Bleach Wallpaper: the 13th captain ~U K I T A K E~

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Juushirou Ukitake Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Juushirou Ukitake Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

~weeee~ lizzie finish ukkiie wallie at last !! <3 <3 lizzie wubbsss ukkie XD since there's no ukkie wallie awound .. so lizzie makie one ^_^'

umm ... awound 90-100 layers .. last time lizzie counted was 95 >.< so dunno ... T_T
~hee~ scan ?? scan ish a screenie taken by lizzie XD so no complains >.< yeash yeash lizzie know .. lizzie suxxorz at vector T_T vector was done using photoshop and no other vector pwograms ... so gomen if lines are all crooked >.<

bg ish done with photoshop .. obvious >.< umm .. lizzie ish lack of creativity .. so yeah .. gomen T_T

this wallie ish going for myrrh-chan's bishounen contest. lizzie's gonna get bwap by myrrh-chan for makie ukkiie lookie horrible T_T ~nyuuu~ and thankies goes out to lizzie's family members .. you know who you are XD

[edit] ookie .. since ukkie looks a lil too bright (like a glowing ufo >.<) so lizzie darken him up a lil .. hope he looks a lil 'dark' now >.<

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  1. SilentMasamune Apr 27, 2005

    Excellent job on the background and other effects. I'll favorite this one.

  2. syivese Apr 27, 2005

    Nice-nice... :D Bucky would be thrilled to see this! ^^
    Finally an ukkie wallie.

    Great job!^^

  3. WearyWanderer Apr 27, 2005

    Yup Yup :D Great work!! Like the background and effects. Is a favourite :D

  4. CLAMPchic Apr 27, 2005

    Lizzie!!!!!!!!!! I like, I like, I like!!!!!!!!!! Very pretty background...very pretty! I dun know the person...but I love the background! It's so realistic...yay for lizzie's cool wallie!

  5. Tatsuya Apr 27, 2005

    omg, really nice background! indeed! and a nice vector!
    thank for sharing +fav and keep up the good work

  6. Paolo Apr 27, 2005

    haven't gotten to see this char yet. the bg looks great nee-chan! i like it! ^_^

  7. kara Apr 27, 2005

    Wah! Ukitake!! The vector looks great! And the background is shooo nicely done!! But maybe the top edge of the mountains could blend into the background a whee bit more? But still the wallie looks great!

  8. cygnus Apr 27, 2005

    .....the bg is very nice.... :D ....and the vector is very clean too....don't mind the crooked lines, I don't know how to vector too ^^
    hope you win myrrh's contest :D

  9. MyrrhLynn Apr 27, 2005

    zomgosh!!! O_O When you said you had a secret I never guessed it was a Ukitake wall! horray! I could just die of happiness right now XD (haha, and I start laughing so hard when I think about how bucket is going to absolutely freak out when she sees this XD )

    Humm well I kind of like the mountains having sharp contrast like that. I don't really like the hard line of the grass on the opposide side of the bank, but I really like how your have the grass reflected in the water. :) And the actual grass itself looks awesome along with the stars and of course Ukitake looks just awesome as usual. XD

  10. Shinobu13 Banned Member Apr 27, 2005

    oh very nice this wall, it is the first time i see ukitake, very nice your vector
    good job

  11. Mordin Apr 27, 2005

    nice wallie, great texture and the vector job was wonderful. The bg matches the theme, and the color is fantastic. great job lizard, all those headache was worth it after all ;)

  12. tareren Apr 27, 2005

    Nice one lizzie ^^ I like the mountains at the back ^^
    the vector is quite nice too ^^ so you cant go around saying that u suck at it since I cant even vector hehehe ^^ Nice work !

  13. rayearth Apr 27, 2005

    Since I'm not bishounen lover I don't think I'm able to review the person pic...(he he, sorry liz ^_^' ), instead I'll comment on the background and few things :)
    The background is greattttttt ( no, it's not a typo - my keyboard's "t" is working perfectly ^^; ), I love the effort you put on making it into such detailed bg, including the water reflection, leaf and the fireflies (it is fireflies right?), not to mention the star and moon (although the moon is a bit overwhelming imho).
    as for the person pic (technically) it seems to be a bit lack of detail, but it's understandable since it's vector and it's quite hard on making it very detailed.

    overall it's a great job, I like it ( except for person pic which I prefer rukia over him XP XP XP ).

  14. dans Apr 27, 2005

    ~_~ more ppl join the contest....
    anyway, nice vector and bg. keep up the good work. :D

  15. bucket-shot Apr 27, 2005

    Oh my freaking word!! Chibliz-!
    *falls over* x_x Ukitake!! On a wallpaper!!
    Maa~!! Omg, omg, omg~<33 *showers you with hearts~<33* XD Thank you! *doki doki-- thud*

    ... *breathes*

    Haa~ you're right. ^_^' The vector isn't the best, but damned if I care at the moment. XD *sets as desktop wallie* I love the water/reflection (and ukitake~<3). :) The bg in general's gorgeous. But the tree.. :o hm. Looks kinda weird. Maybe add on some thin black Inner Glow? But you handled the grass brush very well. XD Nicely executed~<3 :D *squees (ukitake!)*

    For walling him, you are my hero. :nya:~<3

    [revisiting edit] Oh dear.. XD Hyper smiley overload. Ganbatte with the vectoring, ne? ;) You're sure to improve~<3

  16. Liz Apr 27, 2005

    Wow great job he looks really cool i love the background and there isn't many wallpapers of him thanks a lot for taking the time to make one :)

  17. Athrun Apr 27, 2005

    Woah! :o

    Nice background work and text, love it. Pretty cool you took it outta a screencap too. :)

  18. MadWiz Apr 27, 2005

    ok the vector ain't all that fanciful =p could do a better job
    the grass is nice and I like the water with the reflection but should be darker =p

    the hill is nice with the lighting.. but the 1 at the back is probably too bright.. I don't think the huge whatever that is is at that close a distance right?

    the whatever that is big ball.. looks weird too hehe but I like the space(not empty space but sky space XD)

    the tree isn't very nice too hehe.. looks weird

    thats all the comments from me for this =p
    hope you're doing well lately ^^

  19. Rella Apr 27, 2005

    Oooh, nice wallpaper, lizzie! I love that moon and the reflection of the grass on the pond. Well done and a favorite from me! ^^

  20. Criox Apr 27, 2005

    Wah.....u did another wallie again! ^^ I love the BG! Specially the moon, the grass and the mountain ^^ Not bad for vectoring the scan! ^^ Fav* Cya around lizzie. I got to buck up T_T I am slowee >_<

  21. Kiako Apr 27, 2005

    the planet in the back looks very good, i like the lightness and the water is nice too.

  22. bodo1234 Apr 27, 2005

    lizzie ~!!! ya new wallie~ Love the background to bits (not literally) and the character is good too :D Good luck to the myrrh-chan's bishounen contest... ur the best :p laters~~~

  23. YoukoxLover Apr 27, 2005


    this wallie ish amazing ~<33 ^^

    its not bad at all >__>~!

    lmao lizzie thinks lizzie stinks at vectoring? youko doesnt know the tools on photoshop... heck i dont even know how to make a wallie XD ... ;_____;

    anyways.. +fav desuu <333

  24. meteorcloud Apr 27, 2005

    lizzie....use drugs >.<~! *mc issie jealousie .__.*
    lizzei did great job =d~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 thing.....the grass.....at the other side of that...tiny lake XD....looks weird =P it's...like pasted on the earth xD better overlay that with some brownish ground ^_^".....
    but...other things.....amazing >.<~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    f-a-v ^_^+
    ps. mc got really busy.....mc will try to add wallpapers soon ^_^

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