Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: [Al] Towards A New Journey

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Alphonse Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Alphonse Elric Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Moshi-moshi, minna-san~
Feels like ages since I submitted my last wallpaper. What a busy life *sigh* -_- ~gomenasai~

Anyways, this is my latest work, featuring Alphonse Elric, without the bulky metal armor, now in Conqueror of Shambala, the new movie which is coming out real soon. YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!!

Scan from Newtype, thanks to Sycia.

Oh, the whole thing was vectored, retouched and combined with digital painting, then bg made from scratch. Totalling 10 hours of work. It may look very similar to the original scan, but in fact, it is significantly different.
Sorry for the simplicity and all, but hey, I've gotta get back to work! X_X

C ya all, and I hope you enjoy it!
More resolutions in [FRAGMENTS] soon...

Forgot to mention, this wall is going into MyrrhLynn's Bishounen wall contest at Daystar Designs ^^ : http://www.myrrhlynn.net/daystar/contest.php

gosh, I forgot one more thing : thanks Rex for the transmutation circle >.<

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  1. Asahi Apr 13, 2005

    hey .. so many love fma eh, see many wps to this category in the last time ^.^ . how always very clean work from you . great vector work, have seen it at my first look ! fantastic work really .

  2. EevaLeena Apr 13, 2005

    Wow.... a wonderful job as usual. I love the sand effects.... A must add favs!!

  3. rythem Apr 13, 2005

    ne? isnt this Ed? O_o..anyways a new wallie from u Korgie ^-^
    very nice~~everything looks sharp n clean xd
    i like it XD great wallie indeed ^-^

  4. Kurosawa Apr 13, 2005

    it's has been a long time no see a new wall from you korgie XD
    The sand effect looks very nice ^o^.
    i can't wait until the movie out ^_^
    Great job korgie XD

  5. Oshii-Rion Apr 13, 2005

    Thank You, Thank You! KorganoS! xd
    i am so happy!
    Thanks for this wall!

  6. cygnus Apr 13, 2005

    Perfect wall from you as usual ^^ Like the colors combination so much :D

  7. ShueiTenshi Apr 13, 2005

    Whoa!! You finished it already!
    That was quick and the effect is so nice ^__^
    i love the pstel spectrum and fluffy clouds n_n b

  8. dans Apr 13, 2005

    new wall from korgie XD
    wonderful works as usual.
    the colors and the bg looks very nice. :D

  9. Electrastar Apr 13, 2005

    Looks great ! I can understand the amount of work that went into making this. The vector looks beautiful and the backround is just perfect. Thanks for sharing, this is really cool (even if I'm still not used to seeing Alphonse like this)

  10. jingjing1208 Apr 13, 2005

    Oh,this is so cool!!!!I like to see you wall again,er,like me see,hehe,it's a long time that no see your submitsions,right?Haha,this one is really great!!++fav!^_^

  11. d611691 Apr 13, 2005

    Wow~ Al imitates Ed o_O *just kidding* XD Great vector, and it's also a nice movie wallpaper, it looks terrific XD Look forward to the new movie :D

  12. gundex Apr 13, 2005

    woohoo finally korgie-san new work.... it has been a looooong time eh... :D thanx u very much for ur new and beautiful wallie... :D

  13. ded113 Apr 13, 2005

    Wow!! Great remake of the scan!! especially the dust! Sheesh you know how to make great walls!!

  14. UndyingShadow Apr 13, 2005

    wow Korganos, that is an amazing FMA wall. Just when i was getting tired of seeing FMA walls you come along and submit this one. Excellent scan use and good job with the bg and the effects!

  15. bromithia Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2005

    I love the clouds, they look awesome. It does resemble the original scan, but you've added your own touch. The symbol thing (sorry can't think) under him looks kind of strange. Hehe, it's Al so I have to love this wallpaper. Keep up the good work Korg! And dont let work eat you :(

    Sorry for the short comment.

  16. Devilet Apr 13, 2005

    heya Korgie! --hugs-- nice to see you're still alive and walling, hope you are doing well, hmmm, I can see you're tired, this isn't your best work, while the vector is perfect and flawless, the rest seems weird, like the lines, doesn't match greatly, but but, I love everything else, really --thumbs up-- keep it up! ^___^

  17. Rex Apr 13, 2005

    when i look at this, i can't help but have a heart warming feel, seeing al taking on a strong resemblence to ed

    anyways, great job on the cleaning and im loving the bg, and i can't wait for the movie either *_*

    and i see my transmutation being put to good use! lol XD

  18. KevLar Apr 13, 2005

    Great work.

    Quote by KorganoSOh, the whole thing was vectored, retouched and combined with digital painting, then bg made from scratch. Totalling 10 hours of work. It may look very similar to the original scan, but in fact, it is significantly different.

    When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.
    Hit us with future Ed next. =)

  19. ShiNN Apr 13, 2005

    very nice vector, but I find Al's left eye to be a bit weird.. but maybe it's just me. The effect under Al is a bit weird as well, but looking at the original scan I guess there's no way to do a better job, so I have to compliment with you for the results.

  20. Haia Apr 13, 2005

    I feel the wind! Very nice sandy effects! I love the scan you vectored and it fits quite nice..........Thanks for sharing this to us! Yet another great work! Kyaaaaaaaaaa~ +fav

  21. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2005

    korgiiee korggiiee .. yu're baq!!!!


    tee heeez .. the bg makes saki feel all nice and warm .. ^-^ andand the colors rock .. ^.~ great jobbiiee korgiiee!

  22. Pikapika Apr 14, 2005

    waaai waiwai. kagieee got a new wallie *tackles him and hugs him* =^.~=
    haven't see your wallies for so long. yupyuppie lol. lookie Al turns into a hottie. ^.^
    the glove lookie kind of erid through but pika likeie very much. rofl. hahaha. =^__^=
    yup yup *shakie shakie joy for korgieee -o^.^-o * love it, goodie good work. ^.^

  23. Frosty Apr 14, 2005

    wooo havent see you around for a bit. nice wall. ;)
    the vector work looks really nice and clean as always but something about the hands bothers me. XD
    the bg is pretty simple, looks good. ^^
    a and +fav for the great effort as always. ;)

  24. zaira Apr 14, 2005

    wow!! awesone bg!! the sky is soo nice!! goes as well to other effects!! the scan really fits the bg!! +fav!

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