Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: State Alchemists [FMA]

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang, Jean Havoc Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character Jean Havoc Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was actually an idea i got from my head and from playing the FMA game "Broken Angel" and i just love Ed when he gets fired up and angry when people call him shorty... There should be an actual lawa against people calling Ed "short" but anyway i wanted to portry the cop kind of interegation chamber where the victim points out which one is the culprit and yeah i actually pulle dit off. Umm the image was pretty loaded up with text which was provided by Melochainz here http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/62588/

It took me forever but the bg was ok i guess even though it was the simplest of all bgs ive done but you get the point but nonetheless i love it as it is... Lots of new brushes ad grunge of goodness so its 34 layers on the image and 23 layers on the bg.

Anyway hope you like it lots! ^__^
Will upload more resolutions in Imanimetions soon so yeah...

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  1. Mordin Apr 24, 2005

    ah i could almost believe that is a scene pull out from Beck :D very interesting take on FMA, if only they can sing too, it would be a great new series. :D I don't know if you use that opening scene in Beck as inspiration to do this, but this wallie has very good and sharp detail on the characters and the bg is wonderul in matching the theme of this wallie. I don't know how you do it, this wallie's look is very agreeable with my eyes, like a page from a classic comic book, and as always the Orcale is the master :) great job.

  2. calisqo Apr 24, 2005

    great idea ^_^.
    nice work on cleaning up the scan.
    As usual nice bg ^_^.
    Like the color and textures.
    Jus thte scan too bright for the bg i think .
    Other than that nice work as usual.

    Nice work ^_^

  3. Wishful Apr 24, 2005

    I love it!! Roy is SOOO sexy!! There seems to be alota FMA walls tonight...hm, maybe it's because of the new episode at 11:30! *psst* i'm not sure if it's this episode or the next, but someones gonna die soon! *tee hee* Have a nice day, erm, night! ^-^

  4. miraku-spike Apr 24, 2005

    oohhhh!!! I see ROYnessness!! Go roy!!!! um... sorry about that. I like this wallpaper becuase of both FMA and Roy!!

  5. DarkEVO Apr 24, 2005

    Very cool line up wallpaper of the entire cast of Full Metal Alchemist.
    I must say that it's a very interesting concept.
    Kudos!! +Fav.

  6. crapmonster Apr 24, 2005

    haah reminds me of.....usual suspects!! i like the idea alot and yea it is simple, but in this case, its what works!

  7. chuayw2000 Apr 24, 2005

    This is a really good wallpaper. All your wallies are good :D Love the texture for the BG.

    *Adds to fav and sets as wall*

  8. kk-chan Apr 24, 2005

    Cool wall ^^ Wow! It seems you really work hard on it with so many layers like that. I like the background, it gives me the feeling of punk street somehow. ^^ cool cool.

  9. ayanechan Apr 24, 2005

    myu! OA is picking on roy!!! *calls roy fangirls to beat OA up XD* lol yea we all know how ed hates to be called short ^.^X kawaii concept there OA, this must've been a 'feel-good-for-fun' wallies :D *claps* sugoii *puts bandages on OA after he gets beaten up by crazy roy fangirls*

  10. Limality Apr 24, 2005

    lol now this is hilarious XD great job oracle =P haha yesh get roy sacked >< haha def +fav

  11. euna Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2005

    lol.. nice wallie OA!
    hey, you know what this wall reminds me of? that field trip to the police station and where the criminals get their height measured and photo taken XD
    nice bg.. luv the texture ^^
    very nice *fav*

  12. L3g Apr 24, 2005

    mmm very good wallpaper! I love it!
    in fact Havoc is giant !!! lol
    good job !

  13. sammo Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2005

    pretty cool idea, and i love the art from the manga also. i like the quotes for the characters, but i would've liked it if they were placed on top as a conversation bubble rather than have them at the bottom, since the start bar may block it. (btw, how come there isn't one for all the characters? might be better if there was for consistancy's sake). anywho, its a good job done, as expected of IM's member :]

  14. markjo Apr 24, 2005

    At first glance I thought that this is rounding up the usual suspects - like in the film with Kevin Spacey. A good wallpaper, though I think I'd prefer it without the speech bubbles.

  15. UndyingShadow Apr 24, 2005

    lol this wall too reminds me of the usual suspects, and it looks pretty bad ass. good job Oracle!

  16. HikaruShidou Apr 24, 2005

    wery nice work:) the back ground is good! and the characters are well made:)

  17. sukie Apr 24, 2005

    nice...your walls are always high quaility and all......
    i really like this one...
    its going on my DT

  18. Evanrued Apr 25, 2005

    lol, The idea behind it is pretty cool . Makes me think of it too once I looked at it. I really like how you fixed everything up. Everyone looks really cool. Love the background you did because it suits the scan so well. Excellent work~

  19. kenzuke Apr 25, 2005

    funny idea...^^..Nice job as usual...simple and crisp....so here's a fav....XD...dunno what else to say...

  20. omni Apr 25, 2005

    Not a bad idea, but... there's one thing wrong. Not all of those people are State Alchemists--or even alchemists at all, as a matter of fact. Risa Hawkeye definitely isn't... but I think (I'm not positive) that the only one there that's actually an alchemist is Mustang. At least in the Anime, I've never seen the manga. Also, this is... I suppose minor (though it's pretty glaring to me, personally...) mistake, but there's a typo and a missing comma in one of the "speech" bubbles. Sorry to just sound like I'm complaining, it is overall not a bad design. Just that the mistakes detract from the overall...-ness of the piece. ^^'

  21. Dflowen Apr 25, 2005

    The background is cool. It's Roy's Unit. What happen that did something bad and Alex Armstrong is missing.

  22. Skillzpay Apr 25, 2005

    heh amusing concept here OA and this is one of the few times I've actually liked a wall that has used a manga-ish scan. The grunge is damn near perfect as usual, as expected of you. Like sammo mentioned, I think the placement of the bubbles could've been changed and just to be a spelling/grammar nazi here, you spelled 'your' incorrectly when it should've been 'you're.'

  23. Electrastar Apr 25, 2005

    Thanks so much Oracle Angel :D I always loved that image of the military group (Roy looks so cool in it :D ) And the way you used it is really original.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  24. StarCentury Apr 25, 2005

    ROFL The state alchemists with "The Usual Suspects" theme, very interesting concept, OA! :) Some of the members I dun reallie know yet since I haven't seen the series completely, but Roy is standing there and that's all that matters! XD BTW, the gray textures and perspective looks pretty cool on the BG and the alchemists never looked cooler! ^_^' Great work, OA!

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