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Gonzo, Trinity Blood, Tres Iqus, Abel Nightroad Wallpaper
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Artist Comment

Why is this manga/anime special to me??

Because it has to do something with my country, and it's history. István St. (997-1038) was the first king in Hungary. (He changed his name to "István" on 25th december in 1000, or on 1st january in 1001; before that he was called "Vajk")
Gyula was his enemy, thus he had to be taken out of the way for the sake of reign. The problem was that he believed in the eastern Christianity, instead of the western, and he lived in Erdély (Transilvania)

Rather than Gyula Koppány was the real problem, because of the rule of the senioratus (after the ruler's death, the oldest male relative gets the throne, that was an ancient hungarian custom), he would've came to power.
István in the rule of primogenitura - in other words in the rule of the first born child - came to power, that was a western custom.
In the end, István defeated all 3 of his opponents, counting Ajtony, who was the 3rd one. He reigned until 1038, and created the basis of a Christian state, which was started by his father, Géza.

The Mátyás Church, and the Budai Vár, which are in Budapest, can be seen in the manga. However neither of them existed in the time of István (Pest and Buda was separated; Today, next to Mátyás Church is the Hilton hotel. The remains of the temple built at that time are now built inside the hotel.)
The Budai Vár was founded by Béla the 4th (1230/35 - 1270).

I don't know if the anime will contain any of this, since today's still 22nd. István, Gyula, Budai Vár and the Church appeared in the manga.
The anime start on 28. 04.

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  1. Integrax Apr 22, 2005

    ah!just awesome,thnx ^____^

  2. bbls Apr 22, 2005

    wow...your wall really grabs your attention! i luv your background, too...where is that?? i only thought the edges of the scan looked a tad bit harsh, but other than that, your wall is very eye catching! :)

  3. Tennyo Apr 22, 2005

    Yo Nonaaaa ^^! Hey great work =d
    i haven't seen the anime version yet (but as I know it's brand-new so...), nor the manga... but it can be very fascinating, as I see this picture... ^_~
    Anyways, good work ^^ (Go Hungary XD).

    *add to favs*
    *hugs* ^^

  4. ynk Apr 23, 2005

    Hmmm... the scan is a little too bright for the BG and it have kind of white frames or something... you should work a little bit on it... :D

  5. Susan-chan Apr 23, 2005

    hmm^^ the guys looks really nice Nona! a parlament tok coool:D hehehehehe:D

  6. Seran Apr 24, 2005

    So interesting! To make the history to an anime...I look forward to watch it very much. hmm....I wonder which one is Koppany from here.... I vote for the brown haired ^..^

  7. Ghai Apr 30, 2005

    this is 1 anime i will not fail to get. the title alone catches me and i realli luv animes based on the historical events esp set in the western countries. the style alone as seen in this wall is the type i like for anime. the background of this wall is awesome and i luv moons!!

  8. KuroiTsubasa May 08, 2005

    Abel is sooooooooooo cool and beautifulin Vampair form!!!!!
    a new love is born! O_<
    thank you!!!

  9. dalalaboi May 15, 2005

    Superb job!!!!! I just checked out 2 eps, its great stuff. Keep them coming =)

  10. magicalspider May 19, 2005

    it's my no 1 favourite anime!!!! yaaay for the wallpaper!!!

  11. ajllybean May 19, 2005

    i like the wallpaper a lot. the background doesnt really seem to fit too well. maybe try blurring the edges of the cut out images with that of the background to kinda smooth out the whole wallpaper.

  12. jorgeasakura May 26, 2005

    trinity blood rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    the kresnyk rulzz......................................................................(...)

  13. sarisasenshi May 28, 2005

    That was, by far, one of the most interesting comment entries I have ever read for a wallpaper.
    As for the work itself, it is very well done! I like how well the background fits the scan, and also appreciate a good wall of my new favorite anime. Great job!

  14. KiraKirachan Jun 02, 2005

    Thanks for the history lesson! *and no I'm not being sarcastic, that was really good* I love this wp! Thanks 4 sharing!

  15. NagoyaX Mute Member Jun 03, 2005

    I really like the deatial and the look of it... too bad it just too big for my to use as a wall though...
    i guess u cant always have u cake and eat it too eh

  16. KaiJule Jun 08, 2005

    the detail is just awesome! great wallpaper, for sure! :D I love it ^^
    they are my two most fav charas in Trinity Blood of what I've seen

  17. EvoIIICE9A Jun 13, 2005

    the extraction could have been way better, you need to work on cleaning your images up and maybe darken them a bit more so they blend in better with the background. But still a nice wall

  18. luckywhale Jul 12, 2005

    Thank you for redirecting me there! And now I could have some history.. Very impressive, you know a lot!!
    Well, the wallpaper too is nice, but I haven't heard of this manga... Now I'll try to see it, if you say it is settled in Hungary!!

  19. AgataMare Sep 09, 2005

    I think I'll change my Renji wallpaper with this one! Trinity Blood rocks, dude! Great image!

  20. Rikimaru-jp Oct 15, 2005

    Nice wallie nona :) I love the combination between the characters and the background :)
    they both fit so much together ;)
    you really chose one of the best scan of trinity blood :D
    keep up the good work!!!

  21. sandumirabela Jan 07, 2006

    Very beautiful wall...well also being a fun of Trinty Blood makes me like it but it is really beautiful...and I am always glad t see Abel^_^ and Tres too^_^!
    Fom me too is special this anime neighbour but not only because there appear things that were considered always to be related to my country...of boy if Vlad Tepes didn't exist we wouldn't have never had vampires^_^....actually from the book of Bram Stoker(hope I wrote it okay) it all begun and since that day this things that aren't to normal excite us,let our imagination go free^_^!The fact is that the aniem is special also because it contains a lot of informations,the graphic is incredibly and the caracthers are simply "wow",amazing^_^ and also it has a morality even though some maybe didn't notice it^_^!
    Oh...now I am speaking about the anime maybe because of what you wrote...great wall sweetie^_^!

  22. Toya999 Oct 09, 2006

    great wallie, goin to ma fav list.

  23. BlackNightlord Dec 04, 2006

    Amazing! I love the pic of Abel and Tres. ^_^ It's just so awesome! The sort of drained look the colors have gives it a sort of empty feel, which is nice.

  24. freesialeo Jan 14, 2007

    great wallpaper! cool anime! i love trinity blood and abel-sama!
    ... and thanks for sharing a bit of hungarian history! you got me interested! will also read more!

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