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Ok this is the wall i vectored Looks different from the original I have in the desktop.
SOmehow, anyway hope un like the design

Quote by Criox
Is it me or is it the wallie has a problem! Hehe! I can't dl it. T_T

Quote by ocelotisunXD ... It looks like the wall doesn't want to be downloaded... XD ...
Evil wall ... XD ... But don't worry... Hopefully the mods will solve
this... XD

not u guys XD.
It's cursed XD , i tried uploading it 4 times, the outcome still the same can't donwload for everytime -_- that's it XD i'm giving up >.<

Quote by polarvery pretty~~~it's decorative, it's graphic and it's super cool~~!!
but how come the color of the thumbnail appears more bright than the actual wallie? @@
great job~~

Yeah i was wondering about that too :\ If anyone know the reason u can tell me ^_^ i'd like to know ^_^

EDIT: Thanks to JHUJHITI fopr fixing the download problem.
Now u can see the color Different >.< when u download it XD.
It looks tottally different from the preview >.<

Donwload the fullview to satisfy your curiosity >.< hehehehe ,

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  1. ocelotisun Apr 24, 2005

    XD ... It looks like the wall doesn't want to be downloaded... XD ... Evil wall ... XD ... But don't worry... Hopefully the mods will solve this... XD

  2. RaXiv Apr 24, 2005

    Yea Calisqos roxing his way out... with evul walls :P this sounds kinda funny but yet scary.

  3. Tatsuya Apr 24, 2005

    i not really about the vector, but this one is look nice
    thank for sharing

  4. Criox Apr 24, 2005

    Hehe! Dun worry bout it! Find a curse-breaker* ( mod ) to cure it for u! ^^ Anyway its a cool vector, though u say its from mai hime......but it some how reminds me of an anime call AIR. Hehe! :) Cuz of the birds! Btw I call tell the girl like figure is Tokiha Mai. XD

  5. Asahi Apr 24, 2005

    hmm.. dont know why i cannt see it in fullfiew every day it didnt work =/ the small thumbnail looks very nice cali =)

  6. DernierCri Apr 24, 2005

    that's the official website for the battle royale guys ... you can see the full view there, click on gallery and then round 2 wallpapers...

    amazing work calisqo... smooth and green.
    i guess we both went in diff. and unusual direction for both of us. which makes the fight more then special.. thank you for submitting one more time.

    NWP rules...

  7. anji Apr 24, 2005

    Yeah I think it's look good at first.
    I like the composition and the colors...
    I'll wait to see it in full view, hope it's gonna work one day -_-

  8. polar Apr 24, 2005

    very pretty~~~it's decorative, it's graphic and it's super cool~~!!
    but how come the color of the thumbnail appears more bright than the actual wallie? @@
    great job~~

  9. Evanrued Apr 25, 2005

    THis is so cool! I love all the shapes and characters outlines. Especially the birds. i really like those. all the shades of green really bring it all out. Excellent!

  10. acid-awakening Apr 25, 2005

    This Looks Nice :d
    i Juz Don't Like the Colour Thats All
    If It Had To B Red It'd B Better.... Or Mayb I Juz Don't Like Green
    Good Work

  11. toujin1 Apr 25, 2005

    hiya calisqo san!! another great wall from you! keep them coming ne! this one is great too! u have some very original ideas...tho i would love to have seen it in a sky blue. great job!

  12. Makhan Apr 25, 2005

    I can't seeeeeeee iiiiittttt. ^^' But it looks good from the thumbnail. Nice, modern (bubbly) concept.

  13. nkdksk Apr 25, 2005

    interesting a few abstract i think with more contrast must be looks better good job

  14. OneWingTenshi Apr 25, 2005

    What are vectors....??? What is the different between vector and wallpaper...???

    Anyway...to me...it looks like DDR...the background behind the arrows...which are cool...I think it is very good...not much to say except all green...feels kind of like spring... :D ...Evil Wall...??? Sorry but not being around MT for a looooooong time...this is the first time of the month I came back to MT...so...Green isnt bad..I guess

  15. studio Apr 26, 2005

    Looks great, nice vector. Luff this type of wall; they all look simple yet elaborate. Very prettee, and that problem is solved soon. Good work anyway. :D

  16. ryannzha Apr 26, 2005

    Bravo!! :o

  17. coralstone Apr 26, 2005

    Really cool design and awesome idea><
    but too bad I can't see the the large picture T T...

  18. rocknroll-isgo Apr 27, 2005

    Download darn you! Man, I can tell just by the thumbnail, it's awesome. The design is very unique. Hard to find good non-scenic walls anymore (I miss the good 'ol days of plain walls sometimes...) so I really want to download this...

    Oh well, I'll keep trying. +fav

  19. Ayamael Apr 27, 2005

    it's... very green >.< loll, not my fave colour i must say... but i still love the birds... good job!

  20. MadWiz Apr 27, 2005

    hehe like some of em.. I can't download the big one >.<
    gotta please myself looking at the thumbnail.. I like the colour
    wonder how it looks big.. since the colour is strangely brighter in the thumbnail? heh

  21. markjo Apr 27, 2005

    If it had the colour similar to the one in the thumbnail, I wouldn't fave it. Looks excellent on my desktop - the composition is just perfect (the wallpaper isn't busy on the left side, so my icons don't spoil the overall image too much).

  22. TeoAmagari Apr 28, 2005

    Notz totally feelin' this one in comparisson to yaz others but good job man.

  23. walkure245 Apr 28, 2005

    This is really different from the usual vectors. Really great work~ I'm not sure what the series is but I really like the outlines. It looks fun and happy. Full of exuberance. I'm not sure whether the shapes were part of the original scan but it's very neat looking. Pretty work~ ^_^

  24. Alienated-NZ May 03, 2005

    Nicie work!! :nya: if only i could download it >_< not like a could neway XD >_<

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