Angel Sanctuary Wallpaper: Windswept

Kaori Yuki, Hal Film Maker, Angel Sanctuary, Sara Mudo Wallpaper
Kaori Yuki Mangaka Hal Film Maker Studio Angel Sanctuary Series Sara Mudo Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hey hey! Kaolla here with a new wallie that features Sara from Angel Sanctuary. I don't know much about this anime but Sara is really beautiful. Anyways, one of my best walls I've done I.M.O...very bright, grassy, breezy ^^:; Got this lovely scan from xelnes. I did most of the wallie myself however, the birds were all a thanks to my good friend Tomomi!!

I really wanted to make a pretty, spring-like wallpaper so I set to work on this, not really knowing what would come out of it. Geez, I swear this took forever to do. 2 days, 4 hours each (re-touching, gradients, erasing and re-doing WHOLE sections) and in the end, I'm really proud of it. I won't post how many layers but I'll just say...it was a heckuvalot!!

This is basically a happy Spring to everyone!! I hope you like it!

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  1. Takeshi1589 Apr 08, 2005

    Very, very pretty Oneechan!! ^^ You did such a good job!
    Keep it up!! Maybe you can teach me a thing or two about wall-making...XD

  2. -Kiyoshi- Apr 08, 2005

    Wow, well done! It's really pretty!
    Um......this might just be me, but Sara seems a little blury to me and it kinda hurts my eyes..... Then again, this just might be me. [I have horrible eyes]

  3. Mordin Apr 08, 2005

    hey nice and simple, the texture is good, and the blending is nice. I like your bg, nice grass field and the sky is nice, good job kaolla. :)

  4. ShiNN Apr 08, 2005

    yo Kaolla-chan! You are surely improving in every wallpaper :) . A few things: the girl is probably too saturated you can fix that duplicating the girl's layer and setting it to mutliply then playing with the opacity. Other thing: the grass is mostly of one colour tone, use different colour tones to make it more realistic, darker for the low part and bright for the upper one. The rest is pretty much ok. Anyway it's really a very good improvement so I'm confident that your next wall will be even better :).

  5. peteykun Apr 08, 2005

    Wow that wallpaper looks very good. Its nice and simple. *claps*

  6. mYNamEisMimOxxx Apr 08, 2005

    very very good kaolla! -claps.- n_n you do good work. you should teach me --;;

  7. Kiako Apr 08, 2005

    it looks ncie, the girl is very beautiful, and i like the colors. the background suits hr, but i find it too empty

  8. mazis Apr 08, 2005

    Well i kinda like it. Why not trying to put more color on the background maybe add a rainbow or something. It's still a nice wall

  9. anji Apr 08, 2005

    I agree with ShiNN about the grass. It should improve a lot if you add more colors.
    But still I think the grass is well done.
    The scan is cute and fits well in this environnement.
    It's a cute simple wall, maybe if you add some texture to the cloud it would feel less empty, plus it would give more depth to the background.
    Anyway you did a great job overall.
    Keep it up! :)

  10. StarCentury Apr 09, 2005

    Wow, that's really remarkable the way the scenery feels, kaolla! ^_^' The light clouds and sparkling grass create such a beautiful atmosphere that when U look at it you feel like you're part of the wallie! Also, the character fits very nicely yet she seems a bit blurry for my taste, but who cares! Nice choice for adding doves on the sky, too! Great work, kaolla! ;)

  11. kai81220 Apr 11, 2005

    its a very nice scene kaolla! its so simple and just a wonderful mood ^^ great color choicing! awesome job! keep it up!

  12. YugureKaze Apr 13, 2005

    it is a really nice wall ^_^
    the girl looks very cute
    the bg looks really pretty eventhough the bg is a bit simple
    wonderful work!

  13. nekohana May 03, 2005

    Oooooo! What a be-a-utiful spring wallie! Too bad weather like this brings bad ppl to our lunch spot, ne? I'm gonna hafta agree with Kiyoshi with this but she does seem a little blury. I know you'll have even more kool work coming along! Keep it up!

  14. Fish13 May 20, 2005

    Very, very cute
    Its really, really, really bright :)
    But i Like it ;)

  15. fuuiin Jul 29, 2005

    nice simple and sweet. it makes me happy looking at it. I need to learn how to make more natural looking grass.

  16. JCzala Aug 27, 2005

    Sarah-san is so cute here. I love the BG and the pic. Good job in making this.

  17. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 20, 2009

    beautifull ^_^...

  18. marito55 Mute Member May 05, 2010

    whooo ^_^Excellent I love this wallpaper.

    Thank you very much for your beautiful work

  19. udv888 Oct 17, 2010

    its a very nice scene kaolla! its so simple and just a wonderful mood ^^ great color choicing! awesome job! keep it up!

  20. hanamephisto Jan 14, 2011

    que linda imagen x3 thans

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