D.N.Angel Wallpaper: DNAngel: Destructive Art

Yukiru Sugisaki, Xebec, D.N.Angel, Argentine, Vector Art Wallpaper
Yukiru Sugisaki Mangaka Xebec Studio D.N.Angel Series Argentine Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Minna-san, I'm back with my second DNAngel wallpaper. It was DNAngel that I bought first as a manga. I loved Yukiru Sugisaki's art and still do. She's quite slow but I'm definitely gonna buy the next volume of DNAngel, too. Argentine is a character who doesn't appear in the anime. I put easels in the background because the theme is "art" and it's also a new idea. I made some original elements so I hope nobody'll fake it right away.
The wallpaper was made for the Daystar Design Bishounen Wallpaper Contest. I'm too stupid, I didn't even see the entries from Korganos or biriwilg, but I still hope the webmisstress doesn't like FMA xD''
Anyways, I hope you guys like it and I'd like to get some comments, too. I was quite disappointed the other day because there were so few comments on my Rukia-wallpaper. So please do comment!

Original scan: http://dnangel.angst-boi.net
Vectored by me: click here
Dedicated to Yukiru, she has a beautiful Sugisaki-site and loves Argentine (I believe she did...).

Other resolutions can be found here: www.uchiki.de

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  1. Aa-chan Apr 29, 2005

    Hmm, the background is quite interesting and works nicely with the charcter. I like the misty effect too. Nice work :) .

  2. FALH Apr 29, 2005

    nice work,and nice dedicace for your friend
    the work u did on the chara is good
    and the bg is good too,good idear for the effect on his hand ;)


  3. cygnus Apr 29, 2005

    T_T chibikko....it's sooo....good! I'm sure you'll be the winner of Myrrh's contest! :D
    Clean vector, and nice touch of top layer to make it has a bit of dark feeling...^^

  4. raxis Apr 29, 2005

    hee~~ very nice wall as usual!! :D i've nothing to say.. aah, just two word... great work!! :D

  5. chrno Apr 29, 2005

    chibikko! wow, it's georgous ^^
    i really like it OO

    keep on working ^__^


  6. harakiri Apr 29, 2005

    I love all your wallpapers because they are always so original and carefully done. I hope you'll receive a lot of feedback for this.

  7. tareren Apr 29, 2005

    Cant really say I like the color (dont mind me, its just that I don't like green and orange combined) I think the mist (with the spirally thingy there) is nice , and the background is too.... I think the scan is a bit too bright, hm, cant say for sure, I cant get full view, there is something wrong with my connection.... -_-' sorry cant give you proper feedback

  8. KorganoS Apr 29, 2005

    Woah,... lol I wouldn't mind at all if this entry wins that contest :D
    Really great presentation, and excellent attention to details and scenery...
    much expected from you, Chibikko :)
    btw, I haven't read the manga... are there any big differences to the anime at all? ^_^'

  9. candy-chan Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2005

    love it my god :3
    the vector is crisp and blends in perfectly with the bg, love the slight textures and the smokey things
    deserves my fav n_n

  10. zaira Apr 30, 2005

    this wall is awesome!! me like its vector!!! the bg is awesome too!! nice darky colors!!!+fav! XD

  11. kai Apr 30, 2005

    I absolutely love the picture, hes really cool. Very nice colors too :D

  12. MuZ0NaZ Apr 30, 2005

    ok i hate 99% of male wps but i absolutely love the texturing of this. its just awesome.

  13. Yina Apr 30, 2005

    omg... bishounen... x_x (I could die for them... ) this one is pure amazing!! I love the bg.. it fits perfectly to the scan. I also like the effects on the scan.. makes the whole wallie mysterious.. ^_^' excellent work +fav ^^

  14. ayanechan Apr 30, 2005

    *screams* bishieee!!! XD he's HAWT *_* lol sugoii job on the vector and an even sugoii-er job on the bg!!! XD gluck with the contest!!! :3 *two thumbs up + wink*

  15. Keishu Apr 30, 2005

    I just love it ^__^~...
    Your style is great!
    It seems like he's in some old castle or dungeon XD *luv* this smoke really fits the atmosphere, it has some kind of evil *_*~... The character goes also well with the scene because of his cold, blue eyes and how he's smirking...
    And your vector art is amazing! The texture and font is as always very nice ^.^~
    Definitely a fav for me ^__^~

  16. Kyuzo1 Apr 30, 2005

    I love the art. The background is very very good.
    The effects are really nice and i love the colors.
    Great wall... really!! :)

  17. Deen Apr 30, 2005

    XD i don't understand and i cannot make a vector image
    O_O .. but.. i see, this is difficult to be made. Really detail and impressive...
    If i was a grand jury of the contest.... i would choose this one to be a winner XD

  18. hiei0021 Apr 30, 2005

    positivly beautiful...........the colors are great and so is the image...... cool

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Apr 30, 2005


    the BOY ISH SOOO hawttt!!

    >.< kyaaaaa ..

    *kidnaps him*

    ^-^ saki will have a good din dinn todaayy~ ^.~

    ne nee~ the bg rocks!! o.o;; there hasnt been a bg like thiiss .. so .. yu are original! xD
    the vector ish rocckinnngg~ and the bubbles rock rock rock!

    >.> one thing that saki doesnt really like .. ish that the bubble looks a witto flat .. but other than that .. *-* it's the best~

    font ROCKS!


  20. FlowerDog Apr 30, 2005

    Your work in vectors and in your wallpapers are always excellent. Well, you should know that I suck at commenting. XD Anyways, your vector of Argentine is absolutely perfect and clean. The effects you used for the aura around Argentine's hand looks very cool!! :) All the effects just looks wonderful and like always you have very godly like skills. :) Hope you win the Daystar Design Bishounen Wallpaper Contest because I love it and am rooting for you. :)

  21. ShiNN Apr 30, 2005

    impressive, it's an original concept and it's a very good vectorwork as well. Good job texturing only certain areas so that the character doesn't look funny, and good job with the text layout, it's really nice looking and classy.

  22. riku-chan May 01, 2005

    Argentine ^_____^ You did such a magnificent vectoring job yet again.^o^ And your originality in making bgs always never ceases to amaze. I love the theme for this wallpaper, dark and mysterious, definitely one of my favourites.

    Kyah~~ D.N.Angel is always the best! It's a pity the anime ended before he had a chance to make his debut in the magna! XD

  23. Frosty May 01, 2005

    Quote by chibikko.... I was quite disappointed the other day because there were so few comments on my Rukia-wallpaper. So please do comment! ...

    lol.. well I'm sure the fav speaks louder then the comments and besides I'm getting a feeling that I just end up seeing as well as typing the same thing ovea and ovea... XP

    as for this one. as always, luv your wallie and your vectored art as always. ^^
    very clean and nice, and the fog and the back drop makes a nice touch. ^^
    gives you an 9.6 "Greade AA" +fav for an excellent effort. ^^

  24. cherry-star May 03, 2005

    you did a really good job at vectoring it all~!! It looks so great, and i love the bg you added onto the image, it matches great! Yukiru is my god~! <3 So its so nice to find more awesome DNAngel wallpapers, since its my fave manga afterall <3 <3

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