Kagaya Wallpaper: R.E.L.E.A.S.E

Kagaya, Touhou, Shinki Wallpaper
Kagaya Mangaka Touhou Series,OVA,Game Shinki Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

waaah!! this will be the last wall for today!!! well you see i'll be gone for a week! starting May 2-7 soo i'm going to Zambales to kick some butt!! hehe well this will be my wall for that week!! waahhh!! i'm going to miss you guys!!!!!

well i have a hard time brushing the bg.....the colors sure are not blending right? well hope that one is ok... and then the comets i just used brush in making those.. and hope the scan is ok!! hehehe..oh and one more thing this wall is dedicated again to my friends here in MT!!
well time to go bye bye!! :D

comments and favs are welcome!!

i'm back! :D

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  1. Kenichi Apr 29, 2005

    wow she's a dark goddess, the bg is ok. i like this wall.. ^^

    oh u gonna be away for a week, where u goin? oh well i guess its none of my business. =)

  2. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Apr 29, 2005

    I like the result,the brushing in the background,but maybe the ruins,the character wings and the background needs to integrate more with each other.

  3. acid-awakening Apr 29, 2005

    hey zaira... anotha cool wall u submitted :D :) ;)
    Works For Our Group Lolz
    The Effects Girl And BackGround All Looks Kool
    The Colours R Awesome....thanx for sharing :D :) ;)

  4. princechrono Apr 29, 2005

    hi there how u been lately? hey kool wallpaper well its more cute that kool, kool wings i like them cuz they look like chrono's oh have u seen chrono's anime? well u dont have 2 anwers that well take care bb

  5. BossMac Apr 29, 2005

    The character looks like Nadarei from Recca no Honoo.... are those wings?

    Anyways, a superb masterpiece. Great visual presentation but not too powerful. All in all, this is a definitive statement of greatness and a fave of mine...

    Ok now, bye bye then...

  6. Sexi-Chibiz Apr 29, 2005

    pretty picture i like it, pretty colors :nya:

    Quote by Kenichiwow she's a dark goddess, the bg is ok. i like this wall.. ^^
    oh u gonna be away for a week, where u goin? oh well i guess its none of my business. =)

  7. Sepharimstone36 Apr 29, 2005

    awww. I think it is a nice looking wallpaper but there just seems to be something a bit off about it....

  8. ayaki Apr 29, 2005

    hi~ :)
    the wall looks pretty good, the background looks nice ^^
    except of the wings...@@ they look a bit weird....
    the char has a soft style..but yet the wings look very sharp :P
    nonetheless, great work ^^

  9. Zuri-chan Apr 29, 2005

    Ooooooh. What caught my attention was the effect in her hand and the runes on her wings. XD. The bg does fit the character which is a plus. I dunno, I can suggest a few more tones on the wall for more depth. The smaller text needs a bit of fix, it tends to disapper in the bg. Besides that, its a nice solid wall. ^_^

  10. Jyu-Jyu Apr 29, 2005

    very good work zaira!! yes yes -- ^_^ keep it up!! ^_^ i like how her face expression is delicate!! yes yes *nods*

  11. Aztec Apr 29, 2005

    Very nice work I like it alot.
    I have never seen the character before but she has an anglic face.
    Sorry to hear youll be gone for a week.
    Will miss your cool wallpapers.

  12. hongxiaoer Apr 29, 2005

    :D o_0 wow....nice ...
    What's on her hands???
    good work.+fav.keep it up.^^

  13. bbls Apr 29, 2005

    ooooohhh...very beautiful wall...i luv your scan...it looks so adorable and goes so well with your background! your choice of wings are very nice...i like them better than white feathery wings on her! but i also think that perhaps the sky/ocean (?) background could fit a little better with the ruins.
    very lovely wall!
    we will miss you while you're away...have a good trip! :)

  14. shiwei Apr 29, 2005

    great wallpaper..
    background is nice, the scan is good
    effect is great, like the wings very much..
    keep it up, add fav

  15. kara Apr 29, 2005

    Looks wonderful! The thing in her hands look really cool and the background looks great!
    Awws no pretty wallies from your for a week? u.u Well I wish that you'll have fun on your week away^^

  16. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 29, 2005

    looks great! Almost as if it was painted.....a nice wall! I like the bright and attractive colors. Also good background ;) I love the wings tho...they are so cool!! XD *adds to favs*

  17. DarkEVO Apr 29, 2005

    Cool and lovely wallpaper.
    The background is simply stunning and detailed.
    Good work on the effects.

  18. crewcifix Apr 29, 2005

    *this is love*

    i love the background and scan! ~woot

  19. meteorcloud Apr 29, 2005

    I really like the painting style ^___^~!
    the bg and pillar is nice =D~!
    but....the wings.....should be drawn in that style too anda....the....orb thingy.....isn't there .____. it's only light in the wing and the clothes .---. also...the outcoming stripes....should get some blur i think ^_^"....
    keep the works =)

  20. AnimeHero Apr 29, 2005

    this is a really cool wall, i really like the bg (i like evil) anyways a great wall +fav! :D

  21. Shinobu13 Banned Member Apr 29, 2005

    awesome, the bg is really nice, the ruins are well done but the wings looks like a little weirds o_0 , anyways it is a great wall
    fav * of course

  22. Aa-chan Apr 29, 2005

    I love the purple glowy effect in her hands, it's really neat.
    Character looks cool and the background fits.
    Good work :) .

  23. proj Apr 29, 2005

    intriguing work, zaira ~ dark goddesses are always welcomed.. >;} especially the wings, that's an interesting creative pattern & the forces she's wielding are inspirational, that is true; definitely got one for the collection.. ^^

    have a safe journey if we don't chat before then, k?
    ja ne.. ;)

  24. calisqo Apr 29, 2005

    >.< another cool wall from Zaira XD
    Loving the scan and the bg.
    Like to know what anime it come from >.< or just to see the scan just by itself.

    Anyhow it's an awesome wall ^____^

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