Ah! Megami-sama Wallpaper: A 'Garden Variety' Wallpaper

Kousuke Fujishima, Anime International Company, Ah! Megami-sama, Belldandy Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Meh, I was going to release this earlier, but then Shinta went and made an awesome AMG garden wall and stole my momentum :3

So now, after staring at it long enough, I dub this done. I drew out everything for the scene, and referenced stock photos for some parts. It was time consuming just because of all the details. I didn't want it to look like I drew one flower and then rotated it fifty times, so I drew some 50 odd flowers for it >:D Makes it a better 'garden variety' wallpaper I think ;D

Oh, and that was after having cleaned up the scan and fixed the missing parts ~_~ http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/86600/ Though having the actual magazine helped as the colors on that scan are awful...

More resolutions on http://ningen.nattoli.net

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Apr 14, 2005

    ^-^ waaahhzz .. saki's the first poster? o.o;;

    xD now there's twooo gardenn walliess .. *-* and yours rockkss saki's world~ everything's soo pwettty and nice .. and it doesnt look too fake .. >.> the bg looks cartoonish and ish soo pwetty .. *-*

    the one thing saki doesnt really like .. is the upper right ... the tree's look kinda weird there .. >.> it looks really smudged .. ^.~ butbut .. great wallie!! xD

  2. ayaki Apr 14, 2005

    man...it looks awesome
    and i wish i hv the patience like you do...drawing 50 flowers @@ my god~
    excellent @ fixing the scan!~ with that big fold in the middle of the magazine
    the scene matches really well with her @@ u even redraw the basket!~ :)
    loving this wall :)
    +fav, keep them coming ^^

  3. ded113 Apr 14, 2005

    Wow!! You did those flowers?! Oh my and you even cleaned up the scan of Bell bell. The fountain with the lilly pads are a nice touch!! Very beautiful work Nat as usual.

  4. heavens-Dragon Apr 14, 2005

    Wowies, it's really pretty! Simply beautiful! I'm always impress by nat's wallpapers! Love what you did with the garden scene! Wowies, 50 odd flowers drawen by hand? It looks awesome! Wonderfully done! Belldandy looks really cute here too! It's a great concept overall, awesome work!

  5. Frosty Apr 14, 2005

    looks very nice. ^^
    like the lovely garden bg to match with the image. ^^
    very beautifully done! good show!
    A and +fav for a nice wallie. ^^

  6. DaHero69 Apr 14, 2005

    wow......it looks great.
    i like how u did the flowers and
    the lily pads. i love this wall.
    thanx for sharing :D

  7. soujiokita Apr 14, 2005

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE this wall!
    It's soooo beautiful, the bg is very nicely done. The pond is so pretty and the trees are cool too. Belldandy looks so beauitful in this wallie, her dress matches the bg so well.
    thanx for sharing! + fav!

  8. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 14, 2005

    Ah, very, very pretty! XD
    Especially the whole setting. All the colors are so lovely and her dress kinda matches the background too! Another thing I like is that the wall is so detailed that you can trace every flower. Fantastic job! *adds to favs*

  9. tAtEkAnE Apr 14, 2005

    o_o holy beejeebuzz XD lol
    that's really nice nat..those trees at the back *__*
    i'm so glad it looks different from the walls ive seen with trees recently >=D!
    and good job with those rocks and the 50 odd flowers u drew XD hahaha!
    waaaa i got nothing to complain about..promise me next time that u'll mess up so i can complain :3 lol great job with everything

  10. kain11 Apr 14, 2005

    this is badasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    and the bg is so cooool^_^
    and i like how u did the flowers
    tis is a fav. for me

  11. zaira Apr 14, 2005

    Quote by ded113Wow!! You did those flowers?! Oh my and you even cleaned up the scan of Bell bell. The fountain with the lilly pads are a nice touch!! Very beautiful work Nat as usual.

    same here!!!+fav!

  12. Noveira Apr 14, 2005

    This wallie rocks!!!
    The background is very pretty and so detailed...and it looks so serene..
    Nice work,+fav... XP

  13. volrath77 Apr 14, 2005

    Initially I wanted to say a lot but I think these will do:

    "This is beautiful. I like it & it goes straight to fav." :D

    'Nuff said.

  14. waterfish Apr 14, 2005

    ohohoh!!~~this wallpaper is very nice!~ good working!!

  15. Val3f0r Apr 14, 2005

    omggg on the background *_* wonder how you did it.... bcoz its really roxorz :D and Belldandy is just pretty as usual XD great work on some part that you drew it by yourself.... and once again it is an excellent wall.. yupz yupz ^^

  16. sammo Retired Moderator Apr 14, 2005

    you!!! you.... never cease to amaze me u_u the only qualm i have is the photoshop default grass, but man.. everything's so perfect, it makes everything seem so amazing... it also helps that i am a berserk amg fan! 8D

  17. hykyit Apr 14, 2005

    XD I've always loved Belldandy wallpapers but.. Yours is one of the nicest i've seen! I've seen taken a look at the original scan you've used and...What an excellent job you did on cleaning it! Love this wallpaper!! I can tell which wallpaper is going to be next on 'Todays most popular wallpaper'~!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful wallpaper with us!! ^^

  18. jasmine Retired Moderator Apr 14, 2005

    Quote by sammoyou!!! you.... never cease to amaze me u_u

    Nat, excellent job!!! I sooooo wanted to see this scan walled >.< and the job you did on cleaning he scan, re-drawing the missing parts [it must have been tidious job-_-; ]

    i think Nuriko will be happy, she said in her comment on the scan: "Where are the vector MT gods Are they here yet? *leaves cupcakes for the vector people and hugs candy*"

  19. Sugasuga Apr 14, 2005

    wow, nat, your wallies get better and better *_* this one is just perfect, and i <3 the lily pads. sugio~! +favvie

  20. meteorcloud Apr 14, 2005

    O.o......nice wallpaper nat >.<~!!!!
    the quality is really gooD~!
    detailed, nice looking flowers =D~!
    but...just the sky...looks kinda weird ^_^"....mayB just me >.>
    nice job ^_^~!

  21. Yina Apr 14, 2005

    speechless... O.O }*staaaarrs at it* wow.. what should I say?? It is excellent!! >.< I love the composition... espacially the trees behind. They are so pretty with the sunshines through the leafes... great great work!! +fav.. >.<

  22. ShiroiLina Apr 14, 2005

    great! awesome! detailed! beautiful!!!!..... *erm.. duno wat else..* amazing!!! XD ok.. ill shut up now.. awesome nonetheless!!! absolutely certainly +fav!!!!!! keep up ur awesome work :D

  23. Sandy Apr 14, 2005

    Too bad the perspective of the character's view doesn't match the actual background's but overall, Nat you are my heroine. T_T

  24. chingetscook Apr 14, 2005

    This is one of the better AMG walls I have seen so far, as soon as I saw it I knew this one was going to be in my favorites list. I can see you put a lot of work into the details and it really paid off. Excellent job!

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