Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Full Moon Night - Wind of Battle

Carnelian, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Hazuki Azuma Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Hazuki Azuma Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

new wallie from me ^^ when i found this scan i say.. "i must wall this scan" and then XD here my wall.. hope u all like.. 2 days of work.. about 10 hour.. (6 hour for extract the scan XD ah.. i the scan looks bad exctract.. well.. it's not bad exctract XD its just the scan, and the type of coloring.. looks strange XD but me like XD)
mmh about the stat. :
- 10 hour
- 47 layer
- Psd 15mb

A girl, a sword, full moon and wind.. wind of battle.. a cloudy day.. the calm before the storm..


Hope you like this wallie ^^ as ever comments are really appreciate ^^ byez
[edit] improve the grass, change the star and improve the scan..

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  1. ShiNN Apr 11, 2005

    whoa Einna! You added more trees and stars to your last wall! oh wait, you aren't einna. :rolleyes:

    *whistles* /sarcasm mode off

    Meh. I'll TRY to comment this one, even if I know how lowly you can sink down. Anyway...

    - the grass needs more shading and depth, it's a perspective right?
    - The trees are like... weird? I mean the leaves are floating randomly around them it looks like they're not attached to the trunks, what the...
    - the mist is kinda pixelated? and it's ... dense. low the opacity and blur it.
    - the scan needs HEAVY BLENDING and cleaning. Use smart blur, median, or just recg it but retouch it... it's too sharp and it stands off the whole bg.
    - the moon is sharp as well. blur the edges, give it some depth because it looks flat.

    That's all I could spot at a first glance.
    "Good Luck on your next wall" (copyrighted by melmachine18)

  2. Daydream118 Apr 11, 2005

    waah, i love it! ^.^ the background is really awesome! what a pwetty sky...and the leaves look nice in this tooz! and i want the girl's sword...>.< it looks really kewl! well nice job Samanosuke! keep it up! =^.^=

  3. tenchigirl15 Apr 12, 2005

    nice colors!!! :D I love the way you did the effects with the trees and the moon ;) great job *claps* :)

  4. zaira Apr 12, 2005

    wow!!! this wall is awesome!! nice scan! bg is soo cool! i like the moon, trees, grass and some misty stuffs! nice colors too!+fav!

  5. zaira Apr 12, 2005

    oopps sorry double post hehe...

  6. Frosty Apr 12, 2005

    beautiful looking wallie bubby. ^^
    looks really nice and especially with that nice bg you got there that matches with the image.. ^^
    exellent work just awesome. ^^
    a and +fav for a job well done. ^_^'

  7. Rella Apr 12, 2005

    Wow! This looks really nice. I really like the background scene and the scan does look really nice. Great work! ^^

  8. mirkoemir Apr 12, 2005

    You did it again, Sam-san ... excelent work really. And just in 10 hours. Nice!! XD

    Fav!!! ;)

  9. AngelKate Apr 12, 2005

    Whoa...that's really cool! The extraction looks great and I love the background. You always make such good wallies! +fave and keep up the awesome work!

  10. miraku-spike Apr 12, 2005

    Hey!! I LOVE this wallpaper!! Great Job samanosuke89!! Fantastic work. This is going to meh favs for sure. XD

  11. crewcifix Apr 12, 2005

    nice wallpaper. :DD I like the background. lol. guess 2 days of work is worth it, right? afterall, this wallpaper rocks! xD

  12. ParralaX Apr 12, 2005

    Just really cool.
    +has a nice atmosphere and feel to it
    +sky is beautiful, as is the scan
    -wish the moon wasn't cut off...woulda looked better IMO

  13. mela Apr 12, 2005

    cool..... ;) he! he! not much to say... just plain cool...... ;)

  14. einna Apr 12, 2005

    Before I comment, uhm... to the people posting anywhere, you can already delete your own posts.^_^

    Now for the comment!^______^

    You didn't quite get the right effect of the mist. It's too thick.><

    The grass also needs improvement. As in big improvement because it doesn't seem to show depth perpective.

    The stars NEED to be randomized. The one above that you brushed. They look nice together but they look like fake stars.

    The edges of the moon could be blurred.

    The scan you used looks as if it's floating because you didn't blend it with grass. She NEEDS one hell of a cleaning! Too grainy.. Improve it. She doesn't seem to blend on the background. And yeah, she looks like a giant on the wallpaper. She also needs to be darker and it needs shadows.

    Clouds are ok.

    The lights on the grass need not be motion blurred. Remove the motion blur.

    The trees are fine for me, except the leaves floating on top. The one behind the girl. The leaves just look weird they're floating on top of the tree.

    My overall impression: Geez! When will you ever learn to make your own concepts? Tsk, tsk... I bet Shinn's right.

  15. Asahi Apr 12, 2005

    mmh.. the chara dont look so much cleand . maybe its because its a manga-scan ? . one suggestion: you can create a moon-light reflection on her sword would be very nice i think ^^ . the rest: background work is very great done =D .

  16. Kiako Apr 12, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the pose of the girl is just great, it goes well with the moon and the trees there and the dark bg

  17. Yumi-Chan Apr 12, 2005

    Looks nice ^___^ I think the girl's too tall in here @_@
    Should have worked on the scan a little more, probably a little bit of re-cg or vector ^_^?
    Grass & the sky's awesome~ Keep it up! especially the stars, mood and cloud/mist~
    The trees aren't bad too, try making the leaves not scatter all over, it makes it look messy.

  18. shiwei Apr 12, 2005

    a great wallpaper...
    the scan is good, should clean more on it... background is good
    like the moon ^^.. nice work
    keep it up, add fav

  19. UndyingShadow Apr 12, 2005

    awesome wall samanosuke! Great use of the scan, and good job with the bg, it has a nice moody atmosphere

  20. NikaNeko Apr 13, 2005

    Very great wall!
    The girl look cool and strong XD I don't wish to pick a fight with her o.o
    Especially if she has her sword >.>
    Very nice scan and background like it!I love in the night :D
    Thanks for the great wall ~ fav

  21. euna Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2005

    awesome wallie samanosuke!
    it's a pity that the way the scan is tad on the bad quality side in parts.. hey, but who cares.???
    very nice concept and the wall's been well made..
    the mist is a bit too thick i think and the trees too black...
    but the sky is just fantastic!
    very nice! *fav*

  22. LordStyphon Apr 13, 2005

    Very nice background here. The sky looks great, and the ground's objects look fantastic. The fireflies in particular are a nice touch. Great work.

  23. Sira Apr 14, 2005

    Muy chingona imagen esta de poca madre, la mirada despues de haber deseinvainado la espada, el fondo un noche mas oscura digna para matar a alguien

  24. boei Apr 14, 2005

    haha i saw this wall and my mind was like..
    " i need to fave this wall"
    if im not wrong the original scan was on a lined paper or something?
    Anyway... actually i feel the quality of the scan is a bit bad...
    And doesnt really fit the clear background.. but well other than that..
    This wallpaper rocks.

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