Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan: Beat of an Angel

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ps : don't try this at home! i mean don't try to use the club to beat somebody XD *joke*

hey guy, how are you ? :)
this is my first vector art, hope ya not really bad!
thank to Kazuma, who was giving me advise.

Credit :
Anime : Bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan (she is kawai~, but dangerous, do you think ?)
Scan : i believe is form http://www.wakachan.net/
http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/89336/ i seen this scan on MT too! scan is by jasmine-san

Program : Adobe Illustrator 10 & Adobe Photoshop CS
Spend hour : 7~8 hour during a few days!
PSD file-size : 8.92MB
Layers : 74 (not include merge)

comment and advise is really appreciate it.

update : i've followed ShiNN tips, and correct the mistakes!
edit : alright, i know the hair is jagged, i admit! that my mistake!

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Browse Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. pjwin Apr 15, 2005

    get hit by tat ............................., shes cute and dangerous

  2. Aa-chan Apr 15, 2005

    Such a cute character you've chosen to vector ^__^ .
    I had to add it to my favourites!
    Nice work! ^^

  3. linaka Apr 15, 2005

    very brutal!

    great choice and the vector's great.

    a fav for me too!

  4. Ying Apr 15, 2005

    That's a nice vector. I especially like the blood! ^_-
    She's very cute! ^_^

  5. tareren Apr 15, 2005

    Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii.... but why must see beat the guy with such a scary looking club >_< ???
    i like it a lot ^^ nice job you've done there :)

  6. hykyit Apr 15, 2005

    Wow didnt expect your wallpaper to come in so soon! Hahaha~ Cute pic you came out with to vector~!! Im not really good in vectors nor making wallpapers but I still think this vector is very nice! Further more its your first! Absolutely deserves a fav! ^^

  7. Kiako Apr 15, 2005

    great job on the vectoring, the girl looks cute, i like her haircut. and she has a good pose too

  8. akuma2002 Apr 15, 2005

    Really nice, i like it :D :D

  9. Kagally Apr 15, 2005

    Wow, A cute scan!! Nya~~~

    The girl looks so cute in this scan! the girl is angel or death? Why she cut the boy? Hhuh.
    Well.. the picture looks nice!

  10. ShiNN Apr 15, 2005

    good job for a first attempt, but there are some minor flaws:
    - left eye: the white areas are weird... it looks like you've drawn a thin outline around those as well, and they look a bit too "spiky"
    - Skirt, there's a white triangle that you have probably forgotten to colour (not sure tho, I have to check out the original scan again).
    - The outlines of her nails are too thick, if you notice in the scan they're really thin.

  11. kawaiixlilxblu Apr 15, 2005

    omg! i love it! lol i love her outfit and everything suya kun :) very nice for a first one, your so talented :) im putting it on my fav's :: hugs and kiss ::

  12. Skyze Apr 15, 2005

    lol..and the angel ring over the head, makes everything perfect :p hehe..nice image..+fav

  13. Sugasuga Apr 15, 2005

    lol, are you sure she's an angel? =P an angel wouldnt hit an innocent [or is he? XD] but still, lol, good job for a first vector, Tatsuya-san ^^ keep it up ^_~

  14. edgemaster Banned Member Apr 15, 2005

    excelents wallpapers.............

  15. Holt Apr 15, 2005

    Cute character and very nicely vectored. I wanted to watch this anime but I have no idea where to get it :(
    Great work!

  16. Ai Apr 15, 2005

    Very funny doujin... soshite totemo kawaii ^_^
    nice job and keep it up! Ganbatte!!!

  17. Sakura0chan Apr 15, 2005

    Kawaiiiiiiiiiiii vector!!! ^___^
    The girl is so cute!! Nice club!! ;)
    Nice coloring. I really love the colors. ^___^
    Good job! This must be added to my favorites. Keep it up!!

  18. chisana Apr 15, 2005

    Woow, such a great vector!! I love it!! But... she can't be an angel!! Or maybe... I saw this girl, but she was an old woman >.<
    Hehe... very nice pic, you've done an awesome vector! Keep it up!!! :)

  19. Yina Apr 15, 2005

    O__O wow.. excellent job!! no negative points, so I'll fave this one^_____^

  20. Kurosawa Apr 18, 2005

    zomg it's dokuro *__*
    o_O really nice vector XD
    I'm wanna watching it too XP
    Great work ^__^

  21. AnimexXxHolic009 Apr 18, 2005

    wah wah wah! funny! me kno anime... but me fowgot... silly me =^-^=

  22. kai81220 Apr 18, 2005

    lol XD its crazy tatsuya XP its a very well done piece of work. lines and color are very clean and no mess. ive never done a vector before X_X lol so i really cant say i know the slightest thing about vector works T.T but this is very good.

    keep up the great works

  23. lunacrystal Apr 18, 2005

    really cute and funny! Totally a fave

  24. cereshe22 Apr 18, 2005

    wow thats cute nice work i like it
    :D :)

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