Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper: poltergeist

Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ehhhhh? I made this on ... Thursday? It was actually quicker then I thought it'd be, I saw an awesome stock photo of a graffiti wall at sxc.hu, so I decided that I would just try to grunge on it.

This wallpaper was made with anger, YARGGGG. Like I want to kill someone, but I just can't! As always, favorites are appreciated. Soccer started and my legs hurt, blarg.

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  1. tenchigirl15 Apr 09, 2005

    verry nice texture ;) the color blends verry nicly with the scan :) great job *claps* :D

  2. 32061 Apr 09, 2005

    angery?I thought she was scared ^_^' this wall really gives me a shock......:x

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2005

    Anger and hate is such a wasteful power but being melancholy is such benevolent and unlimited power which endures forever...But yeah the grunge is soft and noise lovely! Great job mate! :)

  4. ShiNN Apr 09, 2005

    Woot, lots of wallpapers with the the black/red combo these days... it's good since they mix well together :). And good job with the grunge, this wallpaper gives me the idea of a very old painting that has been abandoned and forgotten... it really conveys feelings. As always a good job from you, +fav.

  5. markjo Apr 09, 2005

    Very expressive, painting-like, and the colours highlight the emotions of the chracter. A well-constructed wallpaper and I like the texture, too.

  6. Yina Apr 09, 2005

    wow.. what a great atmosphere... I'm really a bit scared now... ^_^' It reminds me of the series "poltergeist".. The girl fits perfectly to the bg.. I like the way how you changed the scan.. Looks like an original art^^ And excellent job on the bg.. looks bloody to me.. Great work +fav^^

  7. NikaNeko Apr 09, 2005

    Oops douple post,delete it ^.^''

  8. NikaNeko Apr 09, 2005

    Cool,I like the girl look like she in pain or she screaming at someone.
    The background is well done ^o^
    Nice colors too!I think it fit well.
    Thank for the wall!

  9. Makhan Apr 10, 2005

    A very nice wallpaper, though I'd have to agree that the character in the scan looks more frightened than angry. However, fright and anger are emotions that are so closely interlinked, that it doesn't harm the integrity of the wallpaper, in my opinion. Personally, I still like your Ugetsu Hakua one the best. I think you really ought to make another wallpaper that's stylistically interesting, like that one. Don't get me wrong, you're very talented at grunge, and your grungy wallpapers always look very nice, but I simply prefer abstract stylism, since grunge is so overdone in minitokyo these days. Anyway, very nice work again, it actually reminds me quite a bit of the style you used in -f a l l e n-, though I'm not quite sure why... XD Anyway. Good work!

  10. Vivid-Rein Apr 10, 2005

    Very nice brom. One of your better walls. Fav+ Also, uber-choice scan.

  11. ayanechan Apr 10, 2005

    looks great bromithia... it might just be me but i think the red is a little too bright o.o and the image looks so cool o.o girl screaming at someone? X.X great job on the grunge :3

  12. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2005

    Oh my God! The terror... this is really chilling. Very unsettling. Your anger burns through not just with the high use of the colour red, but the choice in scan, and the looming shadows creeping up... Brilliant, and disturbing at the same time. You're extremely talented to coney such emotion in a visual format! O.O

  13. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2005

    Oh my God! The terror... this is really chilling. Very unsettling. Your anger burns through not just with the high use of the colour red, but the choice in scan, and the looming shadows creeping up... Brilliant, and disturbing at the same time. You're extremely talented to coney such emotion in a visual format! O.O

  14. mughi Apr 11, 2005

    Phew, what a knockout grunge wallpaper you have made here. The look of the girl is so striking in expressing anger, pain and possibly fear. Favorite. :)

  15. Devilet Apr 11, 2005

    O_o --shivers--
    that's kind of disturbing... but but, I hope you feel better now Brom --huggles--
    well, it's very very grungy, not fond of the character's expression, good contrasting though.

  16. StarCentury Apr 11, 2005

    Wow, brom! That's quite a disturbing looking grunge wall U made there! 0_0 I can see why this is designed by anger, the noise all over the red and black scenery delivers such atmosphere and emotion! :) The scared character blends very well with the noise and makes the whole BG feel eerie! Anyhoo, I hope you're anger has sub-sided now and kudos on showing your expression on your new wallie, brom! :D

  17. GintheTwilightswords Apr 11, 2005

    Bg lookz wicked-awesome, like the red grungy goodness :D . Girl suits the well too, lookz like she's screaming out in fear or agony. Wicekd job Broma, and I hope your legs don't give you too many problems during soccer ( I know mine do when I play baseball) .

  18. artgeek12 Apr 12, 2005

    You really have this particular style down. It reminds me a lot of the "Ugetsu" wall. The texture, text and color are all nice. Even the image fits with what you were trying to aim for. I just have a few suggestions. If this was motivated by anger then you need much more contrast to demonstrate the "strength" of anger. Either extreme shadows or some really dark reds.

    While viewing this wall for a little while I imagined this girl crying for her life as a man, menacingly stand before her. He towers the little girl and she knows what is coming but can do nothing but cry. The tears of fear are all that comfort her in her last few moments. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I thought it might be interesting to place some shadow against the wall in the BG showing a man (perhaps holding a weapon) but it would have to be done delicately otherwise it would look silly. Just a thought! :D

  19. KorganoS Apr 13, 2005

    LoL... I sppose you already know, that the girl is from ABe's work titled "All you need is kill"... XD
    Anyways.. I love the grunginess, and 'dark' feeling of it.... not to mention the expression of the character and textures... really match...
    I'm not too sure about the bit over-saturared colors tho.... but I find the rest are really nice :)

  20. Evanrued Apr 14, 2005

    I really like this wall brom. Very very excellent work. Its hard to find an end when working from anger, most of my drawings derived from anger are never finished. But this looks quite good. I really like the scan you used. Very good play of emotion and style. ABe's work is so good, and I really think you brought this wall to life with the grunge effects and the choice of scan. Colors and contrast is nothing but excellent. Really good work. A fav!

  21. Skillzpay Apr 15, 2005

    Cool grunge work bromi, and the whole color scheme works well with the expression of the girl. Not really feeling how you blended in her in though, the grunge and covering her doesn't seem appropriate, especially the parts over her mouth and shadowed areas of skin. Besides that though this is well done!

  22. cremp Apr 21, 2005

    nice work. . .:)

    looks great, i liket the pensel lines . .makes it look more real. . sceary :)

    nice work on the background. . red and orange. .

    thanks for posting :)

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