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waiii... I've been waiting for 4? 5? days... but now... submissions are allowed again... *happyhappy*

This is my new fanart.. it shows a very strong girl...mhmm.. The bg is simple again.. :nya: sorry... U.U

and the pic is for my friend ShiroiLina.. she is always so kind to me... >_< and thank you that you keep watching my submissions and always give me advices... arigatou.. :D Glad, that we've met eachother!! *huugs* ^^

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  1. Aa-chan Apr 22, 2005

    I love it ^^ .
    She looks pretty cool and also looks like she could kick ass if needs be ;) .
    +fav from me >XD .

  2. Sigourney Apr 22, 2005

    Ahhh... nice lines and great colouring~<3... it's original and I love the pose and expression ;)... nice work~!

  3. ocelotisun Apr 22, 2005

    This looks so good... :) ... You did a great job in the coloring/shadung ... I love the way her hair looks so shinny... :D ... The simple background is not a flaw... It draws more attention to the girl... Overall a great work... :)

  4. Sakura0chan Apr 22, 2005

    WoW!! XD Very nice doujinshi. I really like the way you drew her.
    I like the hair very much!! It's so beautiful. And the folds in the clothes is nicely done too. ;)
    The colouring is great! I really love the colors.
    Good job!! This must be added to my favorites. :D

  5. ShiroiLina Apr 22, 2005

    /me is crying of happiness!!! when i saw the title i read.. \GO!... For ShiroiLina.. wat? Shiroi Lina? for me? O.O i was so shocked and happy at the same time!!!! nobody ever dedicated something to me! :D
    shes sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love her! the perspective is awesome! O.o really great! im not good in that! colours are done greatly ** love her hair! her eye is bluish/purple O.O luv it!!!! (ima apurple maniac XD)
    love you sooo much!!!! thank you loads im really really happy!!!!!
    Yuuna Channn!!!! thanks!!!thanks!!!thanks!!!thanks!!!thanks!!!thanks!!!thanks!!! ^*^ loads of hugs! im really happy i met you :D and please call me simply Lina :D
    cya round and keep up ur awesome drawings! this is absolutely a fav!!! :D
    (look at how much i wrote.. O.O neva wrote so much XD)
    cya round!!!!

  6. KorganoS Apr 22, 2005

    This is sooooo goood I could stare at it for hours X_X
    Ace drawing and coloring as usual, Yuunachan! :)

  7. Shanrey Apr 22, 2005

    ohoo.. I love this one.. espacially the hair is beautiful!! O__O def a fave for me^^

  8. Frosty Apr 22, 2005

    aww.. thats so sweet. lol.. ^^ ic ShiroiLina loves it too. ^^
    great drawing on your part, and very wonderfully colored too... ^^
    great work. ^^ +fav for the wonderful effort. ^^

  9. sukie Apr 22, 2005

    you are on GOOD artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the bg even is it is pretty simple...the girl is a wander!!!

  10. ayaki Apr 22, 2005

    waa very nice
    it looks sharp!~
    look @ all the detail works...the hair, eyes, the creases of her shirt & the shading...
    amazing work~ yuuna :)
    deserves a fav for the hard work u put into it ^^

  11. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 22, 2005

    oooh whao!! This is so cool! I love your doujinshis Yuuna-chan! Now, this one has great colors and a fantastic character! *adds to favs*

  12. Tatsuya Apr 23, 2005

    i don't mind at all about the background, well, this is such a nice doujinshi! good work

  13. Devilet Apr 23, 2005

    yay! coolies! like the drawing, looks very happy and lots of energy~
    nice colouring ^___^

  14. Skillzpay Apr 23, 2005

    zomg! this was drawn and colored so well. I love her expression and how she's got both fists out to show how she's ready to take on any challenge that comes her way. Awesome work as usual YuunaChan!

  15. MyrrhLynn Apr 23, 2005

    Gosh you are so good at drawing it makes me jealous. XD Once again another awesome fanart by you! Keep up the great work. ^_^

  16. ayanechan Apr 23, 2005

    omg l33t drawing XD your cg-ing and drawing skills are da bomb! XD hahahhaa keep it up :3

  17. satan123 Apr 23, 2005

    wow....you are truly a skilled artist....nice job man....i like it very much..keep it up....^_^

  18. kara Apr 23, 2005

    Wows! You're so good!! *envies* I especially like how you did her cloths, it's really nice job ^^

  19. ZKyoy Apr 23, 2005

    wow, you're very sweet. heheh.
    and a really great artist too!
    heheh. i love her hair!
    and the simple bg is nice, not making the art look bare at all.
    keep it up!

  20. nichtigkeit Apr 23, 2005

    er. the face looks so... o.o dunno XD so.. aah so.. man stfu XD okay, it looks so different oÔ i don't really like this pic ~~

  21. tuxedotservo Apr 23, 2005

    I like it the girl a lot, which is why I fav'ed it ^^

    The only thing I'd change is to perhaps make the background a solid white, or another light color. Otherwise, very nice.

  22. Miyu-DX Apr 23, 2005

    cool, good work, the girl seems high spirited.
    i really loves ur work =)
    gotta give a fav XD

  23. ayumu11 Apr 24, 2005

    nice image with a great...............cool.....................freshness................

  24. purejpgirl Apr 24, 2005

    your work are really really good !!!!!!!!!
    i love it. :nya: :nya:

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