Saiyuki Gaiden Wallpaper: Can You Ever Be Someone's Sun?

Kazuya Minekura, Saiyuki Gaiden, Tenpou Gensui, Kenren Taishou, Konzen Douji Wallpaper
Kazuya Minekura Mangaka Saiyuki Gaiden Series,OVA Tenpou Gensui Character Kenren Taishou Character Konzen Douji Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Especially made for Myrrhlynn's Bishounen Wall Contest Daystar Design
I found the scan on saiyuki gaiden's scanlation, and also the title.
At first glance I know that this scan will go perfect with grunge style, but since I can't make a grunge wall...it turned out like this, a wall full of 'noise'.
As usual, comments and critiques are welcome ^^

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  1. raxis Apr 22, 2005

    add to fav...... T_T

  2. Tatsuya Apr 22, 2005

    well, i not really good about the grunge style, but it just look good!
    but, i seen there has some white color on gojyou, not too sure! In my humble opinion ^^'
    anyways, thank for sharing and hope that you win ^^v

  3. chisana Apr 22, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper! ^^ So cool, I love the effect you used on it! :D And the bg is very beautiful! I love the sunset!! ~.~ or sunrise? ^^ hehe.. well, overall it's a great wallie! Thanks for sharing it here and good luck on the contest!

  4. satan123 Apr 22, 2005

    .....although a bit chunky.........with all the noise...but overall not bad.......i like it a lot.....^_^

    Big fan of saiyuki....

  5. chibikko Apr 22, 2005

    i wanted to take part in this contest too xD dammit your wallpaper is so good T_T xD

  6. Kiako Apr 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the color of the background, and the charas in the front are in a good possition but i am not shure about the sahding on the charas the way one of them are lightened and the other not, it just looks kind of strange

  7. Endheion Apr 22, 2005

    Hauuu >.< . The pose and the BG XD. Is it from Photo? Add to Favorite ^^

  8. Kougaxgirl Apr 22, 2005

    yupee! another beautiful wallpaper! i love it....the background i so pretty! goku's so cute! hehe ok well awesome job matey! tootles for now! :D

  9. semanga Apr 22, 2005

    my sweety friend Magda make again a so wonderful wall u are great honey ^^ your work is great and what can i do for you ??? add to my fav keep it up sweety u get better with every work ^^ see u later sweety

  10. Ayamael Apr 22, 2005

    cool wall, i love that sunset... and the bg looks really cool... nice work on the grass too, looks really real... yup, love the general atmosphere in that one... and the "noise".. plus fave ^^

  11. Sakura0chan Apr 22, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper.
    I really love the sunset. Nice colors on the background. ;)
    Another beautiful wallpaper!! XD *Adds to favorites* Keep up the good work! And good luck on the contest! :D

  12. tareren Apr 22, 2005

    Not really the style that I like, but I think it's nice ^^ Gd work cygnus >_<
    i like the bg the best of all... is that from a photo ? Or did ya make it ?

  13. meteorcloud Apr 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper ^___^~!
    the grungy effect looks really nice =D~!
    hope you 'll win ^__^
    good luck =D~!

  14. Frosty Apr 22, 2005

    really nice grunge work. ^^
    you did a wonderful job on this one. ^^
    just wonderful. ^^ good work. ;)

  15. Rella Apr 22, 2005

    Ooh, how nice, yet again, Cygnus! Well done. I really like the whole scene thing going on and great colors too! ^^

  16. slivermoon Apr 22, 2005

    really nice temple at the back
    and the sky is good too
    all that noise looks a little like paint to me OX
    great job overall!

  17. ThaIsland212 Apr 22, 2005

    cygnus-maaan, (dont listen to my critique! i know -->nothing<-- of walling!)
    this is going on my fav.s.....what do you guys mean when you say "noise"?....im not paying attention to little details bCuz im not an artist, but i like the atmosphere of twilight....it happens both at the beginning and at the end of the day....the only time we can get a good look at the ->sun<-, que no?...in the BG is an ancient coliseum(??) which adds a touch of history, seriousness, and past solidity....i love the way the dudes are standing with their backs to us, thats refreshingly different to me....so is the title!...but you're right cygnus, this definetly does NOT look grunge at all....but its still a fav'rite bCuz its so unique XD

  18. Tirdaelyn Apr 22, 2005

    Wow, that is way cool. You have done it again and made another amazing wallpaper. Good job. I am going to definitely add this one to my favorites list. :D

  19. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 22, 2005

    A fantastic concept! Looks so unique. It gives a really mysterious feel, like something undiscovered is in the atmosphere. I think it looks great so nice job Cygnus! XD

  20. Devilet Apr 22, 2005

    ohh, nice, going into grunge... I think the enlargement of the background makes it look bad, cos it got all pixelated... other than that, it looks good.

  21. Balith Apr 23, 2005

    wow thats coolies i like it, i like the colors in it!!!!!! IS THAT GOKU I see?!!! omg!! i love goku!!! he ish very cute!!!

  22. Miyu-DX Apr 23, 2005

    nice one =)
    worth the fav

    keep the hard work, im cheering for you always =)

  23. Wishful Apr 23, 2005

    It's good! I love Saiyuki!, but kinda dark and it's really hard to see gojyo. it's also alittle plain. Have a Nice day!!! ^-^

  24. sylvacoer Apr 23, 2005

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it's a Saiyuki wall! Very shiny and spiffy - tho' I wish you could see Hakkai's face also, since he's my fave. Awesome sunset (sunrise?), by the way!

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