Pita Ten Wallpaper: Do Not Fear Heaven ~ Again

Koge Donbo, Pita Ten, Misha (Pita Ten), Shia Wallpaper
Koge Donbo Mangaka Pita Ten Series Misha (Pita Ten) Character Shia Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay, a new wallpaper too^^ It's my newest one ^^ and I'm a bit satisfied.... oO"

I wanted to make a wallpaper,but I was to lazy for a real new one^^'
So I decided to make a remake of my Pita Ten wallpaper ^_^
It's for my sweetheart ^^ like the older one ^__^

It was fun to remake this one ^__^ I like it ^_^
I hope you like it too ^__^ I know, it's not quite good -.-"

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  1. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2005

    I like this one but have to say liked the old one better. It was darker and had a better mood. I loved that this one was more colourful but maybe it seemed just a bit too bright for me.

  2. Aa-chan Apr 29, 2005

    The background really contrasts with the character and the bright effect is really nice. Excellent wallie ^__^ .

  3. semanga Apr 29, 2005

    that is a very wonderful wall i love the wall befor and this of course also u are a good waller sweety..... glad that i have a so talented brother like u ^^ ;)

  4. sadbird Apr 29, 2005

    wow, very nice wall ! i love it!

  5. Tatsuya Apr 29, 2005

    really nice, simple and nice background! good job, thank for sharing

  6. Luis-L6 Apr 29, 2005

    Well ... i haven't seen a wallpaper of pita ten for some time ...... and this wallpaper matches perfectly with my "likes" for wallpaper.
    For me .... the walls that are simple but nice and beautifull are the bests.
    In this case ... th BG is great. Shia and Misha (I thnik that's their names) have that "innocent look" that gives some peace qnd quiet to the wally.
    Another Job weel done men :D

  7. harakiri Apr 29, 2005

    Ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass mir dein anderes heutiges Wallpaper wesentlich besser gefallen hat, weil das andere originell war. Hier haben wir halt wieder dieses Klischee mit den Engeln und dem Mond, was ich auf MT schon hundertfach gesehen habe.
    An sich ist es nicht schlecht gemacht, aber die Thematik ist nicht sonderlich innovativ.

  8. Kiako Apr 29, 2005

    the wallpaper looks great,
    i like the effects you made and the scenary is also pretty good.
    and the two charas look cute
    keep it up

  9. shiwei Apr 29, 2005

    a beautiful wallpaper...
    background is simple and nice, the light effect is great...
    the scan is good too ^^,
    keep it up, add fav

  10. ayanechan Apr 29, 2005

    looks nice chrno :3 very nice and soft effects on the bg though i find the pink moon/planet thing behind the girls a little strange ^.^X maybe it's cause of the colour :X lol

  11. Hideki313 Apr 29, 2005

    wow .. a very very cute wallpaper ... the hole pic is just great *fav* ... i really like Shia and on this pic she looks very sweet ^___^

  12. Lenya Apr 29, 2005

    hm...you already know..i like all....versions of my wp .xd" but ....i love the orange one... well....Q_Q

  13. Yumi-Chan Apr 29, 2005

    ^_^ Chrno~ Nice Pita Ten wallpaper!! ^____^ Reminds me a little of Sammo's old wallpaper XD
    Loving the prettyful sky~ Especially the stars and the round thing behind the girls =)
    It's like they're really flying to heaven! XD aaa~~!!
    Keep up the good work ^^

  14. sukie Apr 29, 2005

    wow this is nice...i like this one better than the last one...
    just beautiful!!! fav

  15. Kalis Apr 29, 2005

    It's pretty good. Again, simple and elegant :)
    i think your older one is better though. The BG fit in better in the last one.

  16. mishia Apr 29, 2005

    Well, I like the old version of this wallie, and I like this one too. It's brighter, and the bg looks great! But the pink bubble behind them? I don't think it fits. The bubbles fine, it's the pink, I think it would've looked better in a dfferent color. But, it's still a really great wallie! :D

  17. zaira Apr 30, 2005

    weee pita--ten!! the scan is cute!! nice bg too! me like tis soft colors and its concept!!+fav! XD

  18. GintheTwilightswords Apr 30, 2005

    A newbie or an oldie XD ! I like the new bg, very beautiful, and the lighting effect is great.The girls are still darn kawaii >_< ! Excellent work chrno ^uu^

  19. DarkEVO Apr 30, 2005

    Greatly done wallpaper again for this theme.
    Good job chrno. Keep up the walling.

  20. shinorei May 01, 2005

    Pita Ten! ^.^ Oooo~!
    I love the night cum space cum little lights background. It's really cool! Reminds me of some other wallie I saw some months ago.
    Thanks for sharin'!

  21. mughi May 01, 2005

    Nice job on Pita Ten remake. The characters sure do look nice in the wall. The overall background and effects you created is gorgeous. Great job as usual and thanks. :D

  22. Celessa Retired Moderator May 02, 2005

    This is a very nice submission to look at.

    However, unfortunately, as great as it is visually-appealing-wise, the wallpaper however is just too bright in my opinion, especially when you look down at the bottom of it, especially. Although I would have liked to see more details going in depth for the object in the center, the main concern of the image that threw a lot of things off course was the way the rays of light is being displayed over on this wallpaper. Everything seemed to be blending in perfectly for the top half, but for the bottom half, I found the lines a little too emphasizing in appearance and I was hoping that it would be edged down or more transparent-like to give off that more fluent, realistic feel to the entire wallpaper, itself.

    Other than that, I find nothing else pretty much wrong over on this one. A couple somewhat-minor flaws to consider, but aside from the brightness and the appearance of these rays, it didn't go too bad, as I was hopefully expecting, of course. Such a cute wallpaper over here indeed, nonetheless. As always, keep up the great work.

  23. moonstaru May 23, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!!!
    The bg looks nice and the girls are so cute!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!+FAV!!!!!

  24. DarkAlexiel May 31, 2005

    B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! *O*

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