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inverted.. me trying to hide bad scan.

sorry boink, I couldn't think of a better name and she was holding a sword.. so.. uhh yea

Edit: You people have problems. The non-inverted version quality is a lot crappier. But since you all wanted to see it anyway.. iridia.hollosite.com/da1-2.png <--non-inverted

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  1. Lore589 Apr 23, 2005

    XD it looks so cute even though it's inverted . . . and thus it makes much nicer than most inverted pictuers I see

  2. KingOfDice Apr 23, 2005

    I think she looks very cool both ways! Keep it up! (Your not the only one who trys that, and you at least do it well. I'd show you what I mean if you liked, but I still can't figure out how to post 'em!!!!)

  3. Mordin Apr 23, 2005

    ah nice effect, looks like a negative of a photo, interesting concept, very nice frozen. :)

  4. boink Apr 23, 2005

    ehh.... I don't know what to say, darling...

    I'm a little well and overly confused.

  5. polako Apr 23, 2005

    that is a very original job......it makes the wall better, and....its a sakura wall?? or not??....this is very weird and good job.....ok..seeya...

  6. lunacrystal Apr 23, 2005

    i think its a good scan i like that you put the reverse color thingy!

  7. xtigy Apr 23, 2005

    The reverse thing u did for the scan is pretty good...makes teh image more unique...
    Very original frozen-chan.. :D

  8. Criox Apr 23, 2005

    Nice! Its inverted! Well can't describe the scan much cuz its inverted ~_~; Anyway good work!

  9. ayanechan Apr 23, 2005

    the picture looks nice t____t why didya invert it!?!? XD lol interesting picture though i wish it wasn't inverted no matter how bad it was >.>

  10. Kiako Apr 23, 2005

    it loosk nice, i like the color and the girl looks very prety

  11. harakiri Apr 23, 2005

    Although I don't like angels, I like the way the picture turned out to look. The outline work is very well and also the pose. The blackground combined with the golden outlines makes it look so precious. Really great.

  12. studio Apr 23, 2005

    Looks nice from the preview. Her dress looks exquisite. @_@ I'm all in for feminine clothing. :D Cute. Well done.

  13. tuxedotservo Apr 23, 2005

    You're being too hard on yourself. I like it - I get a kick out of these inverted images a lot, especially ones like this. These are the ones that tend to make people stop in my cube and ask "Wow...who is that?"

  14. Yina Apr 23, 2005

    ;__; why have you inverted the pic?? O__O Wish I could see the original!! The art is pure amazing!!! >____< The girl is so cute and the sword looks really cool!! and great work on the wings!! +fav^^

  15. papyworld Apr 23, 2005

    i'm again impressed. Are you sure you don't want to upload the "not inversed" version ? i just regret that with this inversion effect some details are hided. But in the other side, this renders also very well. She appears like a goddess who'll slay all the pedos maybe. I already knew you were using effect very nicely and i think it looks here superb. The effect on the wings is very pro ... but it is the reflect of a extremely good shading at start :) and the dark blade looks terrible with that effect. And i like a lot the proportions here. It's very very well done. A so nice face and so incredible hair. They seem to be very detailed. my fav goes to the ribbons ^_^ cute ^_^ in fact i love every particular parts of this draw ... but i'm sure the original one is as good if not better ... i wanna see it :D You're still my role model you know ... i wonder why you seem to think your drawings aren't that good. You're the artist i will never miss any submissions :)

  16. sukie Apr 23, 2005

    the first time i've seem this done...

  17. sammo Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2005

    inverted looks pretty cool @_@ i wish i could see the origional so i could make a better evaluation, but looks like a job done well :]

  18. walkure245 Apr 25, 2005

    This is really cool-looking inverted like that. Makes it more interesting to look at, imo. Especially the bg. Wowow~ The effects are really nice. She's very cute and her body proportions are really well done. The inversion helped give your outline a nice pastel, soft touch to it. This is awesome stuff! ^_^

  19. chibi-lizard Apr 25, 2005

    O.O nice !! XD though some part of her look kinda blur .. but it's cool XD
    *pokes fwozen for the original* ^_^'

  20. Pinksheep Apr 25, 2005

    Wow! That is soo cool! XP *stunned* (doesn't know what else to say...) >.<

  21. Idril Apr 26, 2005

    nice draw!! Inverted is funny!!
    I really like it!!
    ++++++ favs for you!!!!

  22. Saito- Apr 26, 2005

    wow that looks damn good gives a special dimension to the whole thing :D

  23. CopKiller Apr 27, 2005

    Soo cool.
    I love the name loll... good choise.
    She's soo cute loll.

  24. dctreborn Apr 27, 2005

    I wonder what it looks like normal. Do we have an uninvert version?

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