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Miyama Zero Wallpaper
Miyama Zero Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

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This is a girl from a scan that i found...i dont remember where..and yes i know i need to work on mountains...i guess im just not good at scenery backgrounds :( oh well i tried my best XD hm... only 30 layers.. well im off!

edit: thanks to all the people who helped me on mirc.. :D

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  1. ayanechan Apr 14, 2005

    uwaa this looks sugoii O.O for one, the sky looks great.. number two, you are GOOD at scenic bgs! >:3 mountains do look a little odd ^__^x but with some reference and tips that can be fixed :3 great job on it mezzed! it looks great ^.^

  2. lunaregina Apr 14, 2005

    Pretty pretty! Love the orange tone. :D I like to cover mountains with a bit of fog since they're distant... it also helps if you're lazy like me and don't want to spend forever on their detail. ^^

  3. mystvearn Apr 14, 2005

    Well its quite good. There is nothing rwong with it. Good job. Keep it up

  4. Angstbunny Apr 14, 2005

    This is really good! The scan looks amazing crisp and clear and you did a really good job on the background. I like the cloudy sky. The text also loks good the feather is a nice touch. good job!

  5. mirkoemir Apr 14, 2005

    She is cute!!
    I like the color of clouds in the background ;)
    You did very well ... XD

  6. makenstr1k Apr 14, 2005

    I like the character you used, very interesting indeed :)
    The bacground is great too, just love :D
    Keep up the good work!

  7. ayumu11 Apr 14, 2005

    The girl and the background is very good!!
    The wallpaper is very nice done......thank

  8. YugureKaze Apr 14, 2005

    wahh! O.O
    amazing wall, it's so beautiful
    the bg is mezmorizing @_@
    the girl is very cute
    great work!

  9. bbls Apr 14, 2005

    wow....beautiful wallie! i think the mountains look just fine. the orange sky is very pretty and the falling feathers is a really nice touch! thanks for sharing!! :)

  10. dead Apr 14, 2005

    Whoa!!!!!, really cute wallie, nice and charm BG, great job! :)

  11. Hideki313 Apr 14, 2005

    this is really great ... the girls looks very cute and the surroundings are very suitable .. i like feathers ^__^ .. great work!

  12. zaira Apr 14, 2005

    Quote by ayanechanuwaa this looks sugoii O.O for one, the sky looks great.. number two, you are GOOD at scenic bgs! >:3 mountains do look a little odd ^__^x but with some reference and tips that can be fixed :3 great job on it mezzed! it looks great ^.^

    i agree also!! a nice wall!!+fav

  13. DayWalkeR Apr 14, 2005

    hey really^^
    the mountains arent that bad you know
    keep trying and inventing ;)
    i'm sure that you will make better BG ;)
    cya and *take care* bye

  14. shiwei Apr 14, 2005

    this walls is great... *thumb up*
    background is good, mountain and cloud is nice
    girl looks so cute, nice work, add fav

  15. Tatsuya Apr 14, 2005

    nice background, i think the mountains look just fine! in my humble opinion
    anyways, thank for sharing

  16. Val3f0r Apr 14, 2005

    ehhh mezzed.... looks kawaiii :D the bg looks great to me ^^ really love the scan

    Really great work mezzed ^^ looking forward more from you ^^

  17. exentric Apr 14, 2005

    nice concept. the mountain lacks depth though. feel very very flat. =/ try getting some gradient to make it look more like a mountain. (light at the top, a lil darker as it goes down, etc)
    other than that, its kinda a simple wall. ^_^

  18. Kiako Apr 14, 2005

    the wallpaper looks nice, the clouds are well done, nice choice of colors too.
    it fits the girl.

  19. Yumi-Chan Apr 14, 2005

    ^__^ awesome wallpaper.. it looks cheerful hehehe~
    although the girl's expression's a little of the serious type @_@
    Very orangy ^^
    keep up the good work :3

  20. fieldy Apr 14, 2005

    hey thats frick'n cool i like the back ground and the whole well actually i like the whole thingits nice well see you around mezzed

  21. Susan-chan Apr 14, 2005

    oi^^ oi^^ it looks really pretty^^ the scan is great^^ the orange sky has a warm feeling^^ and nice effects are there:)

  22. meteorcloud Apr 14, 2005

    hmmzz...ic you changed the mountain abit =O...
    hmz...that orange is making me dizzy ^_^"...
    ow well...overall it looks nice, but....if there are things to change....
    still the perspective of the sky looks weird....
    mountains looks nice but the texture is kinda big or something...(just dun really fit <__>)
    the scan looks nice, the rail too =)
    clouds are nice too =)
    it's just those litte things ^_^"..
    well nice job =)
    keep it up ^_^

  23. Electrastar Apr 14, 2005

    I think your mountains looks just fine. I adore sunsets so this wallpaper is beautiful to me. You did a great job and don't think any less of it. You're much better at creating scenery wallpapers that I'll ever be. :D

  24. Holt Apr 14, 2005

    Nicely set out. I really like the slanted view.
    The scan and railing look really great!
    The clouds are a little simplistic though
    Great piece of work still. Keep it up!

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