Munekyun! Heartful Cafe Wallpaper: L.Y

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Artist Comment

Hm, a Wallpaper for my parents, the wp isn't very beautiful or great. But it's full of my love to my parents...

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  1. Limality May 17, 2004

    o...omg....this goes so deep...you can feel the love you put into this...nice work

  2. t1gerclaw May 17, 2004

    really gud job

  3. chrno May 17, 2004

    Limality, is this saraksm? I wanted that my parents don't quirell anymore. And that my parents will not divorced. I hope you understand

  4. gendo1 May 17, 2004

    My parents are divorced and i remember that feeling. Confide in what you love and you'll be okay no matter what happens.

  5. Zdenek May 17, 2004

    To chrno:
    sarcasm, quarrel, (will) divorce - just a bit of spelling.
    And to the wall: I don't require any overly complicated structures - it is a nice wallpaper. After all, how many layers does your most tender love letter have? 1.

  6. chrno May 17, 2004

    sorrx for my spelling ^^'

    thank you gendo

  7. Limality May 17, 2004

    Quote by chrnoLimality, is this saraksm? I wanted that my parents don't quirell anymore. And that my parents will not divorced. I hope you understand

    chrno do you really think im such a low life ??? i would never say something like that just for fun...and most of all not out of sarcasm...do you have some grudge against me for some reason? (you really hurt my feelings now...because you still have parents, while i lost my father at the age of four and not growing up with a father. then you tell me i'm beeing sarcastic, about your feelings you have for your parents...)

  8. cyn May 17, 2004


  9. Kintarooe2k2 May 17, 2004

    good job :)

  10. Kaorin May 18, 2004

    pretty ^_^

  11. MadMover May 18, 2004

    You say that it's not a beautiful wall, but I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I see goes way beyond beautiful. I hope your parents can see it to. Even if it is only through others eyes.

  12. biriwilg Retired Moderator May 18, 2004

    It's a beautiful wallpaper, I can feel the emotion, and I hope that your parents appreciate the love that you have put into this. I wish you all the best.

    And to you and Limality: Just chill, it's all a misunderstanding. ^_^

  13. Mizuki-Chan May 18, 2004

    Lovingfu;! :) :) :)
    I love it! It makes me fell warm!

  14. chrno May 18, 2004

    thank you to all * and my parents want to try to be together for 4 weeks or so.

    @limality sorry, it was a miss understanding. Sorry. You have to understand me 'cause perhaps I have realised it that as a sarcasm. Sorry

  15. may May 19, 2004

    Very pretty!! .. yeah, sarcasm is hard to pick up on the internet, being that there really isn't no voice or anything.. =P .. Good job~~ I like it~

  16. GundamZZ Retired Moderator May 21, 2004

    not too shabby.....u really matched the char image with the BG really well....it really has that "mood" there.....

  17. chrno May 21, 2004

    thank you :)

  18. Osiris Retired Moderator May 22, 2004

    "loving you"

    *loves wall back* XD

  19. AoiDatenshi May 22, 2004

    Loving You.... eh?
    *memories flashed back*
    Nice wappie!

  20. macross May 22, 2004

    is good wallpapers

  21. Sh0rT0nE May 22, 2004

    OoO...very pretty...hope everythin works out with ur parents ^_^

  22. Seran May 22, 2004

    Those eyes tell the feeling of love indeed.I like the snow or stars too.

  23. UndyingShadow May 22, 2004

    beautiful wall. very touching

  24. chrno May 22, 2004

    thank you^^

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