Hiyoko Kobayashi Wallpaper: Dreaming of Winter

Hiyoko Kobayashi Wallpaper
Hiyoko Kobayashi Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, my last wall was 10 weeks ago...dunno if people still remember me.....>_<...btw, this wall is for the Imanimetions Aniversary on the 15th.

Anyway for this wall, this is actually my first try on snow but I guess I pulled it off!! All of the background was made entirely from scratch!! No stock or scans!! Wooott!! LOLZ....well I know i'm off season....but that's why I titled it dreaming of winter!! I don't know If I would ever experience winter but I hope I will!! XD ..so I made this dreamy themed winter wall....
It took me about 5 hours and 80+ layers. ENJOY!!

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Oh, and soon check out the best anime wall site!! www.imanimetions.net

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Browse Hiyoko Kobayashi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ShueiTenshi Apr 13, 2005

    Wee!! This is soo nice ^^ I like the way the snow is done ^__^
    Trully nice! And I just love the trees in the bground! n_n b

  2. sammo Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2005

    you finally walled! its about time! and your comeback wall sure is nice, lovely setting, i especially like the color of the sky. nice job!

  3. kara Apr 13, 2005

    Wow!!! From scratch.... @_@ It's beautiful!! The trees and snow look great! Such a nice wallies...

  4. euna Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2005

    long time no wall kenzuke! >__<
    kyaa~~~ pretty pretty bg~~
    how on earth did you do the trees?? O__O
    btw, don't worry, you're ot really off season.. coz it's cold here! XD
    wel;l... the snow looks a tad too like water.. but i dun care! it looks fantastic!

  5. Asahi Apr 13, 2005

    i remember you kenzu . yesterday i was still thinking what do you do and how are you ^^ very nice artwork. how always in a very good way/work . earn a fav :) :)

  6. shinta Apr 13, 2005

    Nyyaaaa!!! Wheee! Kenzuke wallie!!! zOMG I wuurrvvv the trees...I can stare at them all day! The snow looks purdy too *__* But the character is a tad blurry. And how come you IM guys are making bgs from scratch?! That's freaky! IM guys are prolly abnormal!!! Bahahahaha! >_<

  7. KittyCyn Apr 13, 2005

    Hi! Long time since I see a wallie from U ^_^ And U returned with a gr8 one! :D Snowy wallie, I like the BG a lot! The girl is cute and fits perfect in the BG you've created!
    Colors are also awesome! *_*
    Nice one! COngrats ;)
    Favieee* (Adding you to my FL, hope we can be friends XD) Byebye

  8. tAtEkAnE Apr 13, 2005

    oi kenzuke lol XD
    very nice work with the trees and snow on it...ace job on making it suit the character's type of art =d

  9. ssgohan Apr 13, 2005

    beautiful lookin wallpaper
    the background is amazing it really goes with the character
    i like how the snow on the trees look and also the colours for the sky
    great job, definitely adding this to my favs

  10. seta_chan Apr 13, 2005

    i think this looks great. i like winter ^^ i also think that you did a great job on making the background from scratch. ^^ great job!

  11. Taurec Apr 13, 2005

    Mmmmmmz .. I feel a inemmaninanistion.com ownage comming up for the Fav. Gallery
    If I would Fav papers .. this would get one.

    ack WallersBlock Sucks ...


  12. bbls Apr 13, 2005

    wow...your background is absolutely beautiful! i also luv the color of your sky, and the image of the girl blends so nicely with your background. so beautiful! :)

  13. Haia Apr 13, 2005

    This is very beautiful Kenzuke! I love the snow covered background and the scan fits perfectly! Very calm and serene............damn...it's already summer[at least the end of school is near...>.<] Anyway, thanks for sharing this to us! Another great work! +fav

  14. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2005

    *bonks kenziiee*

    >.< lazzyy laazzziiee ... ;3 butbutbut .. saki remembers yu! xD
    the bg rocks .. *-* the treees roocckkkksss saki's pantsu .. ^.~

  15. MagicianFairy Apr 13, 2005

    yeah, kenzuke back again with a nice wall as always!!...it was a really long time ...nice wall i liked much!!

  16. Frosty Apr 14, 2005

    wow havent see you make a wall for a long time. XD
    this looks good, like the snow forest bg you made. ^^
    overall looks pretty well done. good job. ^^
    +fav for the great effort. ^^

  17. andRox Apr 14, 2005

    I liked how the trees were done to this wall, and doing that bg from scatch, thats pretty amazin' stuff!

  18. Aa-chan Apr 14, 2005

    So peaceful and serene with a beautiful background and a pretty character. Excellent work and well deserving of the favourite from me ^^ .

  19. Val3f0r Apr 14, 2005

    Wai.... really love the background... pretty scenery and calming :P and looks cold :O hehe... excellent wall kenzuke XD haven't seen your work lately :P

  20. Alex204 Apr 14, 2005

    A little out of season for me as i look foward to some nice how summer weather, but still a very nice and relaxing image. Personally the only reason i would ever be looking foward to winter is to go skiing! +Fav!

  21. hykyit Apr 14, 2005

    I really like the sky color~! Its really different!! But too bad the scan is not so pretty >_< .. Asides that, this wallpaper is really nice!! Good job~!! ^^

  22. meteorcloud Apr 14, 2005

    hey kenzuke~!!! it's been a while =D~!
    your comeback is great .__. this wallpaper roxors ^_^~!
    the trees are really nice, especiale with that snow on it...sugoi >.<~!!!
    the sky is nice, snow looks nice ....just the scan.....the scan is lacking quality...and...her hair looks edgy =O?
    ow well....still looks nice ^_^
    great work =D~!

  23. ShiroiLina Apr 14, 2005

    sooo wintery and nice... ** sooo peaceful!!! i love it all of it :D keep it up! and i *still* remember u kenzuke!!!!! :D keep it up :D

  24. chau-chan Apr 14, 2005

    Oh Wow! I love it!! I like how you blend in the colors with the image! :)
    And the trees and the skys'

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