Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: 2 Years Later...

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Alphonse Elric Character Edward Elric Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello yall! Well this scan came from Sycia and I really liked the overall scan. Plus I liked the background of Munich. So of course there were noise to the scan so I vectored Ed and Al and parts of the buildings. Then I added textures to the buildings, add some grass and water ripples. Shinta trees was used as well. Well thats all...Like I said before senery walls aren't my forte at all!! XD

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  1. EevaLeena Apr 26, 2005

    Waaaahhhh! Impressive! It's a breathtaking scenery.. I love it! It's a must add favs.... XD

  2. rocknroll-isgo Apr 26, 2005

    God I wish I could make buildings like that....

    The vector line on Ed's head stands out a bit much, but other than that, it looks fantastic. Great job! ^_^

  3. kenzuke Apr 26, 2005

    Hey, nice view!! ^__^ looks good!....hmm, but I think the buildings should have more textured roofs....anyway, still a nice job!

  4. bucket-shot Apr 26, 2005

    Ohh~ gosh. XD I'm so behind on FMA stuff. ^_^' <-hasn't finished reading or watching it. Gahh~

    I really like the atmosphere in this wally. :) You picked a nice image to use (and the boys are so sweet :))! Not a bad idea, adding that splash of orange to draw the eye towards them. But at the same time, it kinda distracts. ^_^'

    I'd suggest desaturating the background a little bit, because colours fade out the further into the distance the object is. ;) And, instead of having all the windows black, maybe change some to dark brown or something, to better match the buildings they're on? Especially the windows that are facing the light..

    Ah, but I'm being picky. XD <-has no idea how to vector, so should just shut up. Good work. :) Such a beautiful postcard~<3

  5. wuschel Apr 26, 2005

    u did a great job but i would suggest you to give those buildings a litte more of life. they are great but they look so dead compared to both of them. the buildings need more shadows and light effects like in the real life. :3 overall u did a great job. maybe o_O the grass/leafes on the left sight by the river are a little bit to much they o.o see like they grow out of the water xd;

  6. calisqo Apr 26, 2005

    wow lots of efforts go into this >.<
    Ithe overall looks is nice , all blend pretty well with each other ^_^
    i wonder what'll happen if u put borders around the vectored town

    Overall great work

  7. Shinobu13 Banned Member Apr 26, 2005

    wow really nice, the bg is beautiful, i love the compo, but maybe the building are a little wierd o_0 , it nedds to be more anime style but anyways i love it

  8. Kazuya-chan Apr 26, 2005

    ded113 , this is really nice wall , that background is really nice , how u did it is really good thanks for shraing it soreja bye bye hope u have a nice day ..........

  9. Evanrued Apr 26, 2005

    I really like how you did ed an al. And the background looks really good. Its all so perfect! But there are a few things I did notice. Ed and Al look a bit more detailed then the scenery. The green tree above and next to them seems too dark. The sky, perfect. And the cluster of building below them look a tad bit plain. The mountains in the background, the river and the buildings farther off look perfect. The only things I see that might look better are the green trees in some places because they are too dark or look to plain, and the buildings. Sorry if I sound rude...>_< I dont mean to ..but this does look really good. ^_^

  10. KorganoS Apr 26, 2005

    Oh wow.. this is a must fav...
    not because of the quality (there's still some very noticeable visual errors, and rough vector edges, lol), but mainly because of the effort...
    and yes, i also loved this scan from Sycia from the first time I saw it... :)
    so, nice work ded! :D

  11. tAtEkAnE Apr 26, 2005

    i can see uve taken time making this O_O
    concept is really nice
    i guess the building needs work like what wuschel said
    some shadows and stuff to make it more seem alive or should i say more suited to the main characters

  12. shinta Apr 26, 2005

    Ooooooooouuuuu!!! Superb work! You pulled it off ded-chaaann!!! *hugglez*

  13. Electrastar Apr 26, 2005

    May be not your forte but this came out great...pretty big file though....But I'm curious as to all long it took you to make all of this the buildings really look great.

  14. meteorcloud Apr 26, 2005

    waaah *___*~!
    sugoi ^___^~! nice work =D those roofs looks funny XD~!!!
    keep the works ^_^~!

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 26, 2005

    Sugoi! love the Al and Ed vectored...genius!!! Thebg is fine with the trees and bushes excpt the roofs of the buildings cos they look bland and simple but nonetheless the wall is great! :)

  16. xbluefish Apr 26, 2005

    Sugoiiiiii... Thanks very much to share it with us all.. Very nice wall. Is Al and Winry looking for Ed????

  17. Sakura0chan Apr 26, 2005

    WoW!! This is a very nice wallpaper.
    I really love the background. The buildings are so pretty! Nice job! ;)
    Keep up the good work! *Adds to favorites*

  18. skysong Apr 26, 2005

    Yay! You did it Deddie! It looks so awesome! I love the scan you used, and the scenary you created is amazing! The town is so detailed, you did a great job on it ^^ Another great wall from you! +fav :D

  19. zephiris26 Apr 26, 2005

    This kicks ass, ded! ^_^
    i really love the town, the little houses and buildings are adorable, and are a very nice touch.
    ...And your vector is just awesome.

    P.S - You remember that GB vector I told you I was working on? The file got corrupted. -_-
    At least yours turned out really good.

  20. ayanechan Apr 26, 2005

    *screams* alphonse looks sooo adorable!!!! :D *hugs alphones and doesn't let go*

    as many has commented on the buildings, imma do the same XD all the buildings seem to be the same certain shade, maybe you could put more shadows onto the buildings into the distance?

    and generally, the buildings looks messy. it looks like no one planned the town before they built it!! XD hahaha but that's not your fault :3 it's the original scan :D

    ed looks like a girl!!! wahahahahaha! >:3 *that's not your fault either :D* that little ledge that ed and al are sitting on seems to be a little out on perspective.. especially the left bit which is more to ed's side.

  21. StarCentury Apr 27, 2005

    0_________0 Alphonse Elric, in the flesh? Whoa, he looks amazing as an full grown person! Deddy, I'm very impressed by how the way you captured this FMA wallie in detail! The town you obviously created looks magnificent with the attention to depth and perspective, and the Elric brothers you vectored are pretty cool looking as sharp gentleman! Man, this caught me by surprise when I first saw it full screen, way to go Deddy! (*hugs*) XD

  22. Yina Apr 27, 2005

    the bg is amazing!!! the whole wallie looks like an original art!! O__O excellent work +fav ^^

  23. heavens-Dragon Apr 29, 2005

    Quote by bucket-shotOhh~ gosh. XD I'm so behind on FMA stuff. ^_^' <-hasn't finished reading or watching it. Gahh~

    You and me bucket-shot! I have to catch up watching and reading!

    But anyway, my gosh, it's such a fantastic wallpaper! You did an awesome job vectoring Ed and Al, and the buildings. The whole wall is just great and I love the concept! Awesome work! Keep it up!

  24. glamdring Apr 30, 2005

    thanks a lot my friend your wallpaper is really beautiful !!!! :D

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