape adds a nice touch to the motion of the pic too
    great work indeed! XD

  16. papyworld May 06, 2005

    ^_^ thanks again for your nice comments. I feel very honoured.

    yup yup so it's a horse. A kind of undead evil horse with sharpened teeth ^_^ he wears a kind of armor which is the same as the vampire. It should be looking like dragon's scales :)

  17. Marissa Retired Moderator May 06, 2005

    Ooh, cool details, I especially like his helmet and shield. The horse looks kinda freaky though. Neat pose for the guy, too.

  18. Shkira Jun 01, 2005

    You were right about looking at the full size for details. Damn!

    I love the little face on the helmet, and the others on the side of the horse. The horse, at first glance, looks like a dinosaur to me, but I don't know Warhammer and that's probably just the design.

    But it's an awesome pic, you're very talented!! =^_^=

  19. J-a-r-e-t-h Restricted Member Aug 07, 2005

    Hoi Papy! ^.^
    Here I really cant correct anything! Very good job! Cant to it better!


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