Atsuko Nakajima Wallpaper: Midou Ban: Rythm of Rain

Atsuko Nakajima, Rando Ayamine, Studio DEEN, Get Backers, Ban Mido Wallpaper
Atsuko Nakajima Mangaka Rando Ayamine Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Get Backers Series Ban Mido Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

.................*silent for 1 min*................ BRAK!! *falling from the computer's chair*
AUWWWWWWWW ITTEEEE!!!! uh? eh?! UH-OH! *realize n cough* ehmmm...huk *shy*

HAHAHA yo, minna tachi, here is my new wallie again. haha i was falling in the deepest love to ban just now (maybe i was having dream by evil eyes) XD LOL for 1 min. hehe. ok, this time i guess there is not much people make rain wallie rite? hahaha. yeah, i looked around my own gallery n i figure that i never make such a simple natural dark bg n raining day like that ^^. yeah new version of my wallie but still same natural n using psd items. well, i guess maybe there is a bit strange for the rain-drops from the roof. but i already try my best to make it natural*counting* wow, 2 days with almost 11 hours. yeah, it seems interesting to create bg with items brushes hehehe (usually i play with effect to make abstract bg)
to tell the truth, this is one of my own favie after "our romance forest" hehe ^^ i hope u all like it too. the inspiration is the rainy season in my country. one day, i was heading back to home n the sky is very dark (although it is still 5 pm) so i looked at the sky n the rain fallen heavily. so i got inspiration after remember the image of sexy ban chan n really wish to make a wallie of him with that inspiration hehehehe. THANKS A LOT! cygnus senpai for sending the image to me ^^. i hope the result didn't make u disappointed ne. heheheehe

ok, as usual, i will be very grateful for whom favie or comment it.NO! U MUST COMMENT N FAV IT!!! XO IF NOT, I WILL ASK BAN CHAN TO GIVE U A NIGHTMARE WITH EVIL EYES LOL XD joke joke, relax pals, joking only. i wish i had that power to hypnotize my boss that i'm still working although i was not there hehehehehe ok, thanks a lot for ur time to read this stupid descript hahahaha *smile smile everyone, relax with me* DOMOU ARIGATOUU *bow*

about the rain in the front. well, it not the rain falling inside the place... it is just the roof which diagonal from up to down on the ban's back. so i wanna show that we are in the middle on the rain see ban that smokes n under the roof actually that is the roof for waiting the bus not the building nor shop. ^^; hope u all understand. i forgot to explain the situation sorry

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  1. Tatsuya Apr 23, 2005

    omg, what a nice scan! good choice!
    and the background fit the character as well, good work!
    thank for sharing! and keep up the good work

  2. EevaLeena Apr 23, 2005

    Uwaaaahhh.... sexy Ban-chan & rain... hmmm...... definetly a good combination! :nya:

  3. lovelymai Apr 23, 2005

    Nice wallie cerena,,it's a new style for you....i like it espically the color of the background is beautiful,good work cerena.

  4. Keough Apr 23, 2005

    Mwuahah! at 1st Cerena u scared me there I was hoping for pretty ladys but it was only Ban-chan T.T ^^ but then again Ban is very cool so hey what do u think it works out.!

  5. Ayamael Apr 23, 2005

    nice wallie there.... and a cool looking guy on top of that ^^... to bad he smokes XD lol, well, the bg looks fine, so does the rain, though yeah, rain under a roof looks a little weird... anyways, good job!

  6. Jinpun Apr 23, 2005

    Wow that looks amazing. That is probably the best rain affect I have ever seen on a wallpaper. Great job, I wish I had seen GB so I could know who he is...

  7. MinaOukami Apr 23, 2005

    Wonderful! I love Ban-chan. ^^ The background is magnificent and you choose just a perfect pic of him. :) +fav -^^-

  8. jernas Apr 23, 2005

    it's an amazing walli cerena you make me shocked!! i like it alot excellent work another piece of art sorry if my eng. is too bad .

    waiting for latest walli you've done !!

  9. kara Apr 23, 2005

    Wah!!!! *glomps Ban* It looks awesome!! Ban looks ultra hot and the background looks great! The only thing is I think the poles are a bit too bright.... they stand out a bit too much. But other than that, it looks so good!! Absolutely must add it to my favs^^

  10. Kiako Apr 23, 2005

    the wallpaper looks great, the rain effects goes well with the background and the chara.
    keep it up

  11. Aa-chan Apr 23, 2005

    I love the pose he's making and the background fits it really well. Nice work ^__^ .

  12. zaira Apr 23, 2005

    wow!! awesome bg!!! the really fit everything!! nice wall!! better add this to my fav!!!! domo! XD

  13. yo-chanbokura Apr 23, 2005

    Nice background :D cool character ;) and the rain is well done too! Really Nice XD

  14. ShiNN Apr 23, 2005

    how is it possible that it's raining inside the place? Huh? Fix that...

  15. Athrun Apr 23, 2005

    Yeah it looks pretty cool... just might wanna fix the fact that it's raining inside. :P Just do a few erasing a bit and stuff. ^ ^

  16. tareren Apr 23, 2005

    Very nice cerena !!! Kerennnnnnnnnn....
    Nice Ban scan you have there ^^ mgkn kalo Ban nya keliatan basah sedikit bakal lebih bagus ^^ but it's v good wall you have there ^^ Good job :)

  17. cygnus Apr 23, 2005

    Nice perspective...^^ feels like I'm the one who's in the rain and saw Ban beckoning me to sheltered with him XD XD xd
    i would not say no....no matter the consequences XD XD XD XD

  18. ryannzha Apr 23, 2005

    Geto bakarse ..( jpn intonation..) ..well,.. i i can say that i lke GB 2.. 'n Ban.. so cool..!!
    but hey!! i'm a guy..!! i'm in luv' wit 'hi like u do..!! all in all a nice wall!!

  19. lunaregina Apr 23, 2005

    Oooh I love it!! He's so gorgeous! XD Maybe if you erase the rain over the roof it'll look more realistic... some rain can still come in from the side. ;) I love the trees but maybe the sky should be darker on the bottom left since it is clouded over and raining. You couldn't have picked a better scan though! *stares* ^_~ +fav

  20. FyeTsukishiro Apr 23, 2005

    Hansama!!, Very cool wall, I like so much the background is great!! :nya:

  21. destructivemidgets Apr 23, 2005

    I think its cool I like how you did it. But overall its really cool. ^_^

  22. hiei0021 Apr 24, 2005

    Beautiful ban wallpaper .......... its just that simply put.......beautiful.......and nice..

  23. Spriggan Apr 24, 2005

    huum I thought it was obvious that its not rainy inside..or how could he possibly smoke with that rain!! hahahah really cool pic...I was thinking lately to get that anime or manga for the same reason..simply look cool..anyway nice combination..good job ;)

  24. snuffy Apr 24, 2005


    i like i like i like~!!! mido ban ~!! mido ban~!! mido ban~!!!


    moving on... i realli like your wall... the scans nice and the rain is done realli well... reali nice effects~!!

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