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Surprised? LoL .. okay, here is another vector work by me.

Gash Bell? never heard of him? Then you should go read the manga or watch the movie.. it's one of the greatest anime/manga I've ever read/seen. Seriously,...
I've never been into fantastic/magical fight anime/manga genre, but Gash Bell really got me HOOKED ... I can say, it's damn well crack! XD rofl

I was visiting the original JP website of the movie (Attack of the Mechavulcan), then I saw this image of Gash as the banner of the site... it's really cool.
I was thinking, I rarely seen Gash scans in MT, and heck, I got the spare time,.. seconds later I realized I fired up my PS then I was vectoring it.. :D

This vector has actually been in my HD for quite some time (months ago) but since I still don't have the idea on how to use it/make it into a wallpaper...
so yeah, now I submit it as it is.. a vector... maybe you can use it for another purposes.. it's up to you..

To all Gash Bell fans out there... Enjoy! ;)

edit : in some countries, they call it Zatch Bell instead ... o_O

(oh yeah, the original banner size was several hundreds by several hundreds pixels, but the end vector result is like five thousands by several thousands pixels.. I think I overdid it a bit O_O so, if you want the much bigger resolution one, feel free to PM me... lol)

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  1. Aa-chan Apr 28, 2005

    I am such a sucker for vectors and this is no exception ^^ .
    Love the character's pose and the vector itself is nice and clean. Good work and a favourite from me :) .

  2. smilebit Apr 28, 2005

    you're really good at vector work. the character you chose to vector is really swell. i enjoy the pose and expression. it reminds me of a cartoon i watched awhile back. hmm. maybe commenting on my first feelings or thoughts isn't what i should do. but i really dig this.

  3. chrno Apr 28, 2005

    Korgi jus made something new ^^ yaay
    happy ^^
    it looks nice ^^
    i always wanted to buy the manga but I do not have money to buy it ^^"
    how do you vector? ^^

  4. tareren Apr 28, 2005

    Nice vector korgie ^^ nice pic you choose there ^^ seeing how you praise gash bell that highly, i may consider read/watch it ^^

  5. Electrastar Apr 28, 2005

    Kinda reminds me of a videogame character I once saw...But you could easily make a wallpaper out of this, it would look really cool, of course, not that it doesn't look cool the way it is now.

  6. Athrun Apr 28, 2005

    I guess ShoPro dubbed this anime as "Zatch Bell" then. o_O

    Anyway, sweet vector man. Haven't seen the anime subbed, but a for a lousy dub, the anime does seem very interesting.

  7. MyrrhLynn Apr 28, 2005

    Haha, I've been watching this show on Cartoon Network and I was suprised at how cool it is. (although some of the english voice actors really annoy me >_> ) Lol, anyways very nice vector work, although I can't think of a way you could wall this ... since most of the background would be covered up. XD

  8. StarCentury Apr 28, 2005

    Wow, Korgie! This is cool, a vector of Zatch from the Cartoon Network anime series! :D I'm guessing Gash is his real name in the Japanese version, ne? Anyhoo, he looks reallie cool and I love how you cleaned him up, makes him super hi-quality! His expression seems to be pissed at sumthing, dun wanna be in Zatch's bad side! o_0 Anyhoo, way to go Korgie on your cool vector!

  9. Aztec Apr 29, 2005

    Not a fan of the series yet but this wall is rocking.
    Neice work and thnks for sharing.
    til next time.

  10. whitefang Apr 29, 2005

    zakeru ! LA shield ! jikeld !
    wow nice work korgie. he he all i talk about is the magic of gash, Right ?
    ummm nice work. keep it on ;)

  11. Frosty Apr 29, 2005

    aww.. grr.. you are made vector work for gash bell. ~_~ grr... I am working on one too... :hmpf:
    hehe.. but it looks good through... hey I found another gash fan.. XD
    yea.. they lack images or anything for this series, good to see you pick it up and make something for it. ^^
    nice work. ^^ +fav for the execllent effort. XD

  12. crapmonster Apr 29, 2005

    haah sweet!! gash bell!! that is probably one of the funniest animes i have seen and nice to see that you did a fine vector of it!

  13. RaXiv Apr 29, 2005

    Damn You`re so vector these days! :) Korgie is on a rave! :D Can You keep it up?

  14. DarkVirus Apr 29, 2005

    i thought zatch bell was it orginal name...but i guess it is not..
    the vector that u made of Gash bell is pretty good..
    Keep up the good work

  15. d611691 Apr 29, 2005

    Whoa~ I'm so surprised to see this, this first gash work in MT I've ever seen ^O^ Gash is so cute, and I love his voice XD Thanks so much to vector it, it really nice ^^

  16. Skillzpay Apr 29, 2005

    Maybe you should try to do one of those vector-ish type of walls with a bunch of simple shapes but with a lot of colorfulness to it.....I dunno, just a suggestion.
    Vector looks great and seriously, how do you manage to pull off these poster-sized vectors O_O

  17. GintheTwilightswords Apr 30, 2005

    Hey Kor, been awhile since I've seen ya last or any work from ya. I like this vector of Zatch/Gash Bell (why the heck do they call him Zatch in other countries o_0 ? ) . It's kind dark, but the colours are very vivid and clean. Excellent work Kor :)

  18. MuZ0NaZ Apr 30, 2005

    i think that guy deserves a kick in the face, i just felt i hated him instantly the moment i've seen the wip.
    *hides from korgs wrath*

  19. shinorei Apr 30, 2005

    Okay,never heard of Gashbell but this one is cute! ^.^
    He looks a bit like Naruto tho
    Hee Hee Hee~! ^.^

  20. Devilet Apr 30, 2005

    Geez, everyone vectoring now... so crazy, but I think this is very nice and cute..
    haven't seen the series, but great vector Korgie!

  21. FlowerDog Apr 30, 2005

    True, I believe in the Japanese version the character is named Gash and in english or in America it's Zatch. I love watching the anime very much. Absolutely funny and the storyline can be truly heart touching. I love your vectors KorganoS-sama!! An excellent vector of Gash! :) He's such a cutie! Thank you for sharing your amazing works with us KorganoS-sama. :)

  22. roshinku Apr 30, 2005

    omg! yo that's really coolish XD! Nicely made vector ^^. I've never heard or seen the anime manga before, but it looks interesting lol. I might check it out sometime ^^. Anyways as for the vector, 2 thumbs up ! Great =P! *favs*

  23. walkure245 May 02, 2005

    Really awesome vector! I heard of gash bell but I never actually watched nor read it. ^_^' But it definitely looks interesting. That's great action pose and the colors are really great! I also liked the wordings on the side. Matches your vector really well. ^_^

  24. euna Retired Moderator May 02, 2005

    nice nicevector korg!
    he;s quite cute, even with that expression XD
    i like his eyes.. sort of like those you see on toys XD XD XD
    anywayz, awesome vector ^^

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