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At first, this one was going to be a picnic scene. The girl was wearing a close fit summer dress, her hair was up in a bun, and she had her hands down holding a blanket. There was a basket in front of her as well. But when I tried to put the guy in it, he just didnt seem to fit the scene at all. No matter what I did, the drawing would just not want to look right. So, I decided, I would have her arms out, as they are now. But I was not sure what I wanted her to be doing. And while I was staying after for one of my classes the other day, I figured it out. A phrase came to mind. "Summoning the Dead". So, I went to work. My friend said her dress looked like a wedding dress. >_> Well, thats not at all what I intended it to be. And its not. I just wanted her to look like that. Yes that is a skeleton arm coming out of the ground, and its touching the ends of her hair. For the head coming out of the tombstone and the arm I used references from a site, and the spirit skeleton head which I will admit looks abit more cartoon like then the other one (because its the first one I did from memory) The second I did from reference. Her hair was shorter, but it looked better longer. This is my first time doing lace, and I think I did pretty well. I shaded her arm sleeved darker around her arms because they are see-through, as well as on the under layer of her dress. Hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Revan Retired Moderator Apr 27, 2005

    Wow the dress is impressive :o really really nice detailed and flowing naturrally I also like your idea very much, though I'm not sure how could it have started as a picnic ^_^' *lol* ... anyway, it has a good line trace and shading, overall a great sumbission... just one thing I don't get what are the little circles... they look good though ;)

  2. foxzero Apr 27, 2005

    ok. . . . . thats creepy but anyways it looks awesome so great job and hope to see more.

  3. SilentMasamune Apr 27, 2005

    This is a really nice doujin. I hope to see more from you. :)

  4. StarCentury Apr 27, 2005

    Impressive work on your doujin, Evan! The female character's dress looks pretty cool, you even put sum nice details on her sleeves, nifty idea! Plus the summoned skulls and spirits give your doujun a plus for creep factor, and how you drew the skeleton's hand popping out of the grave is out there! Great work, Evan! :)

  5. pegassuss Apr 27, 2005

    Oh woww! really nice drawing! ^^
    The dress is really impressive, I like a lot the way you did the texture and the little details ^^ Really good! And her pose is really well drawn too! ^^
    The skulls are frigthening *lol* but that's a good thing too ^^
    You did a very good work as usual! Keep it up! ^^

  6. FallenAngel Apr 27, 2005

    wow, I think I have to agree with the others in that you did an awesome job with the dress, it looks really really nice ^^ Great job overall, which reminds me, I haven't looked at your other submissions >_> /me notes to do that <_<;
    See you on irc! XD

  7. 3ks-Devil-666 Apr 27, 2005

    really nice piece of work.
    The girl looks really cool and creepy
    hope to see more

  8. CrimsonShade Apr 27, 2005

    K-chan! That looks so good, the dress is magnificante and the dead are deadly. She looks ike a bride getting ready to mary the grim reaper. ^_^'

  9. Eve Apr 27, 2005

    Oh wow, that's a very awesome picture! I love it a lot!

    It's very mysterious and scary, I like how you drew it!

    And the hair flow is just marvelous. I love how you do the hair. ^^

  10. acid-awakening Apr 27, 2005

    So Creative.... This Looks Real Cool
    How Cum For Each Of Ur Drawings U Hide The Feat Of The Characters U Draw??
    EniWayz...... Nice Work...... C U L8er

  11. ayanechan Apr 28, 2005

    wow i love how you did the lace with such great detail :D lol she looks possesed XD hahhahaa :3 great job on it evan!

  12. toujin1 Apr 28, 2005

    oooohh great job dal! quiet the imagination uv got there.i love the dress and the body looks so very natural!! ohh im so proud of u! its such a cool idea!

  13. pamelaho Apr 28, 2005

    It's beautiful!! I love her dress XD You've got some wild imagination ^__^

    ... first, it was a picnic scene.... now it's called summoning the dead. Two practically different things....... :sweat: haha

  14. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 28, 2005

    Whao!! There's something special about this..... for one, it's a great drawing with so much details! Second, the concept is great! You've captured the mood perfectly, creating a sense of fright and an evil atmosphere. The skulls and skeleton hand looks scary, and are nicely done! ^_~ First time doing lace? Well I'd say you have definitaly succeeded! Another fab doujinshi from you Evan-san! XD I really love it! *adds to favs*

  15. calisqo Apr 28, 2005

    nice work.
    The char is pretty nice.
    There's sense of motion on the drawing which is rare ion most doujinshi .
    A bit works here and there, perhaps the neck area for me.
    Noetheless awesome effort , and cool drawing ^_^

  16. Ying Apr 28, 2005

    I don't think it looks lika a wedding dress....it's really cool (Yah gotic style! XD)
    And I lover her facial expression! Ho ho ho sinister!
    Nice work Evanrued-san!

  17. sakura-fumo Apr 28, 2005

    love her clouthes steals them ^_^ and the pses is nice to intrestign how this went from picnic to grave yard lol

  18. Suicide-Demon Apr 28, 2005

    Oh god,
    this work is really impressive!
    I love it. The girl's really nice and the death is shown in a great way!
    Thanks for sharing Evan!
    C U around!!!

  19. CoolBlueX Apr 28, 2005

    i like the dress...o.o especially the frill-ly stuff at the end of her sleeves and dress...never could do those ^_^'
    her pose looks real dynamic and the floating skulls are way cool! XD
    the shading is good too :)

  20. DarkVirus Apr 29, 2005

    ur art work is pretty interesting....
    the girl's dress is really detailed ....
    good job and keep improving on ur art work

  21. Kurosawa Apr 29, 2005

    wow,so awsome detail on the dress XD
    especially the devil ,lol looks scary for me XP
    Great work evan-chan XD

  22. Jormungand Apr 29, 2005

    Whee~! very nice drawing~!
    Creepy yet beautiful...
    I really love the details on her dress... great work! ^.~
    i think it would look even better with a darker background...
    but shading the whole background is going to be a lot of work... I don't usually do that either, so nevermind me XD
    anyhoo, great drawing
    I can see the amount of work you put into this one :D

  23. GintheTwilightswords Apr 29, 2005

    It is gorgeous XD !! I love the way she looks, she's so beautiful *swooning* . Her dress is very detail, I like the lace designs in it. The idea to have floating skeleton heads and the hadn coming out the ground is brilliant :D . Magnificient work Lady Evanrued ^uu^.

  24. walkure245 Apr 30, 2005

    Wowowo~ Gothic. Me likies. I love the dress. I love the details on her top. But I can't believe she's stepping on her dress. Noo~ Also, you draw skulls and bones really well. Mine's always look weird. >_< The hand coming out of the grave is an awesome idea. But I would freak if I were her. Oh well~ This is an awesome drawing! ^_^

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