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Takeshi Konomi, J.C. Staff, Prince of Tennis, Kentaro Aoi, Kunimitsu Tezuka
Takeshi Konomi Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Prince of Tennis Series Kentaro Aoi Character Kunimitsu Tezuka Character


not my scan..but a nice image..

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  1. red-planet31 May 01, 2005

    *squeals* The buchous!!! This is great!!! I love Atove, Yukimura and Tezuka!!!
    XD XD XD

  2. Manxita May 02, 2005

    wow, a reeeally cool image! All the buchous together! Tezuka looks good enough to eat, hehehe ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. HontoniKawaii May 02, 2005

    O.o!!! What a cool image!!! It's the Bochou-tachi!!!
    They are just sooo cool! But of course Tezuka,Atobe & Yukimura look the best ^_~

    Thanx for sharing!

  4. kai May 03, 2005

    Very nice picture, its too bad Sanada isn't in there too, though he's just the vice captain...oh well. :D

  5. tian82 May 06, 2005

    OMG !!! Tezuka buchou is so handsome !!!! And Yukimura too .. Nice image !!!!

  6. Schyler May 07, 2005

    I love him! Yukimura Seiichi!Love this pic! *another PoT fan*

  7. bucket-shot May 10, 2005

    Uwah~!! XD Yuki-san! You'd never guess from this piccy that he's actually the strongest there, ne? :D Hehehe~<3 *adores him* Thank you so much!

  8. CoolBlueX May 13, 2005

    OMG! one of the pencil board merchandise which i didn't have the chance to get! XD
    they all look so cool in their school uniforms!
    if only minami would turn around and let people see his yummy yamabuki uniform! :nya:
    hee hee thanks a lot for sharing! ;)

  9. bucket-shot May 13, 2005

    Hehehe~ XD The Yamabuki uniform's cute, ne? Ugh.. but.. *stabs the fact that Rikkai's logo is so goddamned ugly* ^_^' Honestly. It's... u.g.l.y.

  10. Hikari87 May 15, 2005

    Buchou(s)~~~!! Kyaaa....Kakkoi!!! XD
    Luv this piccie much. ^-^

  11. Sammie-Chan May 24, 2005

    Wh000000 buchoutachiiiiiii XD And everyone can sing XD and oh my~~~~ = =;;; Rikkaidai needs a better school emblem. = =;;; but oh well =D Can't complain~

  12. flyindance Jun 10, 2005

    i got this poster.
    all the captains for school tennis team.
    thanks for sharing it.
    I'm definitely adding it to my favourites.

  13. kitchi Jun 22, 2005

    *sob...* It's soooo beautiful taht all the buchous are together... But where's my beautiful Kajimoto-buchou?????!!!! *...sob...*
    but yea..... Just HAVE to agree with bucket-shot and Sammie-Chan...... And they're supposed to be from such a cool school.... :sweat:
    Anyway..... I just happen to think that St. Rudolph's emblem is just sooooo kakoi..... Maybe Yuuta-kun made a right decision to transfer after all XP

  14. jpanamaneechot1 Jul 09, 2005

    *drowns in the glory of the buchous* XD~ Yukimura looks so good in this one; thank you so much for sharing it!!

  15. animefreak222 Jul 16, 2005

    Its really nice with all the captains and I also saw a wallscroll of it, but since I already had another wallcroll, my room is all full, but now I can put this picture in my folder, so thanks! Its helped alot!!

  16. Shiyu Jul 24, 2005

    All buchou attack.
    Really love it.
    Everyone looks so cool.
    Thx for sharing.

  17. TeelaZainElmes85 Sep 01, 2005

    Nice pic!!! I love how Tezuka looks here!!!! And the others look great too!!! n_n I will add it to my favorites.

  18. OChibi-chan Sep 12, 2005


  19. akacha Nov 13, 2005

    alls Buchous *¬*
    there are so cute!

  20. hanenohime Apr 23, 2006

    Yukimura-sama! he's so kakui and kawaii! thanks for sharing.

  21. fallenleaves May 25, 2006

    It's missing Kajimoto Takahisa... It's still nice anyways...

  22. auel1124 Dec 03, 2006

    wow, is this the original scan? I have got a poster with the same characters at the same pose but they are in a kind of restarant, tezuca at the center, and yukimura and atobe at his side, and the rest are somewhat at the back... but this scan is nice though ^^

  23. Reki84 Jul 07, 2007

    Nice scan of all the buchous. It's my first time seeing Rikkaidai's symbol, and it really is ugly. I wish Sanada were included. They have to put all the captains and vice-captains in the next one.

  24. Stealthheart Aug 02, 2007

    All the captains! Yukimura and Tezuka look sooo cute in this pic! (^_^)

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